Harry's Bad Day

Harry was in the kitchen sitting on a sofa. Severus came in the kitchen and smiled at Harry. "You know what tomorrow is, son?" Harry nodded.

"It's my birthday, dad." Severus nodded. "Indeed, my son. you are growing up very fast." He said with a grin on his face. "And you look like me."

He chuckled aand made some tea and sat down with his son. "Dad" Harry said. "Yes, son?" Said his father. "Thank you, for everything." Severus

smiled a lot bigger. He hugged his son tightly as if he'd never let go. "Your welcome, Harry. I love you." Harry smiled. "I love you, dad."

They heard someone come out of the fireplace. Lucius Malfoy along with his family. Draco walked to Harry. "Hi there, mate." "Hi Draco." Harry said.

"Happy Birthday, Harry. this is Narcissa, my wife."Said Lucius. Harry shook Narcissa's hand."Nice to meet you, Narcissa." Narcissa smiled.

"Nice to meet you, too, Harry. Happy Birthday." "Thank you." Lucius came and hugged Harry. " How are you, squirt?" He said playfully. Harry smiled.

Severus got tea for the elders and the two boys went outside to play a game of Quititch. "Hey, Harry. Can you toss me the quafle?" Harry nodded and

tossed the quafle at Draco and he scored a hoop. "Great, Draco. You'd be like Victor Krum, the Famous Quititch player." He said mockly. Draco rolled

his eyes and they kept on playing. Untill the clouds went grey and their brooms were covered in ice as was the grass below them. "Uh oh." Harry said.

They both looked alarmed and zoomed down before it was too late. Lucius looked out the window and the elders ran out the door. Severus saw the

Dementor very close behind the boys. "Boys, look out!" He shouted. They looked behind them and got on the ground and the grown ups got out

their wands and yelled. "Expecto Patronum!" And bright lights came out of their wands. A doe, a cobra and an eagle where their Patronuses. The

Dementors flew away and the boys hid behind their parents. "It's alright, boys. You can come out now." Said Lucius. And they did frightenly.

Harry hugged his father and Draco hugged his parents. This was not their day. "Who keeps sending Dementors here, Sev?" Lucius asked.

Severus looked worried but angry. "I smell a rat named Doloes Umbridge." Narcissa spoke. "I smell two rats: Fudge and Umbridge." Severus shook

his head. "No, not Corneilius, just that toad lady in pink." Lucius nodded in agreement. "I'll inform the Ministry at once, Severus." He looked

at Lucius. "Please do, I don't want this to happen any longer. Two attacks are bad enough." They all nodded and went inside the Manor.

Lucius and his family flooed back to Malfoy Manor. And Harry looked out the window and wondered when is he going to Hogwarts.