Naruto: the New Sannin

A/N: Now I know you guys are wondering why am I writing another story. Well It's because I get stories in my head. If I don't start writing I will lose my head because it will keep coming so here it is Naruto the Sannin. The next biggest thing about this is the word Sannin. Lets break down the word. San means three in Japanese and nin means ninja. So Sannin means 3 ninja. I do not understand how there be 4 Sannins. Like Naruto the 4 the Sannin. So how can there be four three ninjas? Exactly it doesn't make sense...Well not to me anyway. So I made it so that Hanzo who gave them that title gave them an ability also. The power only works if they are together. Orochi left but the power stayed. It chooses its new master but to unlock it he has to get a summon. So a young Naruto (with the Kyuubi's power) finds the dragon summon. He was chosen to be trained by the dragons. When he faces the Demon of the Mist his powers unlock. The power is a weapon or an ability. It will be able to telepathically talk to Naruto and teach him different abilities. Naruto will be powerful but not godlike. He will get different summons use them. Naruto will be intelligent and observant and will be blunt as club. He will be honest and if he sees something he will say it. I need someone to cowrite this and a Beta so hit me up if you are interested by this.