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Letting the woman stew for a few more minutes longer, Gibbs keeps his focus on her body language. Obvious signs like her posture, eye contact, and even her upper body placement told him that she has a lot more information left to tell them.

Grabbing a water bottle, Gibbs finally makes his way into the interrogation room. Placing the water in front of Lt. McManus, he eases himself slowly into the chair keeping his facial features blank as always. Her hands still folded over her chest, she eyes the NCIS Special Agent. "Is there something that I can do for you Agent Gibbs?"

"Nope. Just thought maybe we could talk."

A faint smirk slides across her features, "Really? So you just wanted to come in here and have a chat? What would you like to talk about? Sports? The weather?"

Shrugging Gibbs leans back against his chair, "Whatever you would like to talk about Mrs. McManus."

Straitening her back, her eyes shoot for the door and she leans forward, "actually there is something I'd like to say," she whispers lowly, "just not recorded."

Looking back at the glass, Gibbs nods his head and turns back around to face the woman. "Microphone's off. What is it you'd like to share?"

Leaning low to the table again, her eyes flicker to Gibbs , 'Well you see, there has been something I've been wanting to tell you since I first came in…Agent Booth plays a very poor "good" cop. I'd love to see you get worked up though."

Throwing his hands down on the table, Lt. McManus lets out a loud laugh as she leans back watching Gibbs, "Did you honestly expect that to work? Please, I've made grown men cry. Give me some credit."

"Do you understand the situation that is going on her Mrs. McManus. You were having romantic relations with a subordinate who went missing and now an unidentifiable body with his tags has been found. Doesn't look good for you."

"So I had a relationship with a subordinate. I haven't been the first and I won't be the last. David had a history of getting into trouble. He had been caught gambling and doing dangerous stunts. I wouldn't be surprised if he had bet his tags and uniform in a poker match."

" Trust me, once our people find out how this man died, we can link you to the murder and your title and everything you've worked for will go down the drain."

"I'd like to see you try Special Agent Gibbs," she replies slowly before locking her emotionless green eyes with his, "But the time frame that David went missing, I was overseas with a special assignment. So unless I can be in Washington DC and the northern part of Afghanistan at the same time, you have nothing but empty threats."

Gibbs' steel-blue eyes reflect anger momentarily as he stares at the woman in front of him. Although refusing to budge, she had just given them more than enough information to give them a good lead. "Thanks for your cooperation Mrs. McManus, why don't you relax for a bit," getting up from his seat, he steps outside the room and grabs his phone as Booth joins his side.

"Well, you certainly do play "bad cop" pretty well. Think we got anything to work on?"

Gibbs grunts as he steps into the elevator, "More than enough."


Standing at their normal experiment platform, Brennan has reconstructed a body the same size and height as Jeremy Daniels had been according to his chart, a month before he left the military. "If everyone could join me on the platform please," Brennan says, calling everyone involved in the investigation over.

Seeing the dummy, the Jeffersonian group knew what to do, but confusion is clearly written all over Tim, Ziva and Abby's face. "What do you expect us to do with that?"

Hodgins rolls his eyes as he turns to McGee, "It's a stabbing dummy. Don't you guys ever use one?"

Clearing her throat, Brennan gives Hodgins a stern look, "I am going to have everyone stab at the dummy. It has been set at Jeremy Daniels height and weight. Whichever is the closest, gives us an approximation of the height and weight of the attacker." Grabbing the knife, Brennan has an almost evil grin on her face, "who wants to go first?"


After receiving a call from Gibbs, after pointless hours of Caf-Pow searching to find the closest place serving them was the NCIS building, Tony begins his dig into the lives of Rayne, Daniels, and the very confidant Lt. Commander McManus.

"Looks like Abby is going to have to wait for her Caf-Pow. Oh well, she'll survive." Tony mutters grudgingly as he types away at the computer.


Staring at the knife in her hand, Ziva looks up at the dummy and over to Doctor Brennan. "You just want me to stab it, yes?"

Brennan nods, "That is correct. Just attack it like you would attack in intruder in your home or someone who is trying to rob you."

Ziva can't help but smile as she hears Abby mutter, "Only someone with a death wish would do that." As she lunges for the dummy, she hits each strike with exact precision and force behind each below. After the fifth strike, she turns to Hodgins, the next one up for the stabbing of the dummy, whose mouth is currently hanging open in disbelief. "I believe it is your turn, Doctor Hodgins."

"Right," he replies, watching Ziva walk over to where Tim and Cam were already standing, not quiet believing what he had just seen.

"Don't worry Jack, she's always like that," Abby says cheerfully from behind him.

"Where did she get training from, the navy seals?"

"Actually, Ziva originated from Israel, so she was trained by Mossad."

Hodgins visibly pales as he looks back to Ziva, "Right. Remind me not to surprise her or anything."

Abby chuckles and Ziva just grins, turning to Abby she jokes, "The Bug Doctor learns quickly."