Ouran High School Host Club 2

Chapter 3

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"Wo~ow!" Hani exclaimed, staring around the bust airport wildly. "Everything's so big and busy!"

"Un," Grunted Mori.

Tamaki was glowing, Kyoya looked slightly bored (despite the fact that he was slightly excited) and the twins look just devious. Haruhi was actually not there—she was still at the baggage claim, searching for her lost back pack.

"No what?" Chorused the twins. They were identical at the moment—their hair was the same as always of course—but they'd taken extra measures to wear the same shorts, t-shirts, sandals and use the same back packs, and even similar suitcases.

"I suppose we could find someone to prank," Hikarou turned to Karou. Karou looked back.

"But Haruhi's almost back," he replied.

"But she's not yet," Hikarou came back.

They sighed simultaneously.

Kyoya adjusted his glasses. "We could always go hail a taxi," he informed them

"But Kyoya~" Tamaki whined. "Then Haruhi will get lost!"

Kyoya shook his head. "I don't believe so." He told him. "There are signs everywhere, and she would be able to use common sense to guide herself to where we would be. Besides, here she comes now."

All eyes turned to the point where Kyoya's eyes were fixed. Sure enough, Haruhi was struggling through the crowd of busy people. She had a small back pack on her back and a small rolling suitcase pulled along behind her. She reached the hosts and sighed. "Tamaki, you really shouldn't make arrangements on such short notices."

"Short notices?" he repeated. "But we booked tickets three weeks ago! That's not short notice."

"Yes, it is," Hrauhi shot back. "Especially when one of us had to get a passport on such short notice."

Hani cut in with a yawn. "The time is so different here!" He exclaimed. "Let's get a taxi and go to the hotel. I want to go back to sleep!"

"You slept the entire plane ride," the twins said, board. "But he's right; let's not just stand around the airport all day. Let's go see sight!" Their eyes were growing larger and their smiles rivaled their eyes. They were probably wondering if—and how much—trouble they'd be able to cause in such a big, crowded place.

"The hotel we are staying at is only a fifteen minute drive away," Kyoya informed them, pulling a small pocket notebook from the back pocket of his jeans. He leafed through the pages. "Let's go and have a taxi take us there."


In no time at all, the group of beautiful boys—teens—had arrived at a fancy hotel.

Tamaki, of course, was exclaiming about commoners being wealthy and raising through the class system, while the twins were complaining broadly that the hotel was nowhere near as fancy as their house or their school, yadadada….

Kyoya, of course, was booking the rooms; A room for Haruhi by herself, one for Hani and Mori, one for the twins, one for Tamaki, and of course, one for himself.

They took the elevators up to the top floor. They had rented enough rooms to fill an entire hallway, actually, so they had one hallway to themselves; the ceiling of the top floor was glass, except for in the bedrooms of course, because that would have gotten quite painful at midday, so the evening light came into the hallway in slanting shafts.

Despite himself, Kyoya yawned. He noticed the others were yawning as well.

"We might as well get some sleep," Haruhi suggested, stealing Kyoya's words. But he was too sleepy to really care; it was early morning in Japan and he had not gotten much sleep on the airplane.


Despite the fact that he was practically asleep on his feet, Tamaki only slept until lunchtime. By that time, he was too hungry to really care how tired he was. After checking to see if the others were asleep or awake (none of which were) and then headed down to the café/cafeteria/restaurant on the first level of the hotel.

He was still wearing the dress shirt and pants that he had worn on the flight—he had fallen asleep in them. Now they were wrinkled and his hair was messy and his eyes were twinking—this was more then enough to have the female servers swooning over him in seconds. He flashed them a brilliant smile as he stepped up to one of them, and then, kissing her hand, asked to be seating.

He was seated immediately, of course.


"Ugh. School. At least it's over, but" Ahna sighed. "we have so much homework!" she groaned. "And tonight Uncle has some sorta work party or something," she har-umphed. "And it's at some big fancy hotel and all his colleagues and his boss—who—don't tell anyone I told you this—but he's really gross," At this she shuddered.

"What?" Dina asked as they trudged away from school. "How?"

"Well," Ahna thought for a moment. "Um, he's got this really gross hair. And this big belly that sticks out this far," she puffed out her cheeks and held her arms out in a circle. "And he's not mean or anything," she continued, deflating, arms dropping to her sides. "It's just that he's so icky. Uncle told me he makes all kinds or wrong decisions about the company and he's always the one who has to fix them," she sighed. "He dumps all his work onto Uncle, too, when he doesn't want to do it, and goes out on vacations to beaches."

They both laughed.

"That's what Uncle was complaining about in the hospital, anyways, but mind you, I think he was exaggerating a bit," giggled Ahna and Dina nodded in agreement. They walked in silence for a couple minutes—a comfortable silence between friends.

"Hey," Ahna said as they neared her apartment. "Can you come to the dinner tonight? Being the youngest one there is gunna be kinda creepy."

Dina shrugged. "I'll have to ask but I don't think we're doing anything special tonight."

Ahna grinned in relief. "Thanks Dina,"

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