Title: A Lesson in Semiotics
Author: renisanz
Rating: PG
Words: ~600
Pairing: Sheldon Cooper/Penny
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the words.
Notes: Uhm... I so meant for this to have a plot. Let's say this occurs post L/P breakup. Heck, this might even be AU...idk. Could be a prologue to something more. Anyway, thanks to allthingsholy and LadyLioness for giving feedback. Typos are all mine.

No teacher to follow
No prophet to tell me how...

She's felt this before. This is being 10-years-old, watching a movie with her big sister. Her parents decide to walk in from their trip to the market right at the climax of the love scene, like, the only one in the whole movie.

So Penny, being tense, is expecting something to happen, some interruption, some sign that she shouldn't be here. She shouldn't be standing in the kitchen, eying Sheldon, studying his face. Her lips part and a small breath escapes her when he tucks his bottom lip between his teeth and then it's moist and redder than before.

She should totally be looking away, brushing past him, going to the 'fridge and grabbing a bottle of water to quench the thirst that she has now.

Instead, she leans up and Sheldon maybe leans down a bit to meet her, because at the last second she thought she wouldn't make it (he's so tall). Her hand is on his forearm for balance. His skin is cool under the heat of her palm, and she figures that'll do it. He'll flinch away, because now she's really in his personal space.

He doesn't.

His breath tickles across her lower lip, and then her mouth is brushing his.

She'll be hearing Leonard's keys in the door any second now. (Is the door even locked?)

She tightens her fingers around Sheldon's forearm, and he shocks her. His arm moves back, and, Of course, Penny thinks. He's coming to his senses, done with this little experiment. As Penny starts to slide her hand away, she feels his arm bend, large hand coming to cup just behind her elbow, holding her steady and pulling her closer at once.

Penny takes the encouragement, leans back in and sips at his bottom lip.

Raj or Howard will burst in at any moment. (The door remains closed.)

Sheldon tips his head down further, tilts his head slightly to the right, mimicking Penny's technique, kisses her top lip quickly, and then her bottom one and...holy crap. Was that just a bit of his tongue at the end of it?

And then he's leaning away, and actually, like, steadying her because that little hat trick removed all feeling from her knees.

If she opens her eyes to him saying "Bazinga," she will slug him. No remorse.

Instead, she sees he's schooled his features to some kind of neutral. He's staring intently at the space around her left ear. His thumb caresses in an arc near the crook of her elbow. She feels heat rising in her cheeks.

His hand drops, slides away, and the trail of his fingertips down her arm seems pretty...not accidental. Deliberate. Maybe.

The kettle whistles behind her, and Sheldon steps to the side, moves around her, and somehow Penny's knees are working again so she shuffles two small steps to the right. She turns her head to the left, watches him out of the corner of her eye, catches his eye briefly (a glint of gray-blue) when he turns back around to the island, setting the kettle on the trivet.

She opens her mouth and takes a breath, about to say something. (What?)

The cell phone in her pocket vibrates against her hip. Deciding to let it roll to voicemail, she reaches out, her hand hovering just above Sheldon's left shoulder blade as the door clicks and opens and then Leonard walks in with Raj and Howard trailing closely behind.

It's a sign, she's sure of it. She just needs to figure out what it all means.

But I know what I want

I know what I want now.

. . . . .

Lyrics: "Wishing Heart" by Lisa Loeb