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We spent the afternoon planting in the garden. It should have been a quick task, but we spent more time shouting and teasing than actually planting. The boys liked our flower choices, especially the chrysanthemums, just as I knew they would. I felt as if we were back home once more. Susan and I made dinner again, pasta in a light pesto sauce. Susan thought we should serve dinner in the garden, so the boys dragged a table out from the basement. I found a pretty blue and white checked table cloth in one of the bureaus, and we lay the table on that.

When Mum came home, we ushered her out to the garden. She gasped in delight to see what we had done with it. She walked around the table, admiring our work. She hugged each of us in turn, holding us tight and kissing our cheeks. Then she shepherded us to the table, saying that she was hungry. It was a cool summer night, and a light breeze ruffled my curls.

After we had finished the meal, Peter told us he had to run inside to get something. He shared a secretive smile with Edmund that left me even more confused. Mum leaned back in her chair with an air of contentment.

"I will miss this," she said, "when you go away to school in two weeks, Susan."

Susan replied, but I didn't hear. I was shocked. I had forgotten they would have to go away to school. I had forgotten I would have to attend primary school again. That meant I would be left here, alone. We had been separated from each before, and when we were in Narnia, but this time would be different. School mean trying to make friends among children twenty-five years younger than myself. School meant teachers who would treat me as if I was a silly child.

Susan leaned over and grabbed my hand. Edmund gave me a reassuring smile.

"We will write all the time," Edmund said. "Just like when Peter and I were at--"

He cut off, remembering that he couldn't tell Mum he had been to war.

"Just like Peter and I said we would," he amended. Susan nodded in agreement.

Peter arrived back in the garden, a grin on his face.

"Why do you look so gloomy?" he asked.

"Mum was just reminding us that school starts in two weeks," Susan told him.

Peter looked as if he wanted to swear. I giggled a bit. Peter had hated lessons. He simply did not enjoy being a scholar. Not that he was a bad student, in fact he learned quickly and well, he just didn't like it. It had always been Edmund who had a real thirst for knowledge. Peter sighed, and then smiled again.

"We still have two weeks," he announced, "and in the meantime there is much fun to be had."

With that he produced a panpipe from his back pocket.

"I found it at the music store yesterday," he explained. "I thought that, maybe if I played, you might dance, Lu?"

I grinned and pushed my chair back.

"Will my brother and sister join me?" I asked as I kicked off my shoes.

Edmund agreed, but Susan sat out, saying she much preferred to watch. Peter began a lively tune, one he had no doubt learned from a faun. Edmund and I bowed and joined hands to begin the dance. There were all sorts of dances in Narnia, slow formal ones, and fast casual ones. This song called for a fast jig. I felt the rhythm in my feet. I remembered the lessons the dryads and nymphs had given me and threw my hands up, letting my feet fly. At some point, Edmund fell back, winded and tired, but I couldn't stop. This felt natural; right. The breeze moved the leaves in the trees above me, and I could almost see the dryads there with me, caught up in the dance. I began to circle around the table, twirling as I went. I could hear Susan laughing and clapping along.

At length the song drew to a close, and I fell into the traditional Narnian curtsy. Susan and Edmund applauded loudly, and I flushed with pleasure. I ran to Peter, throwing my arms around his neck, kissing his cheeks repeatedly.

"Thank you, thank you," I said continually.

"You're welcome, dear one," he laughed.

I drew back to see Mother clearing the table. I frowned. Had she not liked it? I went to help her.

"No, no," she said, brushing my help aside. "I'll get this, love."

When she turned to take the dishes into the kitchen, I could see tears in her eyes. Why was she crying? Not knowing what else to do, I went into the living room and sat at the piano. I pulled "Für Elise" out of the my music folder and began to play. I played through once quickly, then played it again, slowly and with as much feeling as I could muster. When I finished, Mum stood in the doorway.

"That was beautiful," she said. "As was the dance earlier."

I smiled. She had liked it.

"But you are growing up," she continued. "You can not continue to behave as a wild thing. You will be a young lady soon. You should start behaving as such."

I glowered. I was thirty-three years old! I had ruled as a queen for twenty-five years! I was more of a lady than she was!

"I know that isn't what you want to hear," Mum went on.

She said more, but I was too angry to let the words into my thoughts. I stood up from the piano, drawing myself up much the same way I had at the market earlier.

"Excuse me," I interrupted. "A lady knows when abuse has gone far enough and she puts a stop to it. I have every right to express myself as I see fit. I dance like a wild thing because wild things are more graceful and more natural than any stiff waltz ever could be. I would thank you not to condemn my behavior simply because it does not mirror yours."

With that, I turned on my heel and went upstairs, leaving my mother to stare after me. I went into my room angry and hurt. Edmund came in a few minutes later.

"She doesn't understand," he said quietly. "She doesn't know."

I glared at him. My temper had not cooled enough to look at this reasonably.

"Lu, England is different from home, you know that."

I finally nodded.

"It just made me so angry," I told him. "She was scolding me. Like a child with no manors, no discipline. Do you have any idea how much discipline it took not to yell at her? Not to tell her that I am thirty-three and a queen?"

He came and put his arm around me. I leaned into his shoulder, letting my anger dissolve once more into sorrow and tears. Susan and Peter came in. Susan sat on my other side, taking my hand in hers. Peter shut the door behind him before sitting at my feet.

"You gave Mum a bit of a shock," Peter said with a laugh in his voice. "Gave her a stern talking to, didn't you, my little queen?"

"I couldn't help it."

"I don't blame you. I think it might be hardest on you and Ed. Mum is already used to giving me and Su a bit of respect…but you and Ed are still her babies. She can't bear to see you grow up."

"I know," I whispered. "Or, at least, I keep trying to remember that. But I did grow up. A long time ago. I'm married. Tumnus and I had been thinking about having children…"

Tumnus. My poor husband. What must he be going through.

"Do you think Aslan told them? What happened to us?"

"I'm sure He let them know. He always does what is right," Susan


"Do you think we will ever get back?"

"I don't know," Edmund answered. "but I have faith that we will."

"Faith," Susan whispered. "We must all have faith."

"In Aslan," Peter continued. "and in ourselves."

Edmund and Susan rose from the bed. Susan pulled me into a tight

embrace, saying she was going to help Mother finish the dishes

before going to bed. She promised she would try to have a word with

Mum about not treating me like such a child. Edmund gave my shoulder a

squeeze, saying he was done for the night and went into his room. Peter sat

with me a few moments longer, taking my small hands between his much

larger ones.

"I know it's hard, Lu. We're all struggling. But Edmund is

right. We must have faith. Aslan knows what he is doing. I am sure he will

bring us home soon."

"But Peter," I complained. "To Aslan, all time is soon."

Peter gave me a sad smile. He held my hands tighter, giving me

a kiss on my forehead.

"We just have to let it be the same for us then. It will be sooner

than we think."

He gave me one more smile and another kiss before leaving. I sat for another few minutes before getting up and changing into my night gown and turning my light off.

I let my mind drift to Narnian woods, where nymphs, and dryads danced. The fauns joined them, playing their pipes as they danced. My Tumnus was among them, his smile brighter than the stars above…Before I knew it, I was asleep, dreaming of home.

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