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Author's note: This tiny fic takes place towards the end of the movie. Can you guess who the narrator is?

"Preparations For Doom"

"For the love that is good and holy, please, please, please… PLEASE let this be a bully-free day."

Clifford looked over at me and raised a curious eyebrow. I separated my hands from my praying position (which became a ritual for me ever since I started high school) and sighed miserably.

"It's no good," I admitted grumpily. "It's going to be just like every other day."

"Don't be like that," Clifford said. "It won't be like this forever." His voice got a little quieter as he leaned closer to me. "Moody and the other jerks can't keep picking on us. It's gotta stop eventually. "

I grunted. "Yeah, well, maybe if Linderman hadn't left…" I drummed the tips of my fingers on top of my desk and tilted my head back, staring at the empty seat behind me that would have been occupied by Ricky. "Maybe it would've been better, or maybe it would've gotten worse. I dunno."

"I'm telling you, it can't go on like this. Something is going to happen."

"… Well…" I sat upright and stared glumly at Clifford. "I guess so. Hey, before we go to lunch, I wanna say one more prayer. I'd like to think I was on good terms with God before I'm forced to see him." I clapped my hands together and assumed my ritual. "Jeez, and to think I hadn't even gotten my driver's license yet."

Clifford shook his head and offered me a sad smile. Even if he tried to act mature and optimistic, I knew he was just as miserable as I was.