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I'll Always Be Yours

Chapter 1: Characters

Extra note:
Mikan's batch: 16
Yuuri: 16
Wolfram: 82
Conrad (I don't know how to spell his name): 20-22
Murata: about 4,000
(I don't know how to spell her name): about 800

Everyone else in the Great Demon Kingdom I don't know their age.

Mikan Sakura:

Nullification and Stealing Alices
Special Star
16 years old
Girlfriend of Natsume Hyuuga
Special Ability Class
Most popular, beatiful, kind, cheerful, smart , talented and THE MOST PERFECT GIRL IN THE WHOLE GAKUEN ALICE

Natsume Hyuuga:

Fire Alice
Special Star
16 years old
Boyfriend of Mikan Sakura
Dangeous Ability Class
Enemie of most boys in school 'cause he is the boyfriend of Mikan Sakura.
The hottest, perverted and THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER BOY AT SCHOOL

Hotaru Imai:

Inventing Alice
Triple Star
16 years old
Best Friend of Mikan Sakura. Ice Queen and Blackmailing Queen of Gakuen Alice.
Technical Ability Class
She is smart, cold, rich, mean, loves food and has a soft and overprotective side for Mikan.
Hates Natsumme 'cause she knows he does perverted stuff to Mikan.

Ruka Nogi:

Animal Pheremone Alice
Triple Star
16 years old
Best Friend of Natsume.
Somatic Class
He is a gentleman, kind, handsome, rich.
He confessed his feelings to Mikan but got rejected.
He still loves Mikan.

Yuuri Shibuya:

Dimension Traveling (or whatever you call it) , Element Alice.
Special Star
16 years old
Ex-boyfriend of Mikan and Maoh of the Demon Kingdom
Special Ability Class
Pure, kind, forgiving.

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