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They say that your life flashes before your eyes when you die. Well, I've died three times already, and there's never really been that much life-flashing. Things happened too fast. Afterwards, sure—I pondered deep things like the meaning of life, love, and insufferability, wondered if there was a reason that I didn't—er, did die (but, you know, survived. It gets confusing sometimes). I've had the chance to do some thinking this time, though, to prepare myself.

So, when rational thought finally does kick in again, I'm not all that surprised to find that I am drifting aimlessly in a formless abyss of darkness—or, it seems like darkness to me, who has no eyes to see it.

Unlike the last time I thought myself dead, I don't feel particularly dissatisfied; I don't feel disappointed in myself. My life has been a good one. I had a family that loved me, true, loyal friends, one who was something more . . . and most importantly of all, my death was for a purpose. I can honestly say that I don't regret the decisions and events that led up to my eventual demise.

Except one thing.

Drat, I think unhappily. I forgot to scream something memorable again. Reconsidering, though, I decide that my manner of death was memorable enough to make up for not screaming "Armadillos!" or "Batman!" or "Chocolate-covered coffee beans!"

You're stalling, my subconscious remarks again. I pay attention to it this time.

My thoughts have been a distraction from the all-important question hovering at the edges of my consciousness: What happens now? I refuse to believe that this is all that comes after death. If my 'self', my consciousness, survives past my body, then it must be for a purpose; it must be for more than this.

I don't know it yet, but it will be a long time before my question is finally answered.


The nothingness is awful. I think that time is passing—that there are actual, measurable minutes, hours, days, weeks—but there is no way to mark them, because there is no change at all. The only thing that occupies the darkness is me, and, over the endless, changeless, inescapable monotony of what feels like years, my musings, regrets, nostalgia, curiosity, annoyance, periods of panic, and even boredom finally subside into a dull, listless stupor: I am finally giving up. The point comes that I realize with horrid, utter certainty that I am going to be trapped in this no-man's-land forever. I am not living, and even if I were, there is nothing to live for. There is nothing but the darkness, nothing but the empty void. I'm no longer sure that there ever was anything else. Did Jenny ever live? I have forgotten, if I ever knew. My sense of self slowly fades into the blackness, consumed by the void, until there is nothing left.

Time goes by. The abyss never changes to mark its passage. But— the darkness grows darker, from nothing-dark to dark-dark. The amorphous entity that was once Jenny, Freckles, Fateless—stirs.

Change. Life.

It had called itself dead before, when it still had a name, an identity: now what little of that identity remains knows that sometimes death is not what comes after your physical body stops functioning. It is the moment that you cease living for the sake of it and merely exist because you have no other choice. To all intents and purposes, it is dead already.

But part of it still holds close a memory, a feeling—That's life, Jenny says to the unresponsive sentience, trying to make it remember, trying to make it live again. And so when the darkness shifts, the sentience recognizes what it is:

Change. Life.

And I wake up.


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