Full summary: I'm different. I know that well enough. So is she. She's the most beautiful girl in the world. She's part of the Stranges. A group of Angels without a true form. The strongest kind are the Miracles. They feed off the moon. I'm a miracle. And she's my Angel. She knows I'm dangerous and I know she's deadly. She knows I love her and I know she doesn't. SasuSaku

Strange Angels by Abigail15Sage


Ch.1 Cursed lips

"Men are natural warriors, but a women in battle is truly bloodthirsty."

-old Scottish saying

A beauty like no other stood on the cliffs edge.

Her hair the color of spring's first sunset.

Her eyes the shade of a million green forests.

It was almost time to begin.

She had a certain job to do.

A certain someone to look after.

A certain life to change.

A certain person to protect.

A strong wind pushed from behind her and she slowly let its force tip her over the cliffs edge. She dropped through the air head first, quickly and gracefully. The ocean below roared to life as in hunger. Wanting to swallow her whole.

"Mist." Her lips formed the words and as if following her orders, her body evaporated into thin air. Tiny sprinkles off mist floated to the ocean's waves and in the instant the mist and waves made contact…the violent waters stood still.


"Sasuke?" Ino's teeth bit done on her lower lip in nervousness and even in my drunken state I realized something was wrong.

"What's bothering you?" I squeezed her knee softly, "You've been acting weird all week."

"Yeah…there's a reason for that." She wouldn't look me in the eyes and I laid my beer can down on the dirt before wrapping her in my arms.

"Wanna' talk to me about it?" I was used to this sort of thing. When women acted nervous, you hold them tight. Check. When women hesitate, you offer to listen. Check.

"I guess I have to." She gulped done spit and mumbled, "You deserve to know anyway."

I sighed, "Did you and Ten Ten shoplift again? I swear your going to get caught someday."

"Umm, yes." She barely laughed, "But that's not what I wanted to tell you…Sasuke-"

I suddenly looked up at the sky. Ever since I turned eighteen yesterday, I've been feeling this strange pull to the moon. Not like a hypnotizing pull, just a vibe. Like it was giving off energy and the best way to get it was to stare. Then I noticed that Ino had stopped talking and I forced my gaze to rip from the moon and back to her. She was pretty. In the kind of way that made me feel lucky she was mine.

"Sorry Ino. You were saying?"

"Well…remember last Friday? At the movies?"

"Uhuh." I was listening. I really was. But the sky was much prettier to look at. So I tucked her head under my chin, and gazed up at the moon.

"Sasuke, remember when I went to the bathroom half way through the movie?"

"Sure I do, you missed all the gore."

"Uhuh…Sasuke I didn't really go to the restroom."

"Okay.." I was half here with her, but also half up there. So I didn't catch the sudden sniff or the way she balled her fist and pressed it to her lips to keep from sobbing. So what she told me next completely caught me off guard.

"I slept with Sasori."

Suddenly the pull to the moon disappeared and I was crashing down back to earth. Like a rope had connected us together, but it had been cut.

Ino pulled herself from my chest and stared up at me with eyes full of tears. But I wasn't looking at her. Instead I stared at the trees. The rocks spread out here and there in the clearing. My car parked behind a cooler of drinks. Everything, anything but her.

"I'm so sorry Sasuke."

That's when something snapped inside of me. Like a rubber ban stretched out to as far as it could and then suddenly released. A wave of emotions coursed through my body. Intense Anger, humiliation, betrayal but most of all…power.

I pushed myself up from the fallen tree truck that we both sat upon and ran a hand through my hair, panting wildly. It felt like a million hands were scratching at my skin. Clawing at me! But at the same time, I felt a million hands caressing me as well. Trying to comfort me. I had never felt anything like it before. It was both agonizing and pleasurable. Blood welled in my mouth when I bit down on my tongue and it tasted good.

"Sasuke?" Ino scurried up from the truck and stood at my side with her arms hugging her chest.

"How dare you!" I snapped my head in her direction and she stifled a sob.

"I'm so sorry Sasuke."

"Is that all you can say?" I let out a loud, evil laugh. I had no idea where it came from. I barely laughed in general. Let alone like this.

I threw my gaze up at the sky and there it was. The moon. The pull from before was so strong now, I felt like I could float towards it.

"Sasuke! I swear, I will never do it again! Please-"

Why? Why did she have to keep interrupting every time I tried to feel the moon. It was giving off something…some sort of power…and I wanted it.

"Sasuke, your shivering!"

I wasn't shivering. In fact I was covered in searing heat. Every inch of my body felt like it was under flames and these flames ate away all of my judgment. I was shaking from anger. How dare she! From excitement.

"Baby please-" She took my arm. Her fingers were as cold as ice against my skin. So cold that it burned even me, and I growled maliciously.

"Don't touch me!" I took her by the neck and threw her through the air. She landed and hit her head on a sharp rock with a cry. Her head was bleeding and her eyes were closed. But I knew she wasn't dead. I just knew. And all I could think about was how good it would feel to finish her off myself.

I let out another laugh, one that scared even me, and took a step towards her limp body.

"Blind him." A voice so smooth and beautiful spoke from all directions. It was curt and quick, but it echoed throughout my mind.

I stopped in my tracks as a thick fog filled the clearing. So thick that I couldn't see my own feet, let alone Ino.

No…it wasn't fog, but mist. Trillions of tiny droplets floated in the air and clung to my skin. Like an embrace…

As if by habit I snapped my head up to face the moon and growled when I couldn't see it anymore. The mist blocked it from my view.

The embrace slowly turned into something else, it felt more dangerous…like a restraint.

A hand brushed my collarbone and I swirled around ready to kill. But there was nothing there. Just mist.

This time a pair of cool lips grazed my collarbone. Kissing it once, softly. I tried to turn again, but the mist kept me frozen in place and I shouted out a unfamiliar name.


"Sasuke…" I could feel the lips move on my skin as it answered me.

But before I could say anything else the lips suddenly left. I couldn't feel them on me anymore. But in their place they left an agonizing burn. Like someone let out a cigarette bud directly on my skin.

I fell to my knees and grasped the spot where the lips had been. It almost felt like a knife, piercing through my skin. A knife coated in poison. Because only seconds later, the pain spread throughout my body.

I gasped for breathe as the knife's poison flowed throughout my veins. Piercing cries of pain surrounded me in every direction. It only took me seconds to realize it was my own screams.

Slowly, I brought my hand to my face, palms spread. The poison licked at my fingers and I gagged on my own screams as black ink swirled on my skin like a moving tattoo. My eyes roamed up my wrist, forearm and shoulder. The ink was everywhere!

"Sleep Sasuke..." The voice from before whispered in my ear, and my body suddenly went limp. My face pressed into the dirt and I choked on dust and dirt until a warm hand turned my cheek to the side.

"Sak-ur-a…" My vision was clouded by mist. But even so, I could have sworn I saw a flash of color.

A hint of pink.

I had never been the same since.