Chapter 2: Tongue Fun

NOTE: I'm obviously going to have Zoey "having fun" with every Infected except the Left 4 Dead 2 ones.

Zoey was eating some pills. Not because she needed them, but she needed to relieve herself of recent events. First she fucked a Hunter, and had group sex with a bunch of Common Infected. It isn't because she didn't enjoy it, but she found the situations quite..... odd.

She continued to the city, when she noticed a path of Infected bodies, which were obviously recently killed. Her friends had to be around somewhere. Zoey took a few steps, looking around when she heard coughing. Coughing always meant that there was a Smoker, and no one could save Zoey if she gets captured by a Smoker. She scanned the rooftops, looking for the Smoker. After finding nothing, she began to advance. But then, a tongue wrapped around Zoey's waist. She turned and saw that the Smoker had been hiding in a dark alley and she swore as she got pulled backwards to her possible doom. She felt her ribs breaking under the tongue's pressure, and if no one kills the Smoker, she would die. But unfortunately, there was no one to save her. She closed her eyes, awaiting death.

But no, the Smoker let go when she was near him. Zoey looked confused, and then she realized what she wanted.

"D-Do you want to have.... sex?" asked Zoey. Surprisingly, the Smoker nodded. Zoey was shocked, as after fucking 4 zombies, she expected that this would end. But luckily for her, it did not.

The Smoker let out his tongue, which grabs her shirt. He then forcefully tugged, ripping it off. Her nipples was hard, and the Smoker looked at it with interest. Zoey looked at the Smoker's tongue, and realized what the tongue would be capable of doing to her.

The Smoker's tongue then wrapped itself around Zoey's breasts, making a fine figure eight. Zoey moaned, as the Smoker's tongue was wet and was touching every spot on Zoey's chest. The tip of the tongue gently rubbed her nipples, and after a few rubs, the tongue then wrapped it around the nipple and it pulled. Zoey screamed from the pleasure of her breasts being fucked and her nipple being pulled.

Zoey stopped moaning a bit and then walked to the Smoker. She coughed from his fumes, but went on with it anyway. She managed to reach the Smoker's pants and then pulled it down, showing The Smoker's erect cock. Zoey then gave it a few playful licks. The Smoker's member was as wet as it's tongue, which made it feel as if she was french kissing the Smoker, which made the experience even better. After a few licks, Zoey was hungry for more cock, and then she began sucking him off instead. The Smoker coughed fast, but the smoke that came out smelled sweet.

Then the Smoker's tongue stopped massaging Zoey's breasts, but rather, the tongue then sped straight into Zoey's cunt. Zoey screamed loud, as the force of his tongue and the speed it was going had made her hurt, however, it was more pleasurable then normal tongues. The Smoker's tongue explored around her tight walls, making her pussy wider and wetter. Heck, the tongue even reached places where tongues wouldn't normally reach!

"P-P-Please.... Faster....." moaned Zoey. The Smoker didn't go faster, but rather, he spun Zoy around, turning her upside down, his tongue bing the only thing holding her up. Then, the Smoker thrusted his cock into Zoey's mouth, and he thrusted in and out of her mouth, as his tongue fucked her pussy in ways that were impossible to imagine. They both gave off moans, and The Smoker continued emitting the sweet smelling smoke.

"ARGH!!! I'M SHOOTING!" yelled Zoey, who tried to make a joke. She then reached orgasm, but her juices didn't even make it out of her own body, but the Smoker's tongue had quickly licked it up while the cum had still been in her pussy. After a few more thrusts, the Smoker coughed loudly, and he released into Zoey's mouth, where she swallowed every drop of the zombie cum.

"Rrrrgg..." moaned the Smoker. He then dropped her painfully on her head, as he had run out of energy and fainted. Zoey still moaned, as the Smoker's tongue was still plunged inside of her. She pulled it out of herself, avoiding to moan. After placing the wet tongue next to the Smoker's body, she decided to leave, wondering what else may lay on the road ahead.

To be continued.....