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Chapter 5

*end of flashback*

"Ok guys lets continue moving" Amu said and starting walking. "Why, why would Ikuto do this to me" Amu said. "Maybe it was a miss understanding" Suu said. "No you all saw he was on top of her" she cried.

"Oh Amu" Neneko said then all her charas hugged her.

Ikuto's P.O.V.

Oh my god where is Amu? I checked everywhere. "Amu" damn still no answer Where is she? "Amu it's a mistake what you saw wasn't true" I kept screaming. Amu what did you think I was doing I love you and only you please Amu answer me.

Normal P.O.V.

"Ran my heart unlock Amulet Heart" Amu said and flew to her hometown. "Ikuto nya look" Yoru said. He looked up to see Amu flying. "My heart unlock Black Lynx" he said and chased after her.

Amu flew to the park where she had heard Ikuto play once. "Everything will be all right trust me I'm your would be self" Neneko said. "You still wish to be with him" she said.

"NO I DO NOT" Amu yelled. "Yes you do I know or else I wouldn't be here" Neneko said. Amu smiled "yah your right I still love him" Amu said. "He still loves you to" Ikuto said jumping out of a near by tree. He was listening to their whole conversation.

"Amu it's not what it looks like" Ikuto said. "We Saw You On Top Of Her" Ran yelled. "Will you please listen" he said. She said nothing but nodded her head. " Ok I got off early from work and called a wedding planner to help us plan our wedding and went home."

"You weren't there then the door knocked. It was the wedding planner Lulu and I told her to come in and sit down. I went and got us some tea. I gave it to her but it spilled on her shirt. She said she had an undershirt so she took it off."

"I said I would wash it so as I got up to get it I slipped and fell onto her then you came in," he said.

All the charas looked at Amu then Ran said "prove it". "I will but you have to come home and see" Ikuto said. "Guys it's your call" Amu said. Dai then transformed with Amu. "If your lying to us especially Amu I will beat you" Dia said then flew home.

Ikuto was right behind her. Amu got home and opened the door. Lulu ran out telling Amu the whole story then apologized and said she would reschedule and left. "Do you believe me Amu" Ikuto said.

Amu said nothing. "Amu" he said again. Then she fell on the floor crying. "Im sorry Ikuto" she said. "It's ok it's my fault" he said then bent down beside her and gave her a cat plush. She smiled and looked at him. "Thank you" Ikuto said then kissed her.

One Month Later

"Do you Amu take Ikuto to be your husband" "I do"

"Do you Ikuto take Amu to be your wife" "I do"

"You may kiss the bride" then Ikuto bent down and kissed Amu. Rima and Yaya were crying. Nagi and Kukai were cheering. "Amu I'm so glad to see you" Rima said.

"Me too" Amu said. "When you said you ran away with Ikuto I got sad don't ever do that again" Rima said. "Ok" I said. "But if you do bring us with you" Rima said I laughed. Today was Amu and Ikuto's wedding day and everyone was invited even Amu's parents who said that they didn't want to loose her again and let them get married.

"What are we going to do now Mrs. Tsukiyomi" Ikuto said. "Be Happy" Amu said and kissed Ikuto.


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