Forbidden Want – Author's Note

Um – WOW! Thank you all so much for your wonderful reviews. I am glad that my writings have restored faith in the Edward/Bella pairing for some and that the lemons are appreciated.

This is honestly my most favorite story that I have written. When you are in high school who doesn't want the sexy, hot new male teacher? I have to tell you that this story was mainly written because I seem to have that obsession with the man you just have to have but can't. I love how Bella did everything she could to win him over and I am also glad that Edward caved and finally went with his feelings.

There were so many ways that I could have taken this story and after fixing areas and making it the way I wanted it – is there anything you would want me to change if you could have your say in it?

I honestly try as hard as I can to throw in curve balls but I feel as if my ideas are getting tiresome. I am currently working on two new stories and they are completely different in the way Edward and Bella view one another. One is based off of a song – the entire idea came from this song and it is coming out amazing.

I love, love, love that you review and enjoy reading my stories. You are the reason that I do what I do – on the side anyway. I will never leave my special education position. I love my students too much