If this reads a little familiar to some, it's because these first five pieces were all once in my perfection prompts drabble set. I've decided to (thanks to some prodding) move them into their own little box of loveliness. These will all be based on dokuga_lj prompts (between 100-400 words) and perhaps a one-shot or two. Inspiration for this piece was drawn from the manga Gakkou no Ojikan (a very light but good read).

Thanks and enjoy!


I am most pleased and honored to say this was given second place.

Wicked Games


Sesshoumaru was waiting for her and Kagome was surprised to find him there. It was rare to meet outside of school. The older brother of two, Sesshoumaru had often been the quiet shadow of their group. He was always there, but as a watcher it seemed.

Kagome blushed as their eyes met. It had taken time, but the elder brother had grown on her and now she was more determined than ever to bring the man she knew he was—at least when he was around her alone—to the surface for everyone to know. It couldn't be merely her imagination that he liked her as well. There had been too many chances between them. "Sesshoumaru," she said in greeting. "I did not expect to see you here."

His eyes glanced around, agreement in them. These common areas were not something he frequented. "Kagome."

Her blush deepened as his tone seemed to caress her name. Kami, how she wanted him to love her the way she loved him! "Is something wrong?"

"Inuyasha seems to be serious about you."

He was direct, she would give him that, and, while Kagome knew Inuyasha did harbor something towards her, it was the elder brother who attracted her more. The love had started from the moment they'd met and only grown. But she hadn't had the strength to confess yet… "Your silence is telling."

"I…I just didn't know what to say."

His eyes sharpened, the look in them stern and cutting. "I have decided to stop playing with you, since Inuyasha seems to be so sure," Sesshoumaru continued after a moment. "You were only something to pass the time, after all."

Kagome smiled brightly at him, her common defense against pain, and hid her torn heart from sight. "Oh, I never took you seriously."