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**September 19th, 2008—1630 Hours**

It all started with that God damned shoulder holster.

The squad room was ungodly hot; had been for three days now, and with the maintenance crew on strike at the moment, Gibbs was sure there wouldn't be a reprieve any time soon but that didn't stop DiNozzo from parading around in that damned holster.

Picking up his nearly empty cup of coffee, he drained the lukewarm liquid in a single gulp, his eyes never leaving his Senior Field Agent.

Across the room, Tony pretended to be oblivious to the gaze, but he could feel the heat of Gibbs' stare blazing against his skin. Stronger men had crumbled under that icy gaze, but right now, it only served to make him hotter.

Leaning back in his chair, he linked his fingers behind his head and pretended to study the screen on his computer. Beside him, he heard McGee release a pitiful little moan as he mopped the sweat off of his forehead and across the way, Ziva uncapped her seventh bottle of water, draining it in under a minute.

Lifting his eyes from his computer monitor, Tony glanced over at Gibbs and offered him a ghost of a smirk as he stretched, giving the older man a better view of the black leather shoulder holster he'd taken to wearing again.

A nearly silent moan escaped Gibbs has he felt himself harden, his cock straining against his dark pants. He'd promised himself the last time that this… thing between him and his agent was over, but right now, none of that mattered; all that mattered was Tony and his damn holster.

He pretended to shuffle the papers that littered his desk while trying to think of anything to help with his raging erection, though after about a minute, it became clear that it wasn't going away so easily.

"Pack it up," he called gruffly, his voice hoarse with desire. "Too damn hot to go any longer."

"Oh thank God," McGee whimpered, pushing himself to his feet almost immediately.

From his desk, Gibbs watched impatiently as McGee and Ziva gathered their belongings and made a beeline for the elevators, leaving the overheated bullpen without questioning the reason for him sending them home so early.

Across the room, Tony lingered at his own desk, his smirk widening when he felt Gibbs' eyes on his back.

"Long day, huh Boss?"

"Gonna be an even longer night," Gibbs responded, his cock already twitching in anticipation.

"Got that right. There's a Magnum marathon on and then they're showing Casino Royale. Not my favorite Bond movie, but—"

"Not gonna be a TV involved."


"Thirty minutes," he growled as he pulled his service weapon and badge of the top drawer of his desk. Slamming it shut, he stalked out of the bullpen, pausing at the elevator. "And Tony?"

"Yeah Boss?"

"Wear the holster."


Pulling up in front of the two-story house, Tony swallowed nervously as he shifted the Mustang into park. It was far from the first time he'd done this with Gibbs, but rather than becoming more comfortable, he found himself more nervous than when they started.

Reaching over, he grabbed the six-pack of beer from the passenger seat before he climbed out, kicking the door shut behind him. His stomach clenched uncomfortably as he climbed up the front steps, shifting the beer under his arm as he raised his hand to knock.

The door swung open almost immediately, revealing a clearly irritated Gibbs, his arms crossed over his cotton-clad chest. "Gave you thirty, DiNozzo, not thirty six."

Holding up the drinks as an explanation, Tony slipped past him and made his way into the kitchen, pulling a beer out of the pack on his way.

Walking up behind him, Gibbs snatched the bottle from his hand and slammed it down on the countertop.

"What the—" he started, only to be interrupted by his boss' insistent lips on his as he backed him up against the refrigerator door. Tony nearly melted under the attentions of his older lover, his tongue darting out to wet his lips when they pulled apart. "Gibbs…" he managed, cringing slightly at the needy tone of his voice.

"You see what that damn holster does to me?" The silver-haired man asked, pressing his body against Tony's as he fingered the leather strap. "Every time you wear it."

"Can't… can't see it, but I can… Oh God. I can feel it… feels good, Boss."

The older man chuckled quietly as he pulled away, snapping his fingers at his agent. "Upstairs. Want you ready for me in five."

"On… On it," Tony responded, pushing away from the refrigerator.

Gibbs watched him go with a smirk before he turned his attention to the previously discarded beer. Despite the fact that Tony put on a confident front, he could always taste the alcohol on his breath. Apparently, that was the only way the Senior Agent could ease his nervousness when it came to their encounters, but he'd had about enough of that.

Tonight, he was going to take Tony while he was completely sober.

Placing the beer in the refrigerator, Gibbs hurried out of the kitchen and made his way up the stairs. Pausing just outside the door, he peeked in and spotted Tony perched on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but his underwear and the holster.

A quiet growl escaped him as he hardened even more at the sight. Pushing the door all the way open, he stepped into the room and snapped fingers at the young man.

"Lay back," he commanded. "Now."

Tony swallowed hard as he laid down against the mattress, his long, bare legs hanging over the edge.

Pulling his shirt off, Gibbs dropped it to the floor as he stalked over to the bed, his eyes never leaving Tony's tense body.


If possible, the younger man tensed up even more at the single word, though he pasted his famous 'DiNozzo' grin firmly on his face as he linked his fingers behind his head in an attempt to appear at ease.

"I am, Gibbs… Jethro," he corrected.

The older man said nothing as he moved to straddle Tony, a wolfish grin on his face. Beneath him, Tony squirmed slightly, already beginning to harden under the older man despite the nerves that were plaguing him.

He ran his hands over Tony's arms and stomach before tucking his fingers under the waistband of his boxers, leaning down to kiss him just as he lifted his hips against the slight touch.

"Like that, huh?" He teased, nipping the Italian's earlobe as he moaned quietly. "How about this?" He asked, wrapping his long, calloused fingers around Tony's length inside his boxers.

"God… Jet, please…"

"Please what?" He teased, inching the boxers down over his prominent erection.

Tony moaned loudly, bucking into his lover's hand again. "Don't… don't make me say it."

"Oh I'm gonna make you say it. Gonna break you down tonight, Tony. Gonna get in your head. You ready for that?"

"Does it involve you getting naked and putting your dick in me?"

"You bet."

There was an unintelligible response from Tony as he closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of his boss' hands teasing his firm body.

"You think you're ready for me?" Gibbs asked, leaning down to nip at his jaw, grinning against the stubbly skin when a quiet whimper reached his ears.

"Yes," he managed, the word coming out as a strangled gasp. "God, yes."

"We'll see," he chuckled, leaning over to grab the lube and unopened condom from the night stand.

Beneath him, Tony continued to squirm, gripping the sheets of the bed in an effort to keep from grabbing his own cock to relieve some of the pressure.

It was one of the first lessons he'd been taught: he did not come until he was given permission.

Freeing Tony's legs from his boxers, Gibbs tossed the flimsy fabric to the floor before he opened the bottle of lube, coating his finger generously. "Gonna stretch you out a bit," he reminded his younger lover, leaning down to press a kiss to his well-sculpted chest. "You will relax."

"Y… yes, Boss."

"Good boy," Gibbs grinned. Shifting just slightly on the bed, he rested his free hand on Tony's hip as he moved the other between his legs. A quiet gasp escaped the Italian as he felt the finger pressed against him, demanding entry.

"Jethro," he moaned, clenching unintentionally.

"Take it," Gibbs commanded, pressing harder against him. Another moan escaped Tony as he forced himself to relax, giving his lover complete and total access.

Slipping his finger in easily, Gibbs leaned down and pressed another kiss to Tony's chest, nipping his sensitive skin playfully as a reward.

"That's good, Tony," he murmured, his breath tickling the Italian's skin. "You're doin' real good."

"Need you, Jet," he whimpered, crying out as a second finger slipped inside. "Oh God." Closing his eyes, Tony lifted his hips off of the mattress, desperate to have his boss buried inside of him.

"I love you like this, you know. Primed and ready for me."

The younger man struggled to keep himself from thrashing around on the bed, pushing his head against the pillow in an attempt to hold still. "P… please."

Gibbs looked up from his chest and grinned, his eyes sparkling as he opened the condom packet with his teeth, his fingers still buried inside his lover.

"You think you're ready for me, DiNozzo?"

"Oh God, yes, Jet. Please… I want you in me."

Withdrawing his fingers from Tony's body, the older man used one hand to hold him still as he rolled the condom on carefully, his cock twitching against as he moved into place between the agent's legs.

In one swift motion, he buried himself inside Tony, barely stifling the loud moan that threatened to escape him. Beneath him, Tony cried out, his breathing ragged as he shifted his legs and lifted his hips again, silently begging for all of him.

Unable to control himself, Gibbs set a quick pace as he began to thrust inside of the other man. He could feel Tony's hands clawing at his back and ass, trying to gain some sort of control, but it was to no avail; Gibbs was too strong for him and in his current position, he couldn't do much more than lay there and take what he was offered.

Grabbing his Italian's arms, he shifted so that he could pin his wrists above his head, loving the way he struggled under him.

"Oh God," he whimpered, feeling completely immobilized under Gibbs' familiar weight. "God, Jethro."

"You wait for me," Gibbs growled, leaning down to nip at Tony's shoulder.

"I c… can't!" He cried, feeling himself so very close to the edge.

Reaching down between them, Gibbs grabbed his agent's throbbing cock, squeezing in warning.

Tony whimpered pitifully, lifting his head up in an attempt to coax Gibbs into kissing him as forcefully as he was fucking him. He loved being filled by the older man, especially when he had his tongue in his mouth and he could feel every moan that he released.

Gibbs obliged him, moving his lips from Tony's shoulder to his mouth and kissing him deeply, drinking in the whimpers and cries that the younger man was releasing as he pounded him.

Releasing Tony's wrists from above his head, he used his free hand to hold his hips still as his other hand teased his cock.

"Please, please, please," Tony cried, struggling against him. "So… so fucking close, Jet."

Without another word, Gibbs relaxed his hand against Tony, silently giving his permission as he thrusted harder, his own breaths coming out in short, ragged spurts.

A loud cry tore from Tony's throat as he felt his boss explode inside of him, and seconds later, he felt himself lose it, spraying both their chests and stomachs.

Collapsing on top of his agent, Gibbs pressed a kiss to his shoulder before he rolled off, panting heavily as he tried to kiss his breath.

"You… you alright, DiNozzo?"

"Mmm," Tony responded, his eyes closing sleepily.

A quiet chuckle escaped the older man as he pushed himself up and climbed from the bed, making his way into the bathroom as he pulled the used condom off to discard it.

Tony was completely oblivious to the older man's absence and he didn't even realize he'd returned to the room, wet washcloth in hand until he felt the cool fabric against his flushed skin.

"Boss," he protested, attempting to swat the hands away from his chest.

"Shut up, DiNozzo," Gibbs growled affectionately as he swiped the cloth across his agent's belly, moving his hand even lower with a slight smirk.

A strangled moan escaped Tony when he felt the cloth wrap around his limp cock, and he pushed himself up in an attempt to escape his boss' gentle hands.

"What do you think you're doin'? Lay back down so I can finish cleanin' you up."

"I can do it myself."

"Did I give you that option?"

"Well, no, but—"

"Then lay back down and shut up."

He spread the younger man's legs again, frowning darkly when he saw the little bit of his come that had apparently leaked out of Tony and onto the sheets. "Tony."

"You know, just… I'll get outta here, huh? Go home and take a shower. That'll be easier."

"Knock it off. I was just gonna tell you… I think the condom broke."

The Italian looked into his boss' blue eyes, his own darkening slightly as he schooled his face into a smug grin. "I'm clean. Just had my annual physical last week."

"Good. I am too."

"Figured as much, Boss. Don't know a bug that would be willin' to cross swords with you. Don't worry about… you know, the other thing either. My doc says I only cycle once every few months, so that's not gonna be an issue."

For half a second, Gibbs felt his face fall before he forced it back into his usual smirk. With a curt nod, he finished cleaning up the younger man before he stood and headed into the bathroom to discard the soiled cloth.

Returning a moment later, his frown returned when he spotted Tony perched on the edge of the bed, pulling his boxers up slowly.

"Where do you think you're goin'?" Gibbs growled, crossing his arms over his firm chest.

"I uh… just thought I'd… y'know…"

"Not finished with you yet."


Smirking at the younger man, Gibbs climbed back onto the bed and settled himself in before he reached over, tugging Tony against his chest. He could feel the way he tensed against him, his breaths coming out in harsh little gasps despite his best attempts at calming himself.

If it hadn't been so offensive, Gibbs probably would have laughed. "Problems, Tony?"

"Just peachy, Boss," he responded cheekily, shifting just slightly in Gibbs' arms. "Just… y'know, you're not really the cuddling type and it's kind of weird that you…" he trailed off when the large hand tapped the top of his head. "Right. Shutting up."

"That why you always drink beforehand? Because I'm not the 'cuddling' type?"

"I don't always… It just helps me relax a little."

"I make you that uncomfortable?"

"What? No, of course not, it's just… Jesus. Can't believe I'm bein' made to talk about my feelings with you of all people."

That earned him another swat.

"Hey!" Tony protested, sitting up enough to glare at the older man. "I just… up until we started this whole… thing, you were the straightest guy I knew. Finding out that you… well, it's not so easy to get used to, Boss."

"You weren't exactly honest about—"

"The whole military thing," Tony responded dismissively. "Last thing I needed was a bunch of rough and tumble Marines tryin' to kick my ass because I like a little… meat in my diet."

A quiet laugh escaped the older man as he pushed himself up and shook his head. "I don't know about you sometimes, DiNozzo."

That earned him a grin as he stretched out on the comfortable bed, clasping his hands behind his head. "Since I know that you're into the whole… cuddling thing, you think we could maybe give it a try again?"

Cocking an eyebrow at Tony, Gibbs couldn't help but grin as he sank back down onto the mattress beside him, lifting his arm to allow Tony to curl up beside him.

"You know, Tony… I probably shoulda talked to you about this before now. I didn't know you were feelin' that way."

Beside him, Tony released a content sigh as he dropped his head to his boss' bare chest, closing his eyes. "Is that an apology? From Leroy Jethro Gibbs?" He asked, the smirk evident by the tone of his voice.

Snorting, Gibbs lifted his hand and swatted his agent gently before he pulled him closer.

"No, I didn't think so."