Blacklynx17: Hey everyone I'm going to be posting a lot of new stories because I want to finish all my old stories so I can do my new ones. This one is called "Be Happy" starring Amu and Ikuto of course. Ikuto is in college and Amu is a senor in High School.

WARNING this story may be a little bit child like but I wrote it when I first started my account so I hope you enjoy also its going to be really short so yah

Be Happy







Chapter 1


Amu was running through a alley panting with her 5 shugo charas following her. Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia, and Neneko. "Amu wait up" Ran said. "Ok let's rest for a bit" Amu said then sat down. "Thank god" Miki said resting on her head. Amu starts to crying looking at her wedding ring remembering how it all happened.


BEEP BEEP BEEP "Amu….Amu get up" Ikuto said gently shaking Amu. Amu got up from her bed and pushed the snooze button. She stretched and said "Ikuto what are you doing here?" "What you don't remember you beg me to stay" Ikuto said looking at Amu.

She blushed "oh yah I remember now" she said then started to get her clothes. Ikuto hugged her from behind "Amu cant you skip today please" Ikuto said. "Sorry I only have 4 more days of school left then I graduate" she said. "Fine" Ikuto said and sat back down on Amu's bed pouting.

Amu started walking to the bathroom "Where you going?" Ikuto said. "To get dressed" she said. "Why not in here?" he said. "Because you in here!" she semi screamed. "But you know I've already seen everything multiple times" he said. Amu blushed bright red "th-that's different it was night time" she said then ran in the bathroom. "Still the same" Ikuto yelled.

Amu came out the bathroom and kissed Ikuto "bye Ikuto and make sure you leave the room before my mom comes in" she said. "Yah, yah I know" he said getting under Amu's covers. Amu giggled and started walking to school.



"Amu I cant believe we're graduating" Rima said. "Yah I know its amazing" she said. Yaya runs up to Amu "don't leave me behind" she says and starts crying. "Its alright Yaya I'll still see you besides I hear Kukai got a job here to till college starts" Amu said. Yaya blushed "um yah hehe" she said.

Yaya always gets like this when talking about Kukai Amu thought. "So Yaya how far have you and Kukai gone?" Rima said. Yaya blushed redder. "Now, now Rima that's not nice unless you tell us how far you and Nagi have gotten" I said.

Rima started to blush too. "W-what the Amu that's none of your business unless you tell us about you and Ikuto" she said. "Ok never mind" she said then the bell rang and class begun.


"Ok bye Rima, Nagi, Yaya, Kukai" Amu said and started walking home. She heard them say bye back and smiled. I have such great friends she thought to herself. "Ah that was a good day I am glad I went to school" Amu said and started to daydream.

A few minutes later Amu snapped out of it "huh where am I" she said. Step, step, step "huh" Amu said and turned around there was no one there. She started to get anxious and started walking faster. Step, step, step she heard it again "Whose there" she said.

No one answered "Amu start running NOW" Ran said. She did then a guy popped out "hey where you going baby" he said. She kept running but the guy caught up with her and grabbed her. "Let go of Amu" Miki and Ran said and started attacking the stranger it seems like he didn't notice.

"IKUTO" she screamed tears in her eyes. "That's right I'm Ikuto" the guy said. "No that would be me" Ikuto said then punched the guy and started beating the crap out of him till he was unconscious.

"Don't you EVER touch MY AMU" Ikuto said to the man. Amu ran upped to Ikuto and hugged him. "Ikuto" she said. Ikuto hugged her back "I-I was so scared" she said. "It's ok now I'm here" he said. Ikuto picked her up, character changed with Yoru then took her home.

He walked into her bedroom and placed her on her bed. "Are you ok" he said. "Yah" she replied. Ikuto then hugged her real tight "don't scare me like that" he said. "It's ok" she said. "NO IT'S NOT what if I didn't make it in time" Ikuto said. "But you did" Amu said.

Ikuto stared at her. "Ikuto?" Amu said. "Ok I've decided from now on until graduation I will walk you to and from school" he said. "WHAT? NO" Amu screamed. "It's for your protection" he said. "Why until graduation" she said. "No reason you'll find out then" he said.

"Ok but can you at least walk me from school and not to it's embarrising when everyone's out in the morning" Amu said. "Hmm ok but only if you stop daydreaming about me till your home and" he stopped. "WHAT I do not daydream about you" Amu said. Ikuto smirked "and" she said.

"And kiss me" he finished. Amu leaned up and put her lips on Ikuto. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours to Amu then parted. "I know what I want to do right now" Ikuto said. "Hmm and what is that?" she said. "You'll see" he said and pounced on Amu.

To Be Continued..

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