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Bella tangled her fingers into my hair. My hands running up and down on her back.

When I leaned over to pressed my lips against her, she fell back and pulled me down. I used my to arms, holding myself up, to keep myself from crushing her. Then before I got a chance to breath in, her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled our lips back together.

Well, someone is surely enthusiastic.

Then I felt her toungue pushing between my two lips, trying to part them. I tore my lips away as gently as I could and chuckled.

"Bella." I shook my head at her but can't stop laughing "That was a bit over the top."

"Bad girl in town." She smiled through her heavy breathing.

"So the good and shy girl was just a cover?" I chuckled lightly in her ear.

Her heart raced up again.

"You never know."

And then, can't resist the temptation, I leaned down to kiss her again. Her to legs wrapped around my body. I parted her lips and let my tongue explore.

Emotions were shooting wildly around.




Hmph. Bella must be feeling loads.

But then I realize it wasn't Bella who had those emotions as I heard a loud whistle and a booming laugh.

Oh NO! God, please tell me I imagined those sound.

Both of our body, mine and Bella's, froze. Our head snapped out to look at the door.

There stood every one, staring at us two. I don't want to know how we looked like with me on top of Bella, moaning. Sigh. Why do they need to come at this time?

Both of us still staring out. Our eyes wide, our body not moving an inch. It's like we're the deers that got caught in the headlight. Our expression was mirrored by most of my family members. Dropped-jaws.

Except for Emmet smirking. And Exme smiling in adoration.

This is just…lovely. Sigh.

Alice hid a laugh and smiled kindly at Bella.

"Maybe you don't need make up to be seductive to blind guys like Jasper."

I felt sorry for Bella to get caught in this family. And that have nothing to do with the vampire things.

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Finally this little story end. Hope you enjoyed it all along.