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We moved

Link was packing his belongings while looking to the space where the table of his and Samus' joint used to stand. The two had to dismount it since any extra decorations were to be removed of the bedrooms before they leave.

Many Smashers had already left, giving their farewells to their friends and partners in the mansion. Master Hand wasn't there to see them off (since he was still in the local hospital), so instead there was Crazy, who (luckily) had completely forgotten the events of the closing ceremony of the tournament. Sufficient to say, the other hand seemed to cry each time a Smasher was leaving, saying:

"I'll miss you! You are definitely the greatest guy in the whole galaxy."

"Hey, you said that to me too." Ness said, turning back while Crazy was giving his farewell to Lucas.

"Oh, did I? I don't seem to remember anything. You must be confusing me with another person." Crazy said, suddenly getting out of his crying state and reverting back to his normal one. Mood swings, much.

"But I could swear it was…"


"Forget it…"

Back to Link, he was now closing the last of his luggage when he saw somebody leaning against the wall near his door. Looking up, the dirty-blond swordsman saw it was Midna. He greeted her as the Twilight Princess approached, saying:

"I know this was supposed to be the time I say I will miss you and I wish happiness to you and Samus."

"And won't you?" Link asked.

"Of course I will, idiot!" Midna said, reverting to her playful manner. The two laughed at that.

When the laughter died, Link and Midna sat in the Hero's old bed. Link looked around, commenting he would miss that place and all friends he made during his time in the mansion. Midna just stayed listening to it, until Link asked her what she thought of what she saw in the mansion. The sarcastic Princess said:

"I've seen more chaotic places, if that's what you're asking." Link shot a serious glare to her. "Ok. Seriously, I kinda got a liking to some people here, but it's not like I'll miss everybody like that. Plus, you and Samus will be traveling around. Maybe you'll find some way to the Twilight Realm in your travels, so you can visit me."

"I don't know. How many worlds out there could have a portal to a dark dimension?" if only he knew… "But, I'll miss you. And… thanks for being so nice with Samus."

"Don't sweat it. I just wanted to make sure she was taking good care of you." Midna said, crossing her arms behind her head.


"Of course. You were the best and only dog I ever had and I would be pretty mad at seeing somebody mistreating my previous property." Link arched an eyebrow to her. "Just kidding. Oh, and speaking about it, I bought something for you to use with Samus."

Midna snapped her fingers and a bag appeared out of thin air. She handed it to Link, who searched for his present, wondering what Midna have bought for him. When he had grabbed something, he pulled out a transparent package and inside there was…

"A collar? Midna, what does… ?"

"Take a look at the inscription."

Link did so and there he could read "Please, return to Samus Aran upon finding". To say the Hero was surprised would be an understatement. He looked back to Midna, babbling:

"Wh… this… you… when…?" trying to organize his thoughts, he finally came up with something coherent to say about it. "Am I supposed to wear this?"

"Well, not in public. I thought it would be more like a… private, clothing article." Midna said in a very meaningful tone, winking to Link.

Seconds of silence passed. When Link finally found his voice again, he said:

"Have you ever thought of giving advices on this matter to people, Midna? Seriously, You would make much success."

"Are you being sarcastic on me?" Midna asked.

"Does it look like that?"

"If that's the case, then I have to say… I'm proud of you, Link."

The Hero decided not to comment on that anymore. It was impossible for him to win Midna in a discussion about that matter, or use sarcasm against the Twili woman…

- / - / - / -

There were less ships and vehicles in the garage of the mansion than before. The most noticeable was the absence of Fox's, Falco's and Wolf's Landmasters (which got stuck in the garage's door when Crazy decided to "help" the three… at the same time).

Samus was already by her ship, Link at her side, while giving their goodbyes to the other Smashers. Peach had a handkerchief as she gave her farewells to Samus and Link, wishing them happiness and many children (Link blushed a scarlet tone when the pink wearing princess said that and Samus just widened her eyes), bursting into tears at the end of it. She had always been the most emotive out of all women at the mansion.

Bowser had been the one consoling and trying to cheer up the Mushroom Princess, but when Mario came in, the two started fighting with glares, like defying the other to pass by him and try to go to Peach. Luigi shook his head at his brother and his nemesis' behaviors and supported Peach when she left Link and Samus, crying again.

Zelda, Ike, Sheeda and Marth were also there. The Hylian Princess and the others that had been attacked by Crazy had woken up right after the entire incident had been solved. Samus scoffed at the "coincidence". Zelda then elbowed Ike on the ribs, causing the mercenary to wince in pain and look to her. The wielder of Wisdom gave him a meaningful look. When Ike was about to groan, Zelda's look sharpened and the blue haired swordsman gulped, knowing what that look promised in case he defied his girlfriend. Zelda's blows were always accurate. Sometimes, too much.

"Um… Link." the mercenary called, making the green clad swordsman look to him. "Sorry, for the whole think about Zelda. I…" Ike looked to Zelda, who made a motion with her hand for him to go on. "I'm a jealous idiot. There. I said it! Happy?"

"I am, though I knew it the whole time." Samus said.

"I was talking to Zelda."

"Just don't jump on conclusions next time, ok?" Link said to his friend with a smile.

"Then, do you forgive me?" Ike asked.

"Well…" Link then looked to Samus.

The bounty huntress smiled, understanding the gesture. She then asked Ike to approach. The mercenary made it, though a little confused at the request. He just realized what that meant once Samus stomped his foot. Hard. Ike let out a pained scream, holding his foot and jumping on his place. Before he could do anything else, he got punched in the guts, the blow taking the air out of his lungs.

"Samus! I said just one blow and I would forgive him." Link protested, while Ike exclaimed a "what?".

"The punch was for me." the galactic warrior said simply.

Zelda sighed, but shot Ike a look that clearly said "you deserved that, so deal with it". She passed her boyfriend and gave her farewells to her two friends in a very polite manner, just like always. Link and Samus returned it.

Marth also gave his farewells to Link. The Hylian warrior said for him to wait and went to another side of the garage and came back bringing Epona. Marth asked what he was doing when Link gave him the reigns. The Hero then said:

"I want you to have her." upon seeing Marth's surprised look, Link added. "I can't take Epona to space with me, so I figured it would be better to leave her with someone I know will take good care of her."

"Then why not let her with Zelda?" Marth inquired.

"Let's just say she took a disliking to somebody that is very close to Zelda at the moment…"

While Link said that, nobody noticed Epona slowly approaching Ike. The mercenary just noticed it when a heavy hoof came down on his already aching foot, making him scream and jump in place again. Epona neighed in a way that it seemed she was laughing at the mercenary.

"I see…" Marth said. "Don't worry then. I'll take care of her like she is my own."

"Just bring her to Hyrule when you visit Zelda. She likes to ride the fields there." Link asked, Marth nodded to him while Sheeda gave her farewells to the two, saying for them to take care.

Captain Falcon then approached and shook hands with his good buddy, whispering to Link:

"Make me a favor and tell me latter how it is to do it with Samus."

Link's eyes widened while Falcon just gave his farewells to Samus at a safe distance, just in case she had heard. Needless to say, Link never told the racer anything.

Link and Samus waved to the others while taking to the platform that brought them to inside the ship. While Samus checked the conditions for them to take off, Link waved a few more times to their friends. The Hylian warrior then turned to his girlfriend and said:

"So, this is it. No more Steel 'n' Blade Co. I will miss that."

"I wouldn't say that. Who knows? Maybe we might continue with it or come back to this world sometime and reopen it."

"Or, we could do it in your world." Link suggested.

"Maybe. Now hold on!" Link then grabbed his seat with all his strength as the ship took off and they gained the skies, eventually reaching space and seeing the stars.

Link wondered what kind of challenges he and Samus would face from now on. The worlds he would see and the adventures that could be out there. The Hero knew it wouldn't be easy to adapt to this space travel thing or even the futuristic worlds and cultures they would encounter out there, but as long as Samus was by his side, he knew he could face anything. And they could find a way to visit their old friends in their worlds as they were traveling.

It was then Link heard a beep coming from the panel besides his seat. Curious, he pressed a flashing button and saw a red screen pop up and something being written in it.

"Samus…" Link called. The bounty huntress looked to him in an inquisitive manner. "What's a 'Baby's Cry' signal?"

That made something click in Samus' head. She then searched in a compartment bellow her seat and pulled out the script of her new game, flipping through the first pages. She gulped when she found what she was looking for. Link was still looking to his girlfriend with a cute look of curiosity as she turned, seeming to be sweating:

"Well… you see…"

Somewhere out there, in Nintendo's headquarters, Team Ninja had his mouth agape when they saw the first scenes of their first attempt at Other M's scenes, wondering how in the world a green clad swordsman appeared in it.