My Last Dying Breath

These Last Heartfelt Words I Speak

Are Only For You...

Cradled in your loving arms, tears bathe my broken heart. You shout and beg that the heavens do not steal me away. Your words cannot reach my ears but I feel I can hear them in my heart, encouraging words to stay alive, to stay with you. I realized only then what my fate was. "I do not wish to leave you but i know I have to."

This apparent silence conveys to me all your love for me. My outstretched hand caresses your face and wipe away your tears, "Please do not cry my love. Please let me go, you make this much harder on me." With all my strength my strained frail voice spoke from the heart, finally able to tell you the words I could not before.

"I...Love you...Snow...and I will...always..."

Heavy eyes closed and my hand fell limp no longer able to hold its own strength. My body hardened and became encased in pure crystal. In agony you are stripped away. Left in silence, left alone, my corpse lies motionless. You scream in outrage cursing those responsible, those who stole my soul away, those selfish angels who wanted me for themselves. Collapsing to your knees you resorted to blaming yourself, no one else spoke they only looked away as you brokedown. Even my sister Lightning held back her true feelings to grieve.

I raised from out of my empty vessel, now only a spirit, I watched, unable to comfort you you were torn from the inside. It was too painful to bare. A slight regret bestowed in me, "No, this is the right thing to do."

I moved to softly kiss you on the cheek, "Please do not forget me, please know I meant every word I spoke."

Teardrops formed in my eyes as I said my last goodbye. With that I disappeared to never see you again. My last whispers will never leave your side. Drifting, softly lied upon my lifeless body, appeared a feather of hope, a feather from my magnificent angelic wings...