Rain was coming down hard around Arthur as he slowly made his way back to the castle upon a foot.

It had been two days of travelling alone from the battle of Mon. He had ordered his men to save themselves once it became clear King Cenred would take the castle. Unable to escape with them from the purge of the castle once the enemy had rallied, Arthur had been forced for drive from the battlements into the moat below the castle. The enemy had fired arrows into the waters in the hope of piercing him. They did—but thankfully it shot him in the shoulder, not the heart.

Everyone in Camelot probably believed that he was dead.

Once he was clear of enemy grounds and back in the kingdom he had been forced to walk onwards back home. That was how he came to take two days to return back to Camelot, safe and sound if not a little bit wet.

As he came closer to the castle entrance he noticed someone running towards him across the wet green grass sliding alongside the castle. In the heavy rain (which was now falling even harder) they looked like an apparition, a reflection, a pastel of dancing colour on water...

There was a brief moment that Arthur wondered if the image was real.

Then he realised it was. The apparition grew closer and Arthur realised that it wasn't an apparition, but it was Guinevere. He wondered how she knew he was coming. Had she been keeping vigil on the castle roof, waiting for him to come back? He didn't care how she knew. As she drew closer he also sped up his pace to meet her half way across the last field that led to Camelot.

When they finally met neither of them had time to share words. Arthur pulled Gwen to him and captured her lips in a kiss. The rain soaked their skin and wetted their appetite for each other's mouths. It felt like so long since Arthur had kissed Gwen (It had been four days ago when he left Camelot for Mon) and he wanted to remember all the passion, adoration and pure love each kiss filled him with.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up from the ground to his level, causing her to wrap her arms tightly around his neck and deepen the kiss all the more. She too kissed him as if she had forgotten all the love that flowed through her and that she could only be reacquainted through it by holding him and kissing.

It was truer for Gwen; the knights had announced that Arthur had been unable to escape Mon with them. She refused to believe he was gone and resolved to wait for him; if he had never returned she might have stood on the battlements of Camelot forever.

There had been a moment where she had been forced to face the idea that she would never feel his lips against hers again. It wasn't the first time she had faced that fear either. That she would never again have Arthur there, strong and physical before her. That she would never touch his cheek or run her hands through his hair...

But he was here now, he was alive!

They finally broke the kiss. Arthur placed Gwen down on the ground but their foreheads remained locked together and their eyes closed as the water drenched them more and more. This would be yet another moment for them to cling on to and remember, another moment where they feared they had lost each other but were reunited.

Gwen opened her eyes through her bleary eyelashes, wet from rain and tears. She saw Arthur's deep eyes looked back at her. He placed another, more fleeting kiss on her lips, then another and another...

"Welcome home," Gwen whispered softly to him.

AN: Written for the A/G community on LJ's 1st drabble tag. The prompt was suggested by a friend of mine as "A/G Notebook kiss".