Left 4 Sex

by Klaus Triton

Note: Humans and zombies having sex? Unthinkable! There aren't many stories like that, but I have decided to make a story like that. Yes, I know I'm a sick person.

Chapter 1: Pounce and Pound

Bill, Louis, and Francis looked gravely at the now dead Zoey. Just a minute before, all four of the Survivors were in a heated fight. Then, a Tank came to attack them. The Tank almost had smacked Francis, but Zoey pushed him ut of the way, and shot into the Tank's face as he punched her. They both died from their wounds.

".....I-I hate Tanks..." sobbed Francis, who was feeling guilty.

"What should we do to her body?" asked Bill.

"We should bring it into the safe room. But first, I think we need to find a blanket! When my grandfather died, he went out in style." said Louis. The others agreed and they walked away from Zoey. After a few minutes later, Zoey began to move a little.

"Ugghhhh... " said Zoey as she slowly got up. She couldn't beleive she was alive after that hit. In fact, she felt her heart stop. But she's alive. She looked around for the others, but couldn't find them. She would yell out for them, but the Infected would come and finish her off. Looks like she has to find them herself.

She picked up her shotgun and began to walk, being careful, despite the fact all of the Infected in the area are dead.

Well, not all of them.

She heard growing and looked around for the source. A Hunter. She looked around for The Hunter, knowing that she'd be doomed if one pounced her. She blasted upward when she saw a figure. To her relief, it was a Common Infected that fell from the roof. She began to walk off when she was pushed down to the ground. A Hunter was indeed in the area.

"NO! GET AWAY!" screamed Zoey, who couldn't grab her fallen gun. She closed her eyes, awaiting the pain. The Hunter began to claw at her, but she wasn't getting hurt. In fact, her clothes was being ripped apart. The Hunter growled and snarled, ripping at her clothes, showing her bra. Zoey blushed, as the Hunter was staring at her chest. Then, with one clean swipe, he snatched her bra, showing her nipples.

Either this was a new method of pouncing, or the Hunter wanted to rape her.

But it wasn't rape if she enjoyed it.

He began rubbing one of her breasts. She moaned as he kept rubbing her faster. As he rubbed her, he put his mouth above her other breast and began sucking on her nipple. She began screaming.

"F-Faster!" said Zoey in between her moans. The Hunter understood this and began to do this faster. Zoey kept moaning and moaning until she grabbed his pants and pulled it down. The Hunter understood what she wanted and pulled off his dirtyed up boxers, showing his member. It was several inches long and it wanted to fuck her. He moved up Zoey's body, clawing his hands into Zoey's skin, she screamed, but not a horrific scream. He postitioned his cock over her mouth. She then licked it. It tasted sweet, with a combination of dirt. She licked his member slowly, making The Hunter pant for more. She then took in his cock. She began to suck on it, making The Hunter growl in pleasure. He began to rub her breasts again as he began to move his member in and out of her mouth. She was enjoying this experience, although she found it quite wrong to have sex with a zombie. Despite this, she continued to suck harder of The Hunter's cock.

"I-I'M CUMMING!" screamed Zoey. The Hunter heard this and quickly ripped up her pants and pantees, as she let out an orgasm, and her cum landed all over her body. The Hunter began to lick off all of her cum, making Zoey giggle a bit. Satisfied, The Hunter moved down her body, until his cock was over her cilt. Without warning, he penetrated her. Zoey let out a scream as he pounded in and out of her. Zoey moaned as his member went inside her tight walls. The Hunter moaned along with her as he fucked her like crazy.

"PLEASE! HARDER! I WANT TO BE YOUR HUMAN BITCH!" cried out Zoey, all sense of her humanity lost. She wanted to fuck The Hunter everyday.... but she had friends to get to. Perhaps she could escape when it runs out of energy. He pounded harder and faster, loud moans tossed about. The Hunter begin growling like crazy.

"GRRWWWRRR!" yelled The Hunter in it's language. He pulled his cock out of her hole and let out a stream of cum at her. His cum landed on her body, and Zoey wanted to try some. She licked off his cum. It tasted sweet, making her want some more. The Hunter was not yet satisfied, nor was he tired yet. Zoey however half liked this: she wanted to fuck him some more.

30 minutes later, Zoey was walking away from the now sleeping Hunter, who with his last orgasm, lost all of his energy. All of Zoey's clothes had been ripped apart by the sex she had, making her fully nude. She didn't finish off The Hunter, due to what he has done to her. She needed somewhere to sleep. She found a motel, which was filled with dead Infected bodies. She went into the motel and she found an unfinished safe room. It had bits of metal missing, but it'd be good enough to defend her while she rested. She went inside the saferoom and slept, wondering if there are any other horny zombies in the city.

Wow... What did I just write?