Spoilers for the 5th Season! God there sure is an influx of these stories but it's just a feeling I can't throw away. I won't be satisfied until these characters speak their peace. Because nothing makes sense anymore in my world. I was devastated with 100. Nothing makes sense.

So hopefully this story will shed a little light and make the bad feelings go away.

As in character as possible. Really.

My second Booth/Bones fic. It's just not on my profile anymore. Honest!

penname used to be : Mazingenggrl




Nothing made sense anymore to Agent Seeley Booth.

The woman he had loved for five years didn't love him back. And since then nothing had made sense in his world.

Days were still the same. Fighting crime, catching bad guys, seeing Bones. Seeing Bones. Therein lay the problem. It was hard just to look at her after his failed attempt at 'gamboling'. He had thought something would spark between them. Surely, there had to have been something. But of course, it could've all been in his head. She was a scientist. Too rational to be swept up in romance. Sex was just sex to her. It wasn't making love. And then, well, he couldn't pine for her. Agent Seeley Booth did not pine, he moved on. That was exactly what he had intended to do, move on. But some women were hard to forget, especially when you saw them everyday. Worked with them. And felt a chemistry that couldn't be denied. That was the problem. He had never liked going against his gut feeling. But that's what she was asking him to do.

He was even questioning his gut.

So you see, nothing made sense anymore in the world of Agent Seeley Booth.