I apologize if there's anyone who doesn't like and feels insulted that I'm posting a SI fanfic in this catagory, but really, this fic has been whirling about in this insomniac head of mind for far too long. There are a few endings that I can envision, but only one of them I'm actually likely to go along with. And I can tell you already now, that it is quite likely that I will give this story a sequel. Ever since I thought of one particular scene, I have been planning it.

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Whispers of the Water

Prologue: Gift of the Seas

Shera grumbled to herself as she plopped down on the couch, letting her bag thud to the floor like a hammer. Her older brother walked out of his room, unwrapping something that probably came in the mail earlier.

"What's wrong, Sher? Bad day at school?" The girl glared at him, showing him exactly what she thought of his asking it. "Right. Stupid question." The boy flipped the plastic item he held around to show her what it was. "Just got it. What do you say we try it out?" Shera sighed a bit and stood, stretching her sore back. She pulled off her jacket and dropped it on the edge of the couch, revealing her tunic shirt.

Shera was a young girl, almost always with a scowl on her face. She dressed a lot differently from her peers, which made them pick on her, which in turn made her almost anti-social. The only person that she was even somewhat decent to was her older brother, Deven. Both of them were impossibly skinny, even though they both ate like they were survivors of a food shortage. Deven was kind to his sister because of how poorly he knew people treated her.

Both of them wore what might have been termed 'antiquated' clothing on an almost everyday basis, like tunic shirts and old-fashioned pants. Shera wore her hair only down to her shoulders, but her bangs were cropped short, barely reaching her eyebrows even while wet. Deven had very short hair, but was fond of wearing bandannas as headbands.

"Sure, why not. Don't see how it could hurt." Deven frowned slightly at her normal cynical view. Kids shouldn't have such a negative view on the world, in his opinion. Granted, his sister was also a lot more intelligent than most kids even his age, her emotional state was a wreck. By the tender age of seven, she was jaded almost to the level of what her brother expected a soldier to be.

The light grey playstation was turned on and opened to accept the disc. Shera slid off the couch to sit on the ground, pressing the bottoms of her feet together as if it would help ease the pain in her feet. She yawned as the disc started up. They watched the intro, Shera lifting an eye at the clothes that the only woman shown was wearing. It was rather tight, not something she wanted to think of ever wearing.

As Deven started up the game, the girl yawned again, moving her shoulders forwards without moving her hands from where they were resting on her feet. She read over the words scrolling across the screen, storing the information for future reference. That was the reason the information was right at the beginning, after all.

The screen went black for a little while, and the sound of ocean waves came out of the speakers. Shera's eyes widened a bit as she saw more text appearing on the screen.

'Shera, Deven.

Are you prepared?

The Seru can only be stopped when two from another world are present.'

Deven was completely still, staring at the screen with frightened eyes. The sound of the waves hadn't stopped. In fact, they had grown louder, more realistic. Deven and Shera turned to look at each other at the same time, confusion and shock in their eyes. Neither of them saw the next line of text that appeared, as their surroundings flashed, changing from a slightly cold, dry living room into the warm, muggy, thin air over an ocean.

'It does not matter whether you are or are not. You are needed.'

Shera screamed as they fell, not a noise that was often heard from her. Deven was silent, but was trying to reach for his little sister. They were slowly drifting apart from each other as they plummeted. As Deven watched, his sister faded into unconsciousness, falling limply towards the water.


Tetsu sighed as he watched the boys of the village practicing their kicks in the sand as he sat on the steps, and let his eyes drift out to the sea that protected Rim Elm. A shape in the waves drew his attention, and he stood, walking to the edge of the water to get a better look as it drifted towards the town.

One of the men that had been sorting out the fishing nets noticed the monk's attention on something other than the boys, and looked to see what it was. As soon as his eyes fell on it, he yelled for one of his friends to help him with a boat, and shoved it into the water, paddling out to the shape and hauling it into the vessel. The rest of the village had heard that something was going on at the water's edge, and gathered to see. As the men rowed back to the village, the boys of the village climbed up to the bluff to have a better view of what was going on.

"It's a child!"

"What's a child doing in the ocean?"

"...Soaked to the bone..."

"Bring the child up, he needs to get clean before the salt dries on him. Look at those scratches on his arms!"

Tetsu watched as the few women left in the village scolded their men into carrying the child to the elders' house, where the child would be able to recover. He looked up at the bluff just in time to see his young students scampering away to follow and hopefully get a better look at the newcomer.

"Looks like I won't be able to get them to practice anymore today," he mumbled to himself, rubbing his head. When he had first arrived, he had despaired at teaching any child, but that seemed to be his job now. With their short attention spans, it was almost impossible to keep them occupied if there was something else they would rather be doing, but they learned faster than an adult did.

Shera groaned a bit as she woke up, feeling blankets over her. Her whole body ached, and her arms burned. She opened her grey-blue eyes to see an unfamiliar ceiling over her, and started to sit up.

'Well, there goes the thought that I passed out and Deven put me in bed.' A woman's voice to her left made her look that way as the said woman entered the room.

"Oh! You're awake, at last!" Shera blinked a couple of times, confused. "You shouldn't be sitting up. Lay down, please." Shera stayed sitting, looking at the woman carefully. The woman huffed a bit, and bustled over to gently shove her prone again. The girl frowned at her, but continued to watch her silently. The woman seemed to notice her watchfulness after a moment, and smiled at her. "Yes? Is there something you want?" Shera blinked again, her eyes still the stormy blue-grey that hid her emotions.

"Where am I?" The woman smiled, having expected the question.

"Rim Elm. You were lucky Tetsu spotted you when he did. Too much longer, and you might have died." Shera's lips twitched in a slight frown.

"Who's Tetsu?" The woman turned to the wardrobe that was in the corner, putting away clothing.

"Tetsu is the monk who teaches the boys of the village to fight so they can survive a Seru attack when they go out to hunt once they're men. Tell me, child...What's your name?" Shera sat up, not feeling comfortable laying down when talking to someone. Before the woman could scold her again, she spoke.

"It's Shera. Shera Marie." Shera wrinkled her nose at her full first name. She didn't know why her parents had given her a two-part name when she only went by part of it. The woman's eyes widened a bit at her name, and the girl tilted her head to the side.

"That's a very pretty name," the woman said, not noticing that Shera didn't like it all that much. "What happened that you were in the ocean, anyway?" Shera frowned, her eyes focusing on her hands now that they were lying in her lap.

"I-I'm not sure." A thought came to her, and her head snapped up, her eyes wide and alarmed. "Is my brother here?!" The woman turned from what she had been doing, her eyes concerned.

"You were the only one that was spotted in the ocean." Shera, understanding what that meant, closed her eyes and clenched her hand into a tight fist. The woman stepped towards her, to comfort her, but Shera threw off the blankets and ran out of the room, out of the building before anyone could stop her, her bare feet pounding the dirt.

Shera ran past a few people that were headed into the building, not caring when they yelled. Her eyes scanned the area, and finally landed on a tree hidden mostly behind a building. She darted there and climbed up into the tree faster than anyone could have followed her.

Or so she thought.

As soon as she had settled herself suitably high enough in the tree, crouched leaning against the trunk out of sight of a person glancing over the tree, a man walked directly up to the tree and looked up at her. He didn't look like the rest did, dressing in different clothes, and his hair was completely different. Where the rest of the men wore their hair short, this man had his hair long, but pulled back severely into a tail at the back of his head.

"You really shouldn't be up yet," he told her, not even fazed when she glared at him. "I understand that you're probably scared, but Rim Elm is the safest place." Shera huffed a bit and crossed her arms on top of her knees.

"I just want my brother," she mumbled, looking away from him. She couldn't have seen how his eyes widened slightly before a sympathetic look entered them. She did look back at him when he climbed into the tree to sit on a branch within her sight.

"You've probably already been told this, but-"

"I was the only one spotted in the ocean. Yes, I know." The man chuckled at her interruption. "I know he isn't here, but that doesn't make me want to be near him any less." Tetsu looked up at the girl again, an odd look in his eyes. Shera knew that she thought more like an adult than like a child, so she was used to the look.

"You can run faster than most of the boys in the village. I wonder how you would fare against Ixis? He's the fastest of them all." Shera snorted at the thought as a man with a cane hobbled over to the tree, a blue-haired boy trailing after him.

"Tetsu? What are you doing in this tree?" Shera blinked, looking over the man. He was using a cane, and he looked like he was in pain. He certainly couldn't move very fast, not with how he was moving. He didn't look that much older than her father had, so his leg problem was probably either from an illness or an injury. The man, once he was looking up the tree at the monk, noticed the small child sitting further up it. "Oh? You're the child that washed up on the beach. I didn't know you were awake yet." Shera scowled and looked away. The boy with blue hair was staring at her, so she sent a cold glare his way, making him jump and hide behind his father.

"She nearly ran me over when I went to speak to the Village Elder. Her caretaker was in a fuss, saying that she should still be in bed." He glanced up at the young girl. "From what I've seen, though, she's as healthy as can be. I wouldn't be surprised if she's faster than Vahn, either." The boy peeked from behind his father's good leg as Tetsu spoke, peering up at the girl as she looked at the wall to her left.

"Then I'd say it's time the Elder named someone to take care of her, other than Katherine. I'd take her in, but I've my hands full with raising Vahn and Nene." He looked down at the boy holding onto his leg with a fond smile. Shera was watching out of the corner of her eye, and turned her eyes back to the wall as Vahn smiled up at his father, a pang of some emotion in her heart. She hadn't had a relationship like that with her parents. They were always gone, or too busy to pay any attention to her.

"It may be Juno, then. Poor little Mei is left alone when he's out hunting, after all. I only hope he doesn't get attacked by the Seru." Tetsu was solemn, which made Shera look down at him. He moved to drop out of the tree, but stopped and looked up at her. "Well, come on." Shera set her jaw stubbornly, and hugged her knees, showing that she wasn't inclined at all to climb down. She yelped as a hand gripped the back of her shirt, and she was hauled with Tetsu to the ground.

Shera fumed as she was hauled, still dangling in the air from Tetsu's hand, to the building she had run from, idly kicking her legs in a vain attempt to reach the ground. She glared at anyone and anything that looked at her. The village elder was treated to a particularly chilly glare as she was set on her feet and told to stay put by Tetsu. She didn't doubt that he could catch her easily.

Shera grumbled to herself as she looked out the window, scowling at the sky outside. She was dressed in clean clothes, and was thankful that they had found her a pair of pants to wear instead of shoving her into a skirt. She was told that someone would be coming to pick her up and take her into their home, which just meant she was getting shoved to someone else. Tetsu was set to baby-sitting until they arrived, which she thought would have irritated him. She would have pestered him, but she was still angry with him for dragging her out of the tree.

The door opened, but Shera only moved her eyes to see who it was. Tetsu lifted his head and opened his eyes before smiling at the man.

"Ah, Juno! Val and I were guessing that you'd be the one to take in Shera. She's a bit of a handful, I'm afraid." Shera snorted and rested her chin on the windowsill, watching the clouds. She wasn't acting much different from how she had at her old home.

Already, Shera was resigned to the fact that she was never going to see her birth parents again. She just didn't see why people kept trying to change her. She was perfectly fine as she was.

A touch on Shera's arm made her turn her head, and she blinked as she saw a girl her age with bright green hair. She blinked again, staring with curiosity. Neither girl noticed the men exchanging smiles.


And here is the prologue to my second story. I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew by starting more than one story. This one is already further along than the other, though, at least in terms of chapters. Please enjoy!