Chapter 1

Abuse and Rescue

Harry was in the kitchen making breakfast for Vernon, untill Dudley pushed him and he dropped it and the plate smashed with the food all over the got really mad.

"YOU CLUMSEY LITTLE IDIOT!!!!" And Vernon beated the small child and pushed him into his cuborad."No food all day today, you little freak!" And slammed the cuborad door. Harry began to sob. Tears flowed down his pale face and eventulaly fell asleep. While at a school called Hogwarts, an old man with a white beard and white hair was sitting at his desk then another man with greasey black hair, a hooked nose, and black eyes came in his office. "You wished to see me, Headmaster?" Severus Snape asked.

"Why, yes, Severus. I got this letter from Lilly the night she died. She told me to give it to you." Dumbledore handed out the letter and Severus took it and began to read it.

"Dear Severus, if you are reading this, then i am dead. This may suprise you, but James is not Harry's father. That night you and i went our seprate ways, i forgot to inform you i was already pregnant, with a son that is not Jamse's but your own. I really regret not forgiving you in 5th year. Harry is not a Potter, but a Snape. If you want to find him, go to Number 4, Privet Drive, Surrey. Please take good care of him, Severus. I will always love you. Lilly".Severus was very suprised and shocked."Headmaster, I-" Dumbledore cutted him off."You have to rescue your son, Severus. His relitives has abused him all his life, he needs a father." Snape nodded and set off to find Harry. He stopped at Number 4, Privet Drive and knocked on the opened it and saw Severus."What do you want, freak?!" Severus entered the house and staired at Vernon. "I have come for my son, Harry." Vernon shivered and shaked."You're the boy's father? I thought Potter was." "Potter was Lilly's friend, not her full husband." Severus told him.

"Well, i'll go fetch th boy right now" Vernon said and he went to the cuborad and woke Harry. He saw Severus and shook. "It's allright, Harry. I'm your dad." Harry staired at the greasey haired professor."You mean, Jamse was not my real father?" Harry asked. Severus shook his head. "No, he wasn't, son." Harry looked up at his father and smiled. Severus smiled back at his son and told him to pack up. When he was packed, they went outside of the house. Severus looked at Harry. "Take my arm, son." And when he did, the disaperated to Snape Manor.

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