Chapter 1 – Chance Encounter – BPOV

I swear I was going to take care of my car. Jake had spent so much time on making it perfect for my birthday so here I was at Auto Zone trying to find new wiper blades. Mine barely worked and considering it rained ninety-five percent of the time I knew I needed new ones.

The clerks continued to stare at me while I pondered my decision. Not once had they offered any assistance – jackasses. So I was surprised when a sultry voice asked me if I needed any help.

I turned to face him, scared out of my mind. He had just broken my concentration and I was irritated because I figured it was one of the clerks – wrong.

I stared up at this beautiful green-eyed man who seemed to be smirking at me. Shit! I hadn't answered his question.

"Oh, um. No thanks I'm fine really."

He just watched me as I turned back around, tempted to put everything back and bolt straight for the door.

"Are you sure? Because I think I might have the answer to your wiper blade problem."

I glanced back up at him – cocky shit.

"Enlighten me," I mumbled.

He chuckled, "Well then I guess my first question would have to be what kind of car you drive. It is all about the car actually, not the blade."

I gawked at him – he was actually going to help me?

"It's out in the parking lot, it's the 1967 Pontiac Firebird."

He dropped his mouth and I had to snicker. Everyone did this about my car. I thought it was funny because all the guys in school had the same reaction. Little Bella Swan driving a muscle car – not only that but it was a classic muscle car. I was just glad it ran.

"You drive that beauty?"

I only nodded, "I have a friend who fixes up old cars. He gave this to me for my birthday last year. You might as well consider him my best friend because I have known him since Kindergarten."

He grabbed a set of wiper blades and handed them to me.

"You definitely want these then. These are the best out there and for a car like that…"

He trailed off and I simply took the blades, "Thanks!" I said walking towards the cash register.

I paid for them and bolted to my car, praying he wouldn't follow me out. I started the car – I could put them on later, or Jake could actually.

I backed out of my spot, not looking where I was going. I heard a very loud yell and I panicked, slamming on my brakes.

That yell sounded so familiar – almost as if I had heard it before. My heart was racing and I could feel the tears pour from my eyes. That was the yell my dad gave when my mother died. He had punched a hole in the wall and broken his hand.

Memories flooded back to me and I started to hyperventilate. I put the car in park and rested my head on the steering wheel. I tried to take deep breaths but it wasn't helping. Darkness started washing over me.

I heard my car door open and I fell hard onto the pavement, slipping straight through whoever's hands were trying to catch me. Blackness surrounded me.

*** EPOV ***

I stared at this angel in the hospital bed, refusing to leave her side. I had witnessed the entire thing and I knew my father would want to know what happened.

He walked into the room, "So Edward you witnessed this whole thing?"

I nodded shifting my weight then grimacing in pain. I decided to sit down.

"She was backing out of her parking spot and then froze when I yelled. When I pulled open her car door she fell straight to the pavement, hitting her head – hard."

"Why did you yell?"

"She drove over my foot!"

"You will need to get that looked at son."

"I know I know. I just wanted to make sure she was okay."

"I need to examine her so why don't you hobble down to x-ray and get that looked at."

I nodded and hopped out of the room. I knew it was broken – beyond broken. It hurt like hell but I was so worried about this angel who had stolen my heart after the first words she spoke to me.

And Fuck! She drove a 67 Firebird. It was the car of my dreams.

After I got my foot casted, I crutched my way towards her room. I could hear voices in the room so I stopped to listen.

"Bella, Bella sweetie are you okay?"

"I'm fine dad. Just a bump on the head."

"What the hell happened Bella?"

"I heard a scream and I had a panic attack. I don't know who opened my car door for me but they didn't catch me because I crashed onto the pavement – hence the bump."

"Oh sweetie. You have to get over this screaming thing. I should have never lost control that way when your mother died. You have to keep those memories under check Bella or you will end up here every time someone screams."

"I know dad. I'm working on it okay?"

"All right well Jake is out there waiting for you. I have to get back to work."

"Love you dad."

"Love you more kiddo."

I pretended to be crutching by when he walked out. He only smiled and nodded at me and I did the same. I then did a u-turn and went straight into her room.

"Are you all right?"

She stared up at me, flushing a deep red. She only nodded.

"I'm sorry I screamed. I didn't mean to cause you to have a panic attack."

"Why did you scream?"

"Well you kind of ran over my foot."

"Oh shit. I'm so sorry. I had no idea you were near my car."

"It was entirely my fault. I'm Edward by the way. Edward Cullen."

"Like as in the Cullen Incorporated Cullen?"

I nodded, "My brother just took over the company last month because my dad wanted to return to the hospital – he said that was where his heart always was."

She just nodded, "I'm Bella."

I held out my hand to her, "It is nice to meet you Bella."

She gripped it, "Nice to meet you too Edward."

Just then my father walked into the room and she dropped my hand quickly.

"Good to see you got that taken care of," he said nodding to my foot.

I smiled at him.

"Well Bella you are free to go. I do believe your dad left someone here to take you home?"

She nodded and he continued.

"Good. Just take some Tylenol before bed tonight and make sure you get plenty of sleep."

She nodded again, "Thank you."

She went to get up but stumbled and lost her balance. She fell straight into me.

I caught her upper arms, "You all right?"

She blushed, "I am always tripping over my own feet," she mumbled.

I nodded and let her arms go. My dad exited and she turned to get her things.

I knew it would be now or never, "Will I be seeing you again Bella?"

She shrugged, "Who knows. It is a small town."

She winked at me and left the room. My head started to spin. Did she really just wink at me? I had to sit down for a minute.

My dad came back in, "You all right son?"

I nodded. "Dad who was that?"

"Her name is Isabella Swan – police chief's daughter. By the looks of her medical record she makes frequent trips to the E.R."

I stood up and looked over his shoulder. I then found what I was looking for.

"Fuck," I muttered.

"You noticed that too huh? Yes she is only seventeen, which means – most likely – she will be in your senior English class next week."

"God I hope she chose to take Advanced English," I mumbled.

"Not likely. So I suggest you not push this any farther."

I nodded. I knew what he meant. But how could I not chase after her? She was everything and more. When I touched her, again, it was like an electric current running through me. I wanted so badly to taste those lips.

I drove him – thank god my left foot had been the one broken. I would feel lost without my car. I drove to the outskirts of town and pulled up to my house.

It was modest, but the inside was exquisite. I had an interior decorator for a mother and she was good. It was the perfect bachelor pad for a newly graduate college senior. I had accepted the job at Fork's High School as their senior English teacher and I was really looking forward to it – praying that Bella wasn't in my class list.

I was young and single. I had never really dated at Dartmouth. I never found that one special person. I wanted to date, but all the girls were so shallow and dreamless. They had rich parents and could have cared less about their education. I hated that. I wanted a woman who could stand her own academically.

I fell asleep dreaming of how her beautiful brown hair would feel against my skin. Her lips were so delicious and I couldn't help but to bring my hand to my hardened cock.

It was pathetic. I was a grown man of twenty-three and still a freaking virgin. I stroked myself up and down, mumbling her name over and over. I rolled out of bed and turned on a hot shower. I wrapped a trash bag around my cast and stepped in.

I sat there rubbing myself down with soap until my hand found my shaft again. I imagined Bella's tight pussy being wrapped around me and I couldn't contain myself. I stood up and pumped harder.

"Oh fuck Bella you are so tight. Cum for me baby girl."

I squirted my load against the shower wall and sat back down, letting my head fall back. I was disgusting. I rinsed off and climbed back into bed falling fast asleep.

*** BPOV ***

I couldn't get him out of my head. Jake drove me home and he was all I thought about. I had broken his foot – that made me laugh but I felt sorry at the same time.

He was a freaking Cullen… which meant he was loaded. He was gorgeous and kind and he had helped me even when those stupid clerks didn't.

"You okay Belly?" Jake said interrupted my thoughts.

I loved and hated how he called me by my old nickname.

"Fine Jakey. Just thinking actually. I am pretty tired though so can we just get home so I can crawl in to my bed?"

"Not a problem. We are almost there anyway."

I nodded and rested my head against the seat.

"I will put on your new blades before I leave okay?"

I nodded again, "Sounds great. Thanks."

When I got home I headed straight for the shower. I stepped into the steamy water and just let it hit my back. My muscles relaxed and my headache faded.

I was soon visualizing Edward standing with me. He pushed me up against the shower wall and his sweet breath washed over my face.

"Just relax love. I want to make you feel good."

I sighed and let him rub his fingers over my breasts. I pinched and twisted my nipples like I wanted him to do. I slid one hand down my body and inserted a finger. I let out a small moan.

"Oh Edward."

Two fingers were now inside me working fast and hard. My other hand was still on one of my breasts squeezing the nipple. I let my thumb work my clit ad I inserted a third finger. I bucked against myself.

"You are so lovely Bella. Cum for me my love."

I let myself go, letting a rather large moan escape my lips. Fuck that felt good. I hated to admit it but still being a virgin had its benefits – sometimes.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel tightly around me. I ran a comb through my hair and went to go to my room when I ran into Jake.

"Sorry Bella. Just wanted to let you know that your new blades are on. I will see you on Monday all right?"

I smiled at him, "Thanks Jake. See ya Monday."

I walked into my room and shut the door. It was Friday, which meant two more days and I started my senior year of high school – yippee freaking doo-dah.

I fell asleep thinking of him again. I wanted to taste those perfect lips and get lost in those deep green eyes. If I only knew I would see him again – and then I prayed that I would.

Monday morning came faster than I wanted it too. I dressed in a simple pair of skinny jeans and dressy dark blue camisole. It was weird for me to wear it to school but I was a senior damn it. I straightened my hair and applied some mascara – I hated foundation.

I flopped down the steps and found my flip flops – perfect and they matched. I think Alice would be slightly proud of me.

My dad about spit his cereal out, "Morning kid."

"Hey dad. Everything okay?"

"I was just about to ask you the same thing? Aren't you usually in hoodies and sweat pants?"

I laughed, "I'm a senior now dad. I can dress up a little bit don't you think?"

He nodded and finished his breakfast. I chugged my orange juice and kissed him on the cheek.

"I have to pick up Alice. Love you."

I skipped out the door, actually excited for the first day of school.