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Full Summary: When the bones of a dead Marine surface, the NCIS team calls upon FBI's Agent Booth and Doctor Brennan. Will working with the close nit NCIS team, open up Brennan and Booth's eyes, or will they remain only coworkers? Major Tiva and BB.

It had been an odd day for the NCIS team. So far their day had consisted of cold cases, but they were still hoping for a break in busy work. Tony is just about to throw a wad of paper at Tim's head when Gibbs comes rushing down the stairs from the Directors office, smacking Tony upside the head he calls out, "Grab your gear, bones of a Marine found in Georgetown."

Tony stands and grabs is bag, "If they're bones, how do you know it was a Marine, Boss?"

Tim and Ziva shake their head at the Senior Field Agent. Gibbs walks past Tony and answers, "Dog tagswould be the first clue, DiNozzo."

Tim follows Gibbs and chuckles to himself, and Ziva takes her place in line next to Tony who mumbles, "I knew that."

"I am sure you did, Tony," Ziva says, lightly tapping his shoulder.

Pulling up the abandoned building a couple miles into Georgetown, Tony and Ziva step out of the truck as Gibbs and Tim get out of the sedan. Walking around to the back of the truck, Tony says to Ziva, "This place looks like it could be in one of Rob Zombie's films. You know the scary ones that always have you looking over your shoulder?'

Ziva grabs her bag and looks back to the building, not really wanting to go in there after Tony's comparison, "Is everything a movie to you, Tony?"

Smiling up at her he answers, "It makes things more interesting."

Ziva is about to say something when the voice of their boss interrupts her, "If you two are done playing 'grab-ass' we have a body and a crime scene to process."

"On your six, boss," Tony calls out and slams the rig doors closed, pulling Ziva along with him.

"Ziva," Gibbs says, grabbing her attention, "find out everything you can from the demolition crew. They called it in."

"Yes, Gibbs," Ziva answers automatically and yanks her arm out of Tony's grasp.

Tim and Tony follow Gibbs into the building, and start to process the scene. Tony looks around the empty room and his eyes land on a corpse in the far right corner, "Poor guy. How long do you think he's been here, Boss?"

"Don't know, Tony. Hopefully Ducky will have an answer as soon as he arrives," Gibbs says, turning back to what he was doing.

"Talking about me again, Jethro?" Ducky asks upon entering the room.

"Not me, Duck," Gibbs says with a small smile.

"Ah, well, that is debatable in cases like this. Where is our new friend?" the Doctor asks, and nods, as Gibbs points to where Tony is snapping photos. Looking over to the younger agent, Ducky sees that instead of a body to dissect, he has bones. "You didn't give me much to work with, Jethro."

"Sorry, Duck. Do what you can and I will call in a favor. Tobias owes me one anyway," Gibbs says, shrugging slightly.


[At the Jeffersonian]

Temperance Brennan aka Bones is currently standing in the middle of her lab hard at work when she hears the deep voice of her FBI partner Seeley Booth. "Got a case Bones. It's located near Georgetown. You want to come with?"

Removing her gloves, she descends the stairs to where Booth is standing, "You know I like to come with you out to the field Booth. Why would today be any different?"

"Just asking, Bones," Booth replies, placing his hand on Bones' back as they walk out of the Jeffersonian and to the black SUV. After several minutes of silence, Booth clears his throat and with a glance over at Bones, he asks, "So, how was your weekend? Do anything fun?"

"I spent most of my Saturday writing for my newest book. Angela came over to help me. I spent most of yesterday trying to determine the cause of death for a young male from the 1700s, so yes, it was very stimulating. How about you?"

Booth grins at her answer, "I spent the day with Parker at the zoo."

Pulling up to the abandoned building Booth and Brennan spot two vans, getting out of the car Booth storms up to the crowd that is standing there flashing his badge. "What is going on here? This is a crime scene."

Brennan flies past Booth to where she sees the remains, "You better not have moved the evidence."

Glancing at the new arrival hovering over the remains, Tony gives a snarky smile and says, "We may be working with the FBI on this case, but the last time I checked this case was still in NCIS' jurisdiction."

Brennan's head shoots over at the man who had just spoken to her before her eyes land on Booth, narrowing at her partner. "Joint jurisdiction? Booth, you didn't say we were sharing a case."

Booth looks baffled as he stares from Brennan to the crew of people in front of him, "That's because I didn't know Bones. All I was told was that a body was found and to come get it." Pulling out his cell, he steps away keeping Bones in his sight. A few minutes later he returns nodding his head at her.

Tony grins as the woman looks back at him with raised eyebrows, "What? Got a sharing problem?"

Bones gives Tony a cold look as she begins to open her mouth as Booth intercedes, "Bones prefers to work with people she knows."

"And people I know won't mess up the evidence" she whispers low enough so Tony doesn't hear her.

Clearing his throat, Booth surveys the crew before his eyes land solely on the older man with the silver hair. Sticking out his hand, he introduces himself, "Seeley Booth, FBI. This is Dr. Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist of the Jeffersonian."

Gibbs shakes the young man's hand and nod's to the woman who is busy trying not to kill is Agent, "Gibbs. You're who Tobias sent?"

Booth nods, "Dr. Brennan is the top rated forensic anthropologist. Whatever is left behind, she is the one that can find it."

Brennan looks up interrupting Booth, "Actually Booth that is not correct. I am the only anthropologist that is relatively close. I told you this several years ago, don't you remember?"

Booth gives her a tight smile before turning back to Gibbs, his voice low enough so she wouldn't hear him. "And just in case you're wondering, yes she is always like that."

Gibbs smiles, "So is Abby."

Booth raises an eyebrow, "She spends her Sunday afternoons studying bones of a 18th century guy to find out how he died?"

Gibbs shrugs, "No. But the thought of blood excites her."

Giving him a curt nod, his attention goes back to Bones who is calling out to him. As both men approach her, she casts a glance at the older man before beginning her rant. "If you look at the pelvic structure, it shows that he was male. Mid-twenties, possible early thirties, Caucasian." Picking up the skull, she shows them an indentation. "Possible blunt force trauma, but not sure until I get back to my lab."

Ziva laughs, "It is not possible to tell all that from a pelvic bone. Yes, the cause of death maybe, but I do not see how you know that it was a 'he'."

Tony turns to his partner, and girlfriend outside of work, "Don't you know, Ziva? This is Dr. Temperance Brennan, all knowing Anthropologist."

Booth turns to Gibbs with a raised eyebrow at Tony's response to Ziva. Gibbs just answers with, "Tony doesn't play well with others."

Booth shrugs, "Neither does Bones."

Bones gives Booth a smirk before turning her attention to the dark-haired woman. "Actually it's quite simple if you know what you are looking for. Any monkey can figure a male and female pelvic bone, however-" Bones points to the skull first, "If you look at the nasal ridging the form indicates it was indeed a Caucasian male. As for the age-" She points to the teeth, "The final wisdom teeth have not only come through but have been that way for some time, indicating that he had reached his mid-twenties. If you compare that to the length of his femur, it has reached its growing point, again indicating that he was in his mid twenties."

Brennan looks up and smiles sweetly at Booth but the smirk on her face is evident, clearly pleased with herself. Booth tries to hide his smile, "Bones, what has Cam told you. Play nice."

Ziva nods, taking in the information, but then turns to Tony and asks, "Why would a monkey be interested in this case?"

Brennan looks curiously over at Ziva after hearing the question then shakes her head and looks back down at the bones before standing up and walking up to Booth, "I need a body bag so I can bag him and get him back to the Jeffersonian. I need soil samples, the clothes, and any plant and bug life that you can find around the body for Hodgins."

Tony holds up a hand, "Now wait a minute, there has to be some kind of game plan. I say, you get to keep the bones, and we get the evidence and Abby gets to decipher it."

Ziva nods, "I agree. Gibbs, there has to be something, this is still our case, yes?"

Gibbs looks to Booth, "You get the bones, we get the evidence, and we tell each other what we find once the results come back, or no deal."

Booth merely shrugs as he looks at Bones waiting for her answer. "This evidence is crucial to the investigation. We have the best lab in the state. We have a degreed botanist, mineralogist, and entomologist. He will be able to identify organic deposits accurately and quickly." Brennan holds her stance against Gibbs, "the evidence comes with us."

Gibbs steps up to look into Brennan's eyes. He blinks once then answers, "Or, you go back to the Jeffersonian, and we keep the bones and the evidence."

Brennan doesn't even falter at the look that Gibbs gives her, "Do tell me Gibbs, how it is you plan on identifying the bones when you're M.E. on scene couldn't tell you what I did in five minutes."

Gibbs smirks, "Abby the scientist and Tim the computer whiz."

Brennan's nostrils flare as she stands tall, "I can give you a face in a matter of hours and tell you whether he's been out of the country and when and you would prefer to leave it to your computer whiz? When it hits your cold case, give Booth a call." Casting a glance a Booth, she moves silently towards their vehicle. Booth watches Bones walk away before giving Gibbs the "just a moment finger" and walks after his partner. "Bones, what are you doing? This is supposed to be a joint investigation."

"That man," she hisses pointing towards the crew since they can't hear them "is infuriating. Telling me where my evidence is going to go. You know we have the best people Booth and Ang can give that body a face as soon as we give her the tissue markers and he wants to leave it to a second-rate scientist and a computer person?!"

Booth steps closer to her, keeping his voice and head low just in case they turned to watch them. "Would you rather they have the bones too? How are you going to explain to Cam that you left evidence behind because you didn't want to share?"

"Booth!" Brennan gasps in shock, before her eyes going back to the bones. "I want to meet their scientist; at the Jeffersonian. And then I want to see their lab." Seeing him nod in agreement, she remains as Booth moves back to the waiting group.

"Well, well," Tony points over Gibbs' shoulder, "looks like they want to talk."

Tim chuckles, "Or fight. Look at her claws. She's about to pounce."

Tony nods, "It's hot."

Ziva smacks Tony hard in the chest, "Excuse me?"

Rubbing his chest where she smacked him, Tony answers, "Of course you're hotter when you're angry and all ninja like, Sweet Cheeks."

Ziva smiles, "Good answer."

"What did I tell you two? Not in the field," Gibbs scolds and smacks Tony's head.

"Sorry, Boss."

Booth clears his throat as he watches the lead investigator smack the back of the other agents upside the head. "Sorry, Bones tends to get a bit ahead of herself. She is more than willing to meet the scientists first, at the Jeffersonian and then hopes she can stop by your lab later."

"Abby'll be there in an hour," Gibbs nods, "either way, the evidence comes with us."

Booth sighs as he glances back at his partner, "I understand where you are coming from Agent Gibbs. How about we bag and tag the evidence, set it in box and leave it in said box until we can get this sorted out?"

Gibbs narrows his eyes, "It's going to be in the Directors office at NCIS. There is no neutral location for evidence that belongs to NCIS."

Booth nods, "Director's office it is." Pausing momentarily, Booth stares at the older man. "Ex-military?"

Gibbs smirks, "You're good. Marine Gunnery Sergeant. Sniper in combat."

The infamous Booth smile spreads across his face, "Army Rangers. Sniper."

"I knew I liked you," Gibbs says, and walks towards his car and gives a small winning smirk to Brennan as he passes her. "See you at NCIS, Dr. Brennan."

Brennan suppresses a growl, "Just make sure your scientist doesn't get lost looking for our lab."

Gibbs waves a hand over his head, and gets in the sedan, smiling to himself, knowing that he will push this woman's buttons by what he is about to say, "Don't worry, Abby will help you find your way to her lab after your meeting, and to Ducky's autopsy when we claim the bones."

Brennan turns to glare at Booth who merely shrugs and puts up his hands in surrender. Opening the trunk, he gets out the bag he knows she is going to want and they both head over to the body to get it ready.