"I'm not sure if I like you doing this," Arthur said. He leant into the booth.

"We're rebuilding Camelot" Gwen chuckled. Arthur was holding up a queue of nerdy servants that would never get to kiss a girl like Gwen otherwise. "We're nearly bankrupt after the dragon attack. And you're holding up the queue."

Arthur placed five gold coins and kissed her once. "How many will that buy me?"

"A lot," she replied. "One gold coin equals fifty kisses. And that last one counts."

"Give me fifty now and the rest later tonight," he smiled wickedly and kissed her again.

AN: Written for the A/G community on LJ's 1st drabble tag. The prompt was suggested by a friend of mine as "A/G Kissingbooth". This was the only one of my submissions that I actually maanged to keep within the 100 word drabble mark. ;)