Cabaret killed the Cat

Summary: Based on the Pandora Box credit's picture of Luke peering around Vera to see what was going on in the Cabaret. WARNING ME TRYING A SHORT SHOT OF HUMOUR.

"Thank you but that'll be all."

Professor Layton turned away, thankful. They had saw Mr. Beluga go into this building and they had came almost to ask the woman, Vera, about it. Through they only got the hint that Beluga was looking for something - for what, could be anything - Layton had guessed what the building was. He was lucky that Luke was too young and innocent to know what the Cabaret was.

Lucky and Unlucky.

"Luke?" Layton turned around to see why the boy wasn't following....and nearly had a heart attack when he saw Luke, peering around Vera, curiously looking inside. "Luke!"

"Professor, perhaps if we went in, we could ask Mr. Beluga some quest-" What he was about to say was cut of by the Professor grabbing his arm and leading him away. He looked up to see the Professor's face was flustered; a very rare sight. Now that got Luke really curious, "Professor, why have you gone red?"

Layton noticed how hot his cheeks were getting. Behind him, he heard Vera laughing, "Ooooh, sure you don't want to take a peek, Professor?" Her voice was lustful, making Layton shudder.

"No thank you," Layton responded flatly as he led Luke down the steps. Barton was right, it wasn't a good idea to take Luke to that area.

Luke however was oblivious and now very suspious, "Professor, what goes on in the Cabaret?"

Of all the questions you have to ask, Luke, please don't ask that one. The Professor pulled down the rim of his cap, wishing he could hide his whole face with it.

"Why didn't you let me look?" Luke ask frowning at his mentor. Layton searched for an way of avoiding these questions. He could try the wait-till-you're-older line but knowing Luke that would just make him determined to fulfil his curiousty. Inspiration!

"Curiousty killed the cat, Luke."

"What does have anything to do with what goes on in the Cabaret?"

Layton sighed. Of course Luke wouldn't just take that for an answer, "Looking in there will do much more worse to you than curosity did to the cat. And plus s gentlemen doesn't take heed to look in there."

"Oh." Layton sighed with relief that Luke tone no longer had a curious ring to it. He let go of Luke's arm and was about to get bak onto the search for the Elyisan box.

"Pavel, do you know what goes on in the Cabaret?" Luke asked the traveller who was walking past at that moment.

"Luke!" Layton copied his mentee way of defeat, smacking his forehead. He should've phrase it better.

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