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Chapter Five

Heaven to Hell


Bella is making out with her boyfriend.

Right in front of me.

His hand is on her ass and her hands are buried in his hair and I want to kick this fucker's ass.

When she said she was having friends over, I thought she meant the two girls she went to school with or maybe other hot girls and I could hole myself in my room while they had a slumber party and painted each other's nails in lingerie or some shit.

But right after she made her announcement, she stormed out of the home theater. I followed her and listened as she called Mike, sounding all perky and shit, giggling about how she'd bribed me and he could come over.

"I thought you said friends," I said sarcastically, watching as Bella picked out an apple from the bowl in the middle of the kitchen table then began cutting it up. First she cut the middle out – you know, the part with the stem and seeds and shit – then she peeled off the skin before cutting it in half then fourths then eighths. The skin sat in a pile on the side, spiraled perfectly. When I tried to cut apples like that, I either got cut or it looked completely butchered.

"Mike is a friend. My boyfriend," Bella smirked at me, popping a piece of apple into her mouth and chewing slowly.

"You're not allowed in your room with him," I warned then cursed myself because I sounded like a fucking father.

"Oh, I'm not?" she asked, her perfectly arched eyebrows rose up. I scowled.

"Listen, Bella. I'll let you have your 'friend' over because you're fucking blackmailing me but you're staying in the living room, where I can keep an eye on him."

Bella rolled her eyes at the mention of the blackmail. I could see they were still a little red from her earlier crying bout. Then her lips curled into a smile.

"Sure, you can watch."

God, I want to kick this fucking kid in the teeth. He knows I'm sitting here but it doesn't stop him from palming her tit. The same tit I was palming this morning. She's grinding her pussy against him and moaning his name and I want to tear my fucking hair out.

How has this girl gotten under my skin so completely in such a short period of time? From the moment I saw her at the airport, I've wanted to know her in ways I've never fucking cared about women before.

I make a frustrated noise and yank my hand through my hair, probably pulling out a few pieces but who fucking cares. This earns me a glance and a smug look from Bella, who is tilting her head to give douche bag better access to her neck.

"What the fuck?"

Douche bag pulls back and looks at Bella's neck.

Bella's neck that I marked earlier.


"What? What's wrong?" Bella stills in his lap, looking at him quizzically.

"Who the hell did this?" Mike runs his fingers over the offending marks.

"Oh… I… um…"

"She burnt herself with a curling iron," I volunteer.

"Yeah," Bella laughs nervously, arranging her hair over her neck, "I was trying out stuff for homecoming and Lily distracted me…"

"It looks like a hickey, Bells," Mike says with raised eyebrows.

"So weird, right?"

Bella is an awful liar. It's written all over her face. She glances at me with a panicked look and I know I can help her out again or I can let her crash and burn.

But fuck, I'm the one who fucked her then told her it was a mistake.

I owe her.

"I saw her do it," I shrug, "I was watching Lily but she really wanted to play dress up with Isabella."

Bella nods and bites her lip, looking hopeful that he'll believe her. It's a tense moment until Mike shrugs and moves on to an unmarked part of her neck.

Until he finds a bite mark on her collarbone.


"Mmm?" Bella moans softly, rubbing herself against him. It's painful to watch but I don't leave the room because for all I know, he'll fuck her. And God damnit, I don't want anyone else's dick in her.

"You have a bite mark on your shoulder," Mike informs her, his voice accusatory.

"A bite mark?" Bella's voice is shrill and she's so obvious. Mike looks from me to her back to me.

"Are you covering for her? That's not fucking cool, man."

"I don't know what you're talking about, she's been home. No one else has been here but us," I turn back to the television. This was my second mistake. My first was admitting that I'd been home alone with Bella. Before I know it, I'm being attacked and Bella is shrieking.

It takes a minute for me to get my bearings but I'm eventually able to pin the kid down and as much as I want to, I don't punch him. "What the fucking hell!"

"You fucked my girlfriend!"

"No!" Bella shouts and I look up at her and immediately regret everything twice as much because her face is flushed and wet and splotchy all at the same time. But she's still fucking beautiful.

"I did not fuck your girlfriend," I spit in Mike's face, still holding him down. He stops struggling against me and looks between me and Bella a few times.

"Who bit you, Bella? Who the fuck gave you that hickey?"

"It's not a hickey! It's a burn… and my brother bit me when I stopped him from hitting Lily, you know how he gets!" Bella says, managing some conviction in her voice.

Mike stares at her, obviously debating whether to believe her or not.

"Shit. I'm sorry," he mumbles.

"Alright, kid. You good? Done fucking attacking people, eh?"

Mike nods and I stand, lending him a hand to help him up.

I mean, I did fuck his girlfriend.

Then made her feel like shit about it.

Then made him feel like shit about it.

The least I can do is help him up.

But I still can't help but wish I'd gotten a punch or two in.

"I think it would be a good idea if you went home, Mike," Bella whispers, laying her hand on his upper arm. He nods, his face disappointed as she gently guides him out of the living room. I flop onto the couch, huffing loudly as I drag my hands roughly through my hair.

What the fuck am I doing?

A few minutes later, I hear Bella come back into the room and she sits next to me, wringing her hands together.

"I'm gonna break up with him," she whispers, so low I can barely hear her.

I want to tell her that this is a great idea because I hated seeing him touch her and I wanted to be the only one that got to touch her.

I want to tell her that it's a horrible idea because I won't be able to keep my hands off her, we won't be able to hide it, it'll get out of control, I might fall for her.

And I want to tell her when I inevitably have to go back to Canada in a year, it'll break both of us.

I don't say any of that this time. I just shrug and stare at her hands. She's twisting a silver band around her thumb, her hair is hanging around her face and hiding it but I see a tear drop onto her hands.

I sigh and lean back against the couch. How the fuck did things change so drastically in just a few days? What was I thinking when I fucked her? And why did I want to do it again?

"I didn't mean it when I said it was a mistake," I mumble, not looking at her.

I see Bella turn and look at me out of the corner of my eye but I'm unable to meet her eye because I'm a coward.

"Why did you say it then?"

"We can't do this, Bella. You're too young."

Bella wipes her eyes with the back of her bands before nodding and standing. She turns and looks at me for a minute before shaking her head and leaving the room.

For the rest of the night, all I can think of is the look on her face when I told her it was a mistake.


By the time Renee and company get back on Sunday evening, Bella and I have spoken a total of zero words from each other and I'm nervous as hell about my first day alone with Philip and Lily. I'm not as worried about Philip as I am about Lily.

For the past hour, Phil has been trying to get her to warm up to me but she just eyes me skeptically and shakes her head, clenching Phil's shirt in her fist. He laughs nervously each time and keeps glancing at Renee, clearly wondering if she knew what the fuck she was doing when she hired me. When she leaves the room to go check the chi around the house or some shit, it's Phil, Philip, Lily and I awkwardly in the room together.

But then Bella comes into the playroom and stops short when she sees me on the floor next to Phil with Lily standing between us. Lily looks from her father to me and back to her father before spotting her sister and holding her arms out.

Philip laughs, "Lily doesn't like Edward, Bella!"

"Lily's a smart little girl, aren't you?" Bella coos to her sister as she scoops her up. Lily laughs and hugs Bella, who drops a kiss on the top of her blonde head. Phil eyes me and I think he knows something's up. Fuck. Can he blame me? Can anyone? Can't everyone see how fucking perfect this girl is? Until she speaks, anyway.

"Bella doesn't like you, either! It's okay, don't be sad… I like you! You're gonna play with me right? Are you gonna teach me games?"

"Sure, bud," I say, reaching over to mess up his hair. He laughs and runs over to a bucket of toys (which he refers to as a can), apparently looking for a specific one. I look over at Bella and Lily and watch as she sits Indian style, forming a triangle between her, Phil and me.

"Nuh, nuh!" Lily protests as Bella stands her between the three of us. We watch as the baby immediately climbs onto Bella's legs and hugs her again.

"Okay, Lily… now give Daddy a biiiig hug," Bella urges as she stands Lily up again. Lily looks reluctant but after a minute climbs onto Phil's lap and hugs him. "Now give Philip a huuuge hug, Lil!"

"Oh, nooo!" Philip groans as Lily runs over to him as fast as her chubby legs can go, giggling. Despite his protests, Philip hugs Lily. Then tries to squeeze the fucking life out of her.

"Gentle, Philip! She's baby, remember?" Bella reminded him calmly. I smiled at her, surprised at how good she is with them.

"Oh, yeah… she's just a baby, Edward! That's why she doesn't know you! Babies can't talk and they don't have teeth and they wear diapers, okay? And they don't know anyone when they're born and they don't have eyes!"

"They… don't have… eyes?" I look to Phil then Bella, my brows furrowed. I hadn't been around many newborns but… shit, kids were born with eyes, weren't they? Were they like puppies? Sealed shut for a few days?

"She had eyes, Philip. Babies just can't see as well as big boys and can only see certain colors," Bella reminded him.

"Oh!" Philip laughs and smacks his head, "that's right, babies have eyes! That would be so silly if they didn't have eyes!" Philip doubles over in laughter before straightening up, his face completely serious. "But the rest of the stuff is true, Edward. Don't forget. Lily doesn't talk and she doesn't have teeth and she wears diapers and she doesn't know anyone but Mommy, Daddy and Bella!"

I chuckle and nod at him, "Alright, I'll keep that in mind."

"Okay, okay. Now it's time to give Edward a hug… Philip, can you show Lily that it's okay to hug Edward?"

"No!" Philip laughs and shakes his head, jumping up and down and pointing to Bella. "You show Lily!"

"Oh, that's –"

"No, it's fine… but you have to go next, then Lily," Bella says seriously. Philip nods, still holding onto his little sister. Bella awkwardly leans over and hugs me. For a second, I don't know what to do but it's like an instinct and I wrap my arms around her. I'm probably hugging her a little bit more enthusiastically than I should be but fuck, she smells good.

"I think Philip and Lily get it," Phil says and I snap out of my haze. He looks incredibly uncomfortable and Bella's face is flushed and he definitely knows something's up.

I don't have much time to think about it because before I know it, Philip is barreling into me. Holy shit, this kid is strong. I end up on my back, caught off guard and he's on my chest laughing and hugging me. I can't help but laugh too before tickling his sides. Philip lets go of me as he shrieks with laughter and tries to push my hands away and I toss him into the air, careful to catch him.

"Again! Edward! Again!"

I'm laughing and Bella's laughing and I think I hear a small giggle from Lily but I'm not positive so I do it again and earn more shrieks from Philip and a definite giggle from the one year old who's so far wanted nothing to do with me.

"Nuh!" Lily says, climbing onto me after I toss Philip a few more times. She steps on my face but she's one so I allow it.

"No, Lily! This game is for big boys not babies!" Philip screams.

Well, shit.

"Hey, champ. We don't talk to our little sisters like that. We gotta protect 'em, y'know? We might have to modify the game a bit but Lily's allowed to play, too."

"Modify?" Philip says curiously as he slides off my stomach and goes over to Bella, toying with her loose brown curls. The kid obviously has an attachment to Bella and I think playing with her hair is a way to convey it. Bella has more patience with him and his curl tugging ways today. She pulls him onto her crossed legs and I can see a resemblance.

They both look like their fathers and their coloring is totally opposite but their eyes shape, nose and mouth shape are from their mother.

Now I'm thinking about Bella's full pink lips and how they look around my dick and I'm completely lost in that train of thought until the one year old climbing on me digs her little toe into my eye.

"Ow! Fuck!"

Philip gasps, looking at his father and Bella with wide blue eyes. "Edward said the baddest word!"

"Edward, please mind your mouth around the children. They're sponges… soaking up everything they hear and see," Renee says as she floats into the room.

"Sorry," I murmur, embarrassed.

"Mmm, cause Philip hasn't heard sooo much worse when Phil takes him to the locker room… or when you guys have your party and everyone is high and wasted," Bella says snidely. I look at her again, surprised to hear her defend me.

"Isabella Marie…" Renee shakes her head, patting the top of her oldest daughter's head before once again leaving the room.

"Uh, I'm sorry?" I say to Phil. He laughs and shrugs, telling me that Bella's right. Philip apparently went through a phase of cursing but now knows that there are 'grown up words' that kids aren't allowed to say.

"Edward! You got to play with Lily! Play the game!" Philip reminds me.

I do as I'm told, not being nearly as rough with Lily but she loves it. She squeals and giggles and jumps on my stomach until I toss her up again. Bella cringes each time I do it, obviously concerned that I'll drop the baby. I won't fucking drop her. But then I almost do and end the game which displeases Lily until she focuses on playing with my shirt. I'm just glad the kid isn't refusing to fucking go near me anymore.

"Daddy, can we play catch like you promised?" Philip gets off Bella's lap and sits on his father's knee.

"Sorry, sport. Not tonight. You have school tomorrow and Mommy and Daddy have an early flight," Phil says, ruffling Philip's hair.

Philip's bottom lip starts trembling and I feel like shit for this kid. All he wants is to play with his dad. From what I can tell, it's not something that happens often. I know the feeling.

"Hey, we'll play tomorrow after school, Philip," I tell him.

"But I wanna play with Daddy!"

"Daddy has to work to make money to buy you toys, so we'll play and when he gets back he'll play, too."

"Bella, will you play with me and Edward? Pleeeaaasseeee?"

Bella scrunches up her nose like playing catch is beneath her. She smoothes her shirt, picking off a piece of imaginary lint.

"I'd love to but I have dance class," Bella says unconvincingly. It confuses me that one minute she seems like a dedicated sister and the next she can't do something simple like play catch for fifteen minutes with this kid.

"Bella probably sucks at catch, it's better off that it's just us," I tell him. Bella's face flushes again and she crosses her arms.

"I'll have you know that I play softball and I'm an excellent pitcher," Bella said.

Jesus, how many activities did this girl do? Why did she feel the need to keep so busy? Was it because she enjoyed it all or was it because she wanted to be kept busy and out of the house?

"No, Bella!" Philip jumps up, pointing at her. "You're not allowed. No girls allowed, right, Edward?"

"Uh, yeah. We'll play when Lily is napping."

Bella scoffs, obviously about to protest when Phil speaks up, "Alright, I think it's time to get ready for bed. Bella, can you find your mom so we can show Edward their routines?"

She huffs again, twisting a strand of hair almost angrily before stomping out of the room. Lily is still sitting on my stomach, playing with one of the buttons on my shirt.

"Philip, it's time to put your toys away and pick out a book for Mommy and Daddy to read to you," Phil told his son. Philip makes a face, not pleased with the task but starts doing it. Phil stands and I do too, struggling a bit because it's kind of hard to move while holding a squirming kid.

"So uh, Edward…" Phil starts awkwardly, digging his hands in his pockets. "Bella… uh… she's had a rough time and she's young. I know she's a pretty girl and I don't know what's—"

"Nothing's going on," I protest, too quickly. And Bella's not just pretty, she's fucking gorgeous.

Phil eyes me and nods, taking Lily from me. I'm so fucking glad he's letting this drop but I have a feeling it'll be brought up again.

The next two hours are spent on baths, arguing over pajamas, bedtime snacks, bedtime stories, protests of bedtime and finally bedtime. I'm dreading doing this on my own tomorrow and I briefly wonder if I can bribe Bella to help me.

Ha, ha. Un-fucking-likely, Cullen. You burnt that bridge pretty fast.

After my own shower, I check my e-mail in bed, wearing just black cotton pajama pants. I'm still concerned about hearing more from James but I also knew silence on his part wasn't always a good thing. Just as I'm about to shoot him one, there's a knock on my door.

Wondering what Renee or Phil would want this late, I get up and opened the door. Who's standing there is shocking. What they're wearing is even more shocking. And fucking hot. Bella, in a tiny white nightgown, curled hair loose around her shoulders, looking like a fucking angel.

Before I could say anything, she had her arms around my neck and her lips on mine.

How the fuck was I gonna resist this?


Mike is suspicious. Phil is suspicious. Renee is in her own little world.

Next up: does Edward resist Bella? Edward's first day with the kids and more!

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