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Chapter 15: Tidal pool

Shera yawned a little as she, Vahn, Noa, and Gala followed the woman that had apparently worked as the tour guide of the Sky Gardens led them to the express elevator, which was supposedly working again, chattering away on all the flowers and the like that grew in the garden. Shera had noticed; when she had run off and scared the tar out of Vahn earlier, she'd managed to get a few things off of a Healing plant. She didn't need to have her ear talked off.

The woman didn't stop talking even in the elevator, much to Shera's annoyance, though it seemed as though the others had stopped listening to her as well. Shera, still not used to the elevators, pressed a hand against the wall as she felt a slight lurch, her body tensing.

"...Fastest elevator in existence! We'll be on the ground floor in just a few seconds! Even the people of Sol don't have..." Shera ignored the woman after a few seconds of actually listening. The room shuddered, and Shera winced, halfway sure that the floor would drop out from under them.

It didn't, though. The door opened, and the woman herded the four warriors out before stepping out of the tiny room herself. The man that they had met in the gardens was talking animatedly with a balding man wearing a very nice, albeit threadbare, coat.

The men turned to look at the newcomers, and the balding man's eyes lit up as soon as he saw the warriors. He rushed towards them, slowing when he saw that all of them tensed instinctively. He had apparently encountered people that fought day in and day out before.

"Vahn, Noa, Gala, and Shera! I heard the news! I'm so grateful to you all! You revived the Genesis Tree and saved my Jeremi from the Mist!" Shera blinked at the possessive, and glanced to Gala, lifting an eyebrow. He shrugged a little. The man didn't look like a ruler, but he did look like someone in charge of a town. What was the term? Oh, right, it was mayor.

Shera had a feeling that it was a much better form of leadership than letting whoever was oldest tell everyone what to do, but she may have been biased because of her problems with the elder in Rim Elm.

"The townspeople have rushed over to get a look at all of you!" Vahn shifted like he wanted to cross his arms. A glance at him told Shera that he was uncertain about being in the center of a crowd. She'd noticed he wasn't entirely comfortable near King Drake, when they'd met him. "Please, come this way." The mayor stepped out of the dingy tower room, and the man that had greeted them at the top of the tower bounced on the balls of his feet, a wide grin on his face.

"Perfect! Don't worry about a thing! When I told the townspeople about your brave deeds, they were ecstatic!" The mayor slipped back into the room, a slightly stressed look on his face. That was to be expected, as Shera heard the rumble of a considerable crowd from the other room.

"Oh, come now! The townspeople are so anxious to see you! Let's go!" Shera exchanged a glance with Gala, who looked anxious himself, before looking to Vahn, who sighed slightly and walked towards the door. Noa trotted along behind him, wanting to see all the people that the two men were talking about. The brunettes followed after, somewhat wary of the crowd awaiting them. "Alright, this way, please!" They filed through the door, and the mayor pushed and pulled them so that they were in a line before clearing his throat.

Shera eyed the crowd. It wasn't nearly as big as she'd feared, though they were much more excited than she had anticipated. All of their faces lit up as they took note of them and their slightly battered appearances.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for your patience. Wearing Ra-Seru, these heroes braved the Mist and revived the Genesis Tree! Here they are, the heroes who saved Jeremi! Vahn! Noa! Gala! Shera!" Noa took a step forwards and waved to the crowd, a bright smile on her face. Shera stepped forwards as well, though mostly to ensure that she could grab Noa's arm and drag her back towards the door, if need be. The mayor stepped forwards and turned around to address the heroes, a genuinely kind smile on his face. "Thank you, brave Ra-Seru heroes!" Shera scratched the back of her head.

She was covered in dirt and sweat, and had a few remnant aches from when she'd been slammed into a disappearing stone pillar. She certainly didn't feel like a hero. She certainly didn't feel like she deserved the adoring looks she was getting from a few men she could see.

One of three girls that Shera assumed were dancers stepped out of the crowd, a look that rubbed Shera the wrong way on her face. She stopped in front of Vahn, a yard or so away, and held her arms in front of her chest. "Vahn! I just adore you!" Shera's eyebrow twitched.

"Noa, you're so cute!" The man that had walked forwards to smile charmingly at Noa made Shera's eyebrow twitch even more, and she reached forwards to grab Noa's elbow, pulling her back so that she was behind Shera.

"Shera! You're so beautiful!" The brunette sent the man that had complimented her an odd look, just about ready to start backing up, as if he were a dangerous animal she wasn't sure how to fight. He was eyeing her luridly, and Shera had a feeling she didn't want to know what was going through his mind. Her braid was falling apart, she knew, and she had sap and dirt smudged on her face. Hardly a picture of beauty.

"Oh, I don't believe it! It's Gala!" Shera started to back up now, feeling that the crowd was getting far too excited. She kept Noa behind her, and the girl had apparently figured out why Shera was suddenly so wary.

The mayor walked back in front of the heroes, recognizing the same frenzied atmosphere that had set Shera on edge. The crowd continued to press in, though. By the time Shera was even with Vahn again, near the door, she was thinking seriously about pulling out one of her tonfas to ensure that no one tried to do anything stupid.

"Don't push! Everyone, please calm down!" The mayor's yell seemed to have the opposite effect, with all the townspeople cramming in around the 'heroes', clamoring for their attention, for news, and in some cases, other things. "Ooof! I'm being crushed! Mmff!" Shera pushed Noa towards the girl, and the pressure at her back disappeared, the redhead sliding through the door to where she'd be safer.

A glance to Mule gave Shera an idea, which she shared with her partner. It was strange, but she didn't need to form her thoughts into words to communicate with her new friend. He could read her intentions as clear as if they were her own.

"Through the door! The townspeople are far too excited! We'll have to wait until they calm down before we head to an inn for the night!" A glance from the other two, and they nodded, slowly moving to cover Shera as she backed away from the man that was still eyeing her in a distasteful manner. She sighed with relief as soon as she was through the door, glad to be back in the quiet, though dank, tower room. Vahn was next through the door, followed by Gala, who was towing the mayor with him. The door was quickly shut behind them.

"I...apologize," the mayor wheezed, trying to catch his breath. Shera genuinely felt sorry for him. He'd been caught between the heroes and the crowd, and had been all but crushed. "I didn't realize how excited the townspeople would be. We'll have to wait here until they disperse." Shera shrugged, and moved to sit against the wall.

A soft glow from Mule told the others that she was getting acquainted with her partner, so they didn't bother her aside from handing her some food and water, when it was passed through the door by someone that had regained their senses.


Shera yawned as she woke the next morning, and blinked at the ceiling before sitting up. She looked around, a bit disoriented. She was wearing a clean shirt that fell to her knees, and was in a very comfortable bed.

There were three other beds, besides the one she was in, and the lumps in each of them suggested that Shera's companions were still asleep. A buzz like a yawn in her head made the brunette blink, and she lifted her right arm to look at the metallic addition to it.

"Morning, Mule." The Ra-Seru brushed his consciousness against Shera's. "Hah. Still sleepy?" She kept her voice down to keep from waking the others, though she could see that Gala was starting to stir. She moved to grab her trousers and breaststrap, putting both of them on before Gala sat up. She found the bag, laying on the table, and rummaged in it a bit to find her shirt.

"Mmnn..." Shera turned to look at Gala as he sat up, and smirked a little at his bed hair. Unlike the rest of the Biron Monks, Gala didn't have a shaved head. Instead, he simply wore his hair short. Normally it all stood straight up, but half of it was flattened by his pillow at the moment. "It's morning?" Shera nodded, and tossed Gala his shirt. He caught it and pulled it on before grabbing his trousers from the pile next to his bed and pulling those on. Shera pretended not to notice.

"Just before or just after dawn. I'm not sure which." Shera found her brush and undid her braid, dragging the brush through her long hair. Well, it was hers and Noa's, seeing as there wasn't really much point to having two brushes if they were trying to keep the weight of their things to a minimum.

"About the time we normally get up. Should we leave a note for Vahn and see about getting some food?" Shera glanced at Gala, a slight smile crossing her face.

"I don't see why not. The two of us don't have brightly colored hair, so hopefully the townspeople don't recognize us and mob us." Gala snorted at that, running his fingers through his hair. Shera rebraided her hair tightly, and tied the leather thong around the base of it to keep it in place before going back to her pile of things and scooping up her stockings and boots to put on.

"No, the two of us are rather normal-looking, though I did spot several people about with hair just as strange as Vahn's." Shera flashed a smile at Gala, glad that he understood that she was joking about Vahn's hair. While it was natural, like Mei's, it really stood out in a crowd. Brown was still the most common color of hair around.

Shera stomped slightly to check that her boots were on firmly as Gala pulled his own shoes on, his stockings having been on his feet all night long. Shera found a piece of paper and bit of charcoal for them to use, and scratched out a note for Vahn before grabbing the bag of their gold and taking a quarter of what they had, which would be more than enough for food. She slipped that into her own pouch before starting up the stairs. Gala trotted up after her.

"Oh! I didn't know you got up so early!" Shera turned to look at the woman in the tiny kitchen attached to the inn, and smiled slightly.

"Every morning. Gala and I thought we'd wander around for a bit. Any place you'd suggest?" The woman brushed what looked like flour off of her hands, sighing.

"Well, it'll be a lean time for a while yet, but if anyone's bound to have food that's fit to eat still, it'd be the tavern. Folk as have lost loved ones are there, though, so I don't know if you wish to go there." Shera and Gala exchanged glances. Shera lifted an eyebrow at him, and he sighed.

"Well, it's not like we haven't been through such a situation ourselves..." Shera nodded, and turned to the woman. "Thank you. Could you tell Vahn where we went, if he comes up before we come back, please?" The woman nodded, blinking, and Shera tugged Gala's arm for a moment before trotting out the door, looking for all the world like just another person, if not for the Ra-Seru on her arm.

"Really? A tavern?" Gala's voice was soft, hiding his slight concern from most of the people that they passed. "With the Mist being gone, anyone at the place will hardly be fit to talk with." Shera cast a glance over her shoulder at him, one eyebrow lifted.

"I lost my father to a Seru just before the Genesis Tree awakened. I've fresh grief as well. I may be able to help some folk get through the hardest part of it: simply accepting the loss." Gala paused for a moment, staring at Shera's back.

She must have heard his footsteps stop, because she also paused to look at him, propping her hands on her hips. There were only a couple people around, so there was next to no one staring at them. Those that were around looked considerably less awake than the two travelers.

"I hadn't heard that about your father. I wouldn't have thought it was so recent." Shera shrugged, and looked at the sky above, assessing the clouds.

"He took me in after I washed ashore from the sea. He's not..." She sighed, and closed her eyes. "He wasn't related to me by blood." Her tone had dropped as soon as she caught her mistake and corrected herself. She turned and started to walk away, and Gala sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

The ex-monk trotted to catch up, getting the feeling that he'd just managed to find a sensitive topic with Shera. He could still remember the frigid tone she'd used at Songi when the wayward monk had taunted her. He didn't want to have that pointed at him.

They were quiet even as they entered the tavern. The scent of baking bread came from the back, though it mingled with the scent of vomit and bodily fluids. Both Shera and Gala covered their noses with grimaces. A surprising number of people of various ages were sprawled all over the place.

Shera delicately covered her nose and picked her way through the tavern to the counter. The man behind the counter blinked at them as he turned to see who was there so early.

"Good morning. Here for some food?" Shera eyed the counter before leaning on it a little, hiding her Ra-Seru as much as she could.

"Asked the innkeeper's wife, and she said that this would be the best place to get food so early in the morning." The man smiled, and turned to pull some rolls out of the small oven and set them to cool.

"Hahaha. I'm the first person in Jeremi to start baking each morning. Normally the tavern isn't used so...heavily in the evening." They all glanced to the nearest drunk.

"I can somewhat understand the reasoning behind the use. The Mist has affected everyone in one way or another. It takes more from some than from others." Shera smiled wearily, and Gala shifted uncomfortably. The tavern keeper nodded, sighing a little.

"It hurts to see so many of my friends feeling lost. The ones that survived, at least." Shera nodded to the man, and Gala wandered around a bit, leaving the brunette to talk quietly with the tavern keeper.

Gala had lost quite a few people to the Mist, though many of them were while he was a child. He could dimly remember his parents, though that was because they'd died from a Seru attack, delivering him to the monastery. He'd then lost friends that could no longer stand staying indoors during the ten years between the Mist's arrival and the time it had been driven back. And then came Songi's betrayal.

Gala's fists clenched again, remembering. It had felt like a punch to the gut, finding out that his best friend had turned on the monastery. No, it hadn't been Songi. It couldn't have been. It was a twisted shadow of him. Twisted by the Ra-Seru that had tricked him. The Ra-Seru were holy, though, so how could that Ra-Seru have twisted him so?

"Each Ra-Seru has an element, Gala." The ex-monk looked down at Ozma as he glowed softly. "Lightning, fire, water, wind, earth, light, and dark." Gala sighed at his Ra-Seru's 'help'. He still didn't understand what Ozma was hinting at. It wasn't the first time that the lightning Ra-Seru had told him about the elements.


Vahn sighed as he sat at the table in the inn, wondering just when Shera and Gala would come back. As if summoned, the two brunettes walked in. Shera had a bundle wrapped in a slightly threadbare cloth that smelled like fresh bread, and blinked as he saw her turn to grin lopsidedly at Gala.

"Told ya he'd be up by now." Gala rolled his eyes a bit before turning to smile slightly at the innkeeper. Another bundle of fabric that smelled of fresh baked bread was handed to her, and she smiled at him.

"Thank you. The only things that I've left in my stores are oats, and they're fit only for porridge." Shera grimaced a little at the mention of porridge, and Vahn snorted a little at her as she opened her bundle on the table. Noa soon came upstairs, yawning. Shera tossed one of the warm rolls to her, and she yawned into it, blinking blearily.

The door opened, and Shera turned her head to see who had entered the inn so early in the day. The only ones that she'd had thought would do so were already in the building, and while she'd seen some people from the town up and about, none of them had really taken any notice of her and Gala.

A glance to Vahn, and Shera had to turn to look at him again, an odd look on her face. Next to Vahn's hand was a thick book covered in red leather with ornate writing on the spine. Judging by the way Vahn had one of his handkerchiefs tucked between the pages, Shera had to guess that he'd been reading it.

By the time she looked back to the door, the mayor had entered, covering a large yawn with one of his large hands. He chuckled a little and spread his arms, though Shera could still see the lines under his eyes as she yawned slightly. He must have been up all night taking stock on how to keep his people alive until the next harvest.

"Ah, I see you're all awake!" Shera lifted an eyebrow at him. Even the man's voice held tinges of exhaustion. "I'm so sorry about yesterday. I never thought that would happen! I have firmly instructed everyone not to cause any ruckus this time." Shera and Gala shared a look over Noa's head; the ex-monk had firmly pushed the girl into one of the seats at the table before she fell over.

"Last night? Well, it explains why everyone treated us as if we weren't there when we went for bread." The innkeeper started to dish out what she'd been cooking, and Shera glanced, somewhat relieved as she saw that there were only three bowls. Vahn must have told her that Shera refused to eat much in the morning.

"You went- Ah, you must have gone to the tavern. I apologize for what you must have seen there." The mayor sighed, looking much older, suddenly. Shera felt a surge of pity for him. "I've my hands full just keeping everyone fed. I wish I could bring peace to those who lost loved ones, but..." Shera bit her lip, and plopped down in a chair, looking at Mule. As if the Ra-Seru was aware of her gaze, he started to glow softly. The others turned to look, recognizing when a Ra-Seru spoke, waiting for their own to echo Mule's words to them.

"There is a way that we could ease his burden, some." Shera frowned thoughtfully, tugging at her lower lip. It didn't take too large a jump in logic to figure out what Mule was hinting at, seeing as the two of them thought in the same way.

"...Perhaps you could send to Drake Kingdom for aid? They've started to get back on their feet already, and were under the Mist for a shorter amount of time. For immediate supplies, I believe the Old Witch in the tunnel between the islands and the Drake Kingdom would be willing to send seeds..." Gala grinned under his hand. The mayor was gaping at the woman, who had fixed his problem with barely a moment of thought.

"You may have to find something to barter for the supplies, however." Shera scratched the back of her head as she finally noticed she was getting stared at.

"You make an excellent point. I'll go and ask the remnants of the council to convene at supper." The mayor bowed slightly to the Ra-Seru heroes, and waved as he walked out of the inn.

Shera tucked her legs up on her chair, resting her heels on the edge of her seat. She nabbed a roll and picked at it, staring into space as she thought. Mule glowed on occasion, but the others didn't hear anything that he told his partner.

It wasn't until the others had finished their breakfast that she came back to reality. She looked much better than she had when she woke up, for sure. Vahn looked to be at ease as well, no longer stressed. The change made the others less stressed as well.

"I'm going to wander around town more. I'll keep in touch." Shera tapped Mule before she trotted out before any of the others could stop her. Vahn plopped back into his seat with a shake of his head, a wry smile on his face.

"Headstrong as ever. The Ra-Seru will tell us if she runs into trouble, though." Gala sighed a bit at Vahn's sudden relaxed nature, trying to get used to the sudden change in the group's dynamics.


Shera hummed as she trotted, smiling at people that greeted her shyly. Mule was a constant but gentle force on her awareness, drawing her attention here and there to things he thought were interesting, such as the fact that the pool around the small islands was full of water again, and the liveliness of the plants already.

"Excuse me, miss?" Shera turned as she crouched next to one of the garden beds, her fingers barely touching a flower bud. The man that had interrupted her contemplation of the plant. "Might you be one of the Ra-Seru heroes?" Shera giggled a little and stood, holding her right arm out in front of her. Mule glimmered a little in the light.

"Yep! Did you need something?" She looked over the man carefully. She was getting rather good at doing so, enough so that Vahn listened to her opinions. Gala had yet to learn, though.

The man had large hands, which were twisting a handkerchief. His brown eyes regarded her with hesitation, and his dark hair was tousled and damp, as if he'd only just washed his hair and ran his fingers through it to comb it. Like the rest of the people in the town, it seemed to be far longer than was fashionable. More likely than not, it was because of how long he had been in the Mist.

"You and your companions will be traveling on soon, yes? Could you perhaps...bring a letter to Vidna for me?" Shera blinked once before tilting her head, humming a little.

"Vidna...I think that is the next town we're heading towards. Write up the letter and tell me where to find you, and I'll ensure that we bring it to its recipient." The man's shoulders drooped with relief, and he tucked the handkerchief into a pockets.

"I can't thank you enough. If you ask around for Zalan, the other townspeople should point you to my house." Shera nodded, smiling a bit as she propped her hands on her hips.

"Will do. When do you want us to come by? Tomorrow?" Zalan hesitated, and then nodded. Shera was going to do her best to talk Vahn into waiting until tomorrow to leave, so that she could do her best to make sure that the town was well on its way to recovery. "Alright, I'll find you tomorrow, then." The man bowed slightly to her, and Shera bowed back before trotting off, her attention caught by something else.

Shera waved to one of the dancers that had greeted them the night before as she padded past, on her way to the tower. The three dancers seemed to be creating some new dance.

No one stopped Shera as she slipped through the door to the tower. She closed the door behind her and pressed the button for the elevator before looking around.

Torches had been lit and set up to light the previously dank area. While Shera was glad for the light, she wasn't sure she liked the smoke from the torches. Her eyes watered a little, and she felt like her nose itched. A lot of the tower needed fixing, though, and she was just passing through.

The elevator door opened, and Shera darted in before the door closed. A bit of smoke from the torches followed her, but the air in the elevator was otherwise clean.

"Shera, these dreams of yours...the ones that keep popping into your head. Where are they from?" The brunette glanced down at the Ra-Seru on her arm, tapping her foot as she leaned against the elevator wall.

"That's just it. I don't know. I've always dreamt of them, but I've never even heard a story that portrays such a bizarre place. I'd never even heard of an elevator before arriving here, and yet I've dreamt of them, too." Mule vibrated, a thoughtful hum.

Shera yawned as her ears popped, and blinked as the elevator door opened. She scampered out, and stretched with another yawn as she strolled towards the door out. She kept glancing around, out of habit.

As soon as she stepped out the door, she felt the now-familiar buzz in the back of her head that was the Genesis Tree, as well as the tingling fascination with everything that came from this particular tree.

"Mule, why does this happen, anyhow?" Shera ignored the odd look she got from one of the gardeners that was tending to the hedges. She simply walked past them, looking at her right forearm.

"That is your spirit's reaction to the tree's elemental affiliation. Your affiliation is the same, so your spirit and the tree's power is resonating. You likely have more energy than normal while up here." Shera nodded to Mule's guess, smiling as she entered the clearing around the Genesis Tree.

"I'm certainly more excitable." Shera walked up to the Genesis Tree and sighed as she sat at its base, leaning back against it to look up at the leaves and branches. "What's it like, being in the tree?" Shera grinned as she felt the surprise that came from Mule. He hadn't expected her to be curious about that.

"It's...very much like sleeping. I was aware when the Mist came to cover the land, but I could do nothing about it. It was quite frustrating." Shera nodded, understanding. She'd been frustrated when she wasn't able to fight as well as the others, or travel as far or as long.

"Where did you come from? Were you born from the Genesis Tree, or what?" This time, a chuckle came from Mule. Shera certainly had a need for knowledge.

"No, I was not. Like all Seru, I was born in the Seru-Kai. I came to this tree to wait for a human that I could work alongside. I came to wait for you." Shera blushed a little at that, but didn't say anything to the contrary.

She continued to ask question after question to her Ra-Seru, learning more about the Seru-Kai, Ra-Seru, and the magic that they used. Mule told her all he could, leaving out only what he felt he needed to. He explained the rest so well that Shera wasn't even aware that he'd neglected to tell her anything.

Night was starting to fall when Vahn came to find Shera, looking a little concerned until he saw the energetic look on her face as she listened intently to her Ra-Seru. He shook his head as he stood by the hedge, smiling fondly. He'd first seen that look on her face when Tetsu had agreed to teach her how to fight.

"Shera! You've been up here since breakfast, or thereabout!" The brunette jumped at Vahn's voice, and popped to her feet as if she hadn't been sitting for hours. She trotted up to Vahn, smiling a bit.

"Sorry. I wanted to find a quiet place to learn stuff from Mule. There's so much we don't know about the world! Like, did you know that if you go too high on a mountain, you won't be able to breath and you'll get sick? And that I can't have been in the ocean for longer than three hours because I wasn't dehydrated? And-" Vahn simply chuckled as he let Shera ramble on, bouncing as they went back through the maze to the stairs and the elevator. It was at times like this that he remembered that Shera wasn't actually several years older than him, but a year younger than him, and two years younger than her sister.


Gala looked up with a slight frown from his plate as Shera bounced in the door ahead of Vahn. He lifted an eyebrow at the blunette, who smiled and shrugged. Shera tucked into her food quickly, putting an end to her chatter, but as soon as she was done, she was up and moving around again.

Noa rather enjoyed Shera being so energetic, and Gala was soon rubbing at his forehead as the two of them chattered back and forth, moving around the inn's common room. Vahn was starting to look a little worn out as well. Gala knew that he'd been running all over the town trying to find anyone to sell them edible trail rations for their trip to the next town.

"Oh, I just remembered." Both men turned to look at Shera as she plopped into the seat she'd vacated earlier. "There's a guy in town named Zalan that wants us to take a letter to Vidna for him. I told him it wouldn't be a big problem, seeing as it's the next town over. They apparently have some sort of protection against the Mist." Vahn looked a bit relieved at this, leaning back in his chair.

"Good, I'm glad. The supplies here are so low that I don't dare buy any food. There's so little of it, even trail rations. I did buy you and me some new armor, though. I took yours with me to the armor shop, and the man said that both were beyond repair." Shera sighed at that, leaning back in her chair. She looked like all her extra energy was finally gone, after gossiping with Noa.

"Great. Well, it wasn't like they were made to survive heavy battle. They were made to hunt in. Gala's plate is made better than ours." The monk blinked at the mention of his armor.

"Yeah. So I'll take you to the weapons shop tomorrow to pick out a plate. The shopkeeper said that there were a few plates made for a female warrior." Shera blinked, and nodded before standing up again with a yawn.

"I'm gonna head to bed. I've been running around all day long." Vahn waved as Shera went to bed, and blinked as Noa followed her. Gala sipped at the boiled water that the innkeeper had flavored with some herbs from her garden.

"Noa's been following Shera's example a lot, lately." Vahn blinked at Gala a little, and tilted his head to the side in a shrug. He had a mug that had held the same thing Gala's did, only Vahn had drained it sooner.

"Shera's the only woman that Noa's been around for longer than a few days. Maya wore off on Noa a fair bit, too." Gala hummed a little, a thoughtful look on his face still. He didn't say anything, though.


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