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1 Ocean Of Tears

The silver wind rippled through his grey trench coat as he raised his green eyes to the sinking sun. His hair fell into his eyes but he made no move to brush it away. He was alone; hated and unwanted. Below him, the cerulean sea roared as it continued its attack on the face of the enduring cliff.

The tall green grass around him shivered gently in the breeze.

Next to him, his Gunblade had been stabbed into the ground, nine feet from the sheer drop, its steel blade gleaming in the glow of the crimson sun.

He closed his eyes and inhaled as the wind brushed her cool fingers along his face. His eyes opened and he watched as playful dolphins leapt and glided through the water. Free.

Seifer stepped to the edge of the cliff and looked at the jagged rocks below. There were no choices left, he thought, this was his only way out. He felt something wet draw its way slowly down his cheek. Seifer brought his hand to his face and drew it away again, staring incredulously at the pearly wetness of tears he hadn't known he'd shed. This was the first time in his life that he had cried. He closed his hand and brought it back down to his side, his determination renewed.

Seifer then turned back to face the ocean, the wind stripping his newly shed tears from his face and casting them into the ocean.

It was time to end it; to close his book; and to let go of the life he didn't deserve, as painful as it had been. He was a failure, wherever he went. He had disgraced the Almasy name enough. It was time to take the plunge and go to the other side. To heaven... or to hell. Seifer smiled, finally at peace, before stepping from the cliff.


She laid the flowers down and lowered her face slightly in prayer. Rinoa straightened and rearranged the flowers. Her eyes travelled to the engraving that she had made on the blade in his memory:

May souls that are lost

In the ocean of tears

Be found and cherished

'Till the end of the years

In Memory of Seifer Almasy

She looked at the letters for a long time, before standing up and dusting herself off.

"May you find the peace which could not be found on earth," she whispered, before turning and walking away.