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Chapter 5 ~ Operation Day ~

The door opened, and a young doctor entered the room. His long white coat waved as wind came through the window which opened widely. The patient rolled his eyes to look who was coming. And felt happy when he knew that it was his friend.

"What is it, Takuto? Karakura-san told me that the medicine don't take effect in yours" Wakaouji walked near his friend, and checked his heartbeat by pressed the wrist.

"It took effect, but only a little" Takuto told him what he felt in his body.

Wakaouji read his patient's check up result, "What did you do with your medicine, Takuto?" then had a seat on the chair beside the bed.

"What do you mean by that, Keiichi? Do you think I can change its formula? Of course it's impossible!" Takuto left a small chuckle.

"I just am wondering how it could be. It's rare you know, Takuto"

"Aah, just tell me that my body is odd, Keiichi"

"Not that, Takuto" Wakaouji put the check up result on the table again then got up, "I think its okay to give you a higher dose medicine since your health is going better day by day, Takuto" he told Takuto the best way.

Takuto raised his shoulder, "Just does anything that you think the best, Keiichi! I know nothing about that kind of thing" he took an apple from the basket and ate it.

There was silence for a while, since the two didn't have any idea what will start the conversation. Takuto still ate his red apple slowly, swallowed it carefully because his throat was still sore after didn't use it for three years. While Wakaouji wandered around the room, checked other equipments which Takuto used these years. Suddenly, Takuto remembered something that the nurse told him before, about the young girl that had same disease as his.

"Karakura-san told me that you have patient who has throat tumor too, Keiichi" asked Takuto while stopped ate his apple for a while.

"Oh yes, she has throat tumor too, just like yours three years ago, Takuto" he answered his friend's question, "But she much young than you when knew that she has tumor in her throat" Wakaouji walked closer.

"Will you operate her?" Takuto got straight into the question and of course it made Wakaouji a bit startled.

Wakaouji was silent then answered, "I'm still doubt about it, Takuto. I had a check up on her this morning, and I will decided if there must be an operation or not right after the check up result is out" he explained the situation to Takuto.

"If there is an operation, you will remove her vocal cords, won't you?" Takuto asked the young doctor once again. This time he looked a bit gloomy, since the girl made him remembered himself in the past time.

The young doctor looked straight at his friend, "Well, I had contacted my friend in Germany to help me do an operation without remove the vocal cords, Takuto. It's a newest technology in medical world" he took a seat beside Takuto's bed.

Takuto lowered his voice, "What a lucky girl. She won't fall in the same fate as me" and took another bite on his apple. But Wakaouji could still hear what he said.

Wakaouji could imagine what probably Takuto felt that time. Sympatize and a bit envy maybe, "Feel sympathize on her, Takuto?"

Takuto rolled his eyes from the apple, "Of course, it's like she is my friend in the same community, aha, community of throat tumor sufferer if I can named it" he said like if he didn't have any negative thought on her, tried to calm and looked fine in front of his friend.

But Wakaouji knew Takuto better. Even three years had passed, his childish mind still stuck on him just like a curse. And that was the reason why he still felt envy about that kind of thing although his age has passed twenty this year.

"I'm sorry, Takuto" Wakaouji said to his friend gloomy.

Takuto looked at his bestfriend, "What is that for?"

Wakaouji sighed, then answered his question, "For operated you without your permission before, and made you had coma in three years" he hung his head.

Takuto looked at his friend who started to feel sad that time. He felt a bit guilty as he brought up that problem again, since it was almost three years ago, "Ne, Keiichi"

Wakaouji lifted his head, looked at the one who sat on the bed in front of him.

"I'm sorry for making you remember about that" Takuto started, "Honestly, it's true that I was angry with you who operated me without my permission three years ago, but-" he stopped, thought the best words to say it, "But now I understand why you did that reckless decision. I remember that my condition got worse everyday, right? So I think that when you realized my situation, all you wanted to do was to safe my life as soon as possible, and the best way was operated me, wasn't it?"

Wakaouji didn't move, while still heard his friend's words. The past memories spun in his head, reminded him the time when he suffered after took a false decision on Takuto.

Takuto knew that he wasn't good in this kind of thing, so he arranged his words carefully, tried to not hurt Wakaouji's feeling, "And about my coma, I think it's not your fault, Keiichi. You know that right, it was my own stupid decision to commit suicide, so you had nothing to do about it" after finished his sentence, he turned to Wakaouji who seat beside his bed.

The young doctor sighed in relief, "Is that means if I have forgiven?"

A smile plastered on Takuto's face, "Completely"


I looked at the sky, just like these days, it was bright. Meroko and Izumi-san were here. They didn't have any job to do this time, so they decided to get some break here. Meroko sat on my lap, while Izumi-san was wandering around my house. It was almost two days after my last check up, and Wakaouji-sensei told me that he would come to my house to tell us the result. Wakaouji-san had told me that the operation was the best choice and I thought I would take it if Wakaouji-sensei could guarantee that he wouldn't remove my vocal cords. But I doubt it, because yesterday when Wakaouji-sensei called me if he would come, he seemed not really happy. I was wondering why. I hoped it didn't have any relation with my check up result.

"Mitsuki-chan?" Meroko looked at me; she seemed a little worry, "Are you okay? What are you thinking?" then she flied to face me in my eye level.

I smiled to her, "I just thinking Meroko, how my check up result was could be" a sighed out from my mouth, I hope it would calming my nervousness.

Meroko kept silent for a moment, I guessed that she was thinking, "Umm… What are you feeling by now, Mitsuki?" Meroko flied down and sat on my lap again, sign if it would be a quite long conversation.

"I'm feel fine, Meroko! Just like everyday, the tumor won't give effect in my daily life, but it is growing bigger everyday silently" I told Meroko the truth, what I was feeling right now. But Meroko still looked worried about me.

A knock on my door startled us. Meroko sat silently on my lap and acted like a plush doll. Tanaka-san' head popped in right after she opened the door.

"Mitsuki-chan? Wakaouji-sensei is here" she told me. Then I made my way to the living room with Meroko. My heart beat faster as nervousness attacked me. Wakaouji-sensei was here, he would tell me about my condition and what action should he take.

We arrived at the living room and Tanaka-san opened the door. As I came in, I could see Wakaouji-sensei sat there, faced with Obaa-san in the other side of table. Wakaouji-sensei took a piece of paper from his bag while Obaa-san drank her tea slowly. Their eyes were on me as I sat beside Obaa-san and sat Meroko down on my lap.

"How is my check up result, Wakaouji-sensei?" being impatient, I got straight in my question. Really, curiosity killed me these days while waiting for the result.

Wakaouji-sensei showed us my check up result and then I took it to read it, "Wakaouji-sensei, can you explain me what's written on it?" I asked Wakaouji-sensei at last, because although I have read that sheet carefully, I still understand nothing.

He took a sip of his tea before explained it to us, "I think we should do the operation sooner, Mitsuki-chan" Wakaouji-sensei said, "As I expected before, the tumor in your throat is getting worse now and if we postpone the operation longer I'm afraid it will spread in your body faster" continued him.

I surprised when heard that sentence out of Wakaouji-sensei's mouth, but I still tried to be calm and continue my question, "If we do the operation, you won't remove my vocal cords, will you?" I asked Wakaouji-sensei.

"Of course I won't, Mitsuki-chan. I have told you about that new medical equipment to operate your tumor, do you remember? It won't remove your vocal cords" answered him calmly. It mean that he wouldn't do the one that I've always afraid for although my throat got worse. And I still could sing after the operation done.

"So Mitsuki-chan, can we do the operation soon?" he asked me.

My smile grew wider, "Yes, Wakaouji-sensei! Please do your best in my operation!" I bowed in front of him and he just showed his smile as the reply.


Finally today was come, Mitsuki told herself continuously on the way to the hospital. In the morning, after she woke up, she realized that today was different from usual. This was the day which would determine her future from now. Before she made her way to the hospital, she made prayer in front of Eichi's picture. She asked Eichi to protect her just like everyday without she knowing. She also asked the same thing to her parents and not forgot her beloved cat-shinigami. Although she couldn't see and meet them right now, but she believed that they were somewhere while protected and watched after her. Kept praying and believing were all she could do now.

They would go to the hospital by Ooshige-san's car. Ooshige-san and Obaa-san would accompany Mitsuki due the operation. At first, Tanaka-san wanted to come along so badly, but after got scolded by Obaa-san, she canceled her desire. She said that she would just pray for her master's granddaughter to be safe and healthy again from their house. Mitsuki just kept silent on the way to the hospital. Even Meroko and Izumi couldn't start any conversation with her. Many thoughts spun in her head and she was too nervous. She trusted Wakaouji-sensei, of course, but everything could turn into the worst one, wasn't it? And that was the one that she tought about.

They finally arrived in the hospital and as Mitsuki came in, her nervousness grew bigger. She and her companions walked slowly to the operation room where Wakaouji-sensei had told them before. Wakaouji-sensei welcomed them as they came into the room.

"Please change your clothes into this, Mitsuki-chan" Wakaouji-sensei told her to change into an operation cloth which more like a thin sheet rather than a cloth.

Mitsuki just nodded and headed to the change room. She didn't speak much today. She preferred to keep calm while concentrate on her operation.

"Mitsuki?" Meroko called her name right after Mitsuki closed the changing room's door. She flied released from Mitsuki's hug and sat on the tiny table beside mirror. She looked at her dear friend, felt amazed at her brave decision to take the operation. Seemed that Mitsuki didn't have any tension, but Meroko knew that she just tried to hide it, didn't want to make her worried about her.

Mitsuki turned her head to Meroko who beside her, "Yes, Meroko?"

At first, Meroko just want to ask about her feeling right now. But then she thought that it wasn't the right thing to do this time, she must just cheer her up, "Be strong, will you Mitsuki? Just do your best! And I'll always pray for your safety during the operation" Meroko said to her bestfriend.

Mitsuki smiled widely, "Thank you, Meroko" she really cheered up now.

As she finished changing, she came back to the operation room. Everything was had well prepared right now. The operation machine was had set on its place. The equipments were ready and so were the doctors and nurses. They were had wore their particular white operation clothes and asked Mitsuki to lie down on the bed which they prepared.

Mitsuki sat Meroko down on the chair, while Meroko slowly whispered, "See you after the operation, Mitsuki!" with a smile on her bunny face. And Izumi who sat silently beside Meroko could just smile simply to cheer her up, since he couldn't say anything.

"Good luck, Mitsuki-chan!" Ooshige-san said as Mitsuki lied down on the bed. She winked at Mitsuki to lighten up the mood, "I trusted Mitsuki in you, Keiichi" she told her boyfriend in sincere.

"Don't worry, you can trust me, Masami" answered him simply as his smile widened.

Obaa-san walked closer to Mitsuki and said, "I'll always pray the best for you, Mitsuki-san. Good luck"

"Thank you, Obaa-san" a smile plastered on Mitsuki's face.

"Please take care of Mitsuki-san, Wakaouji-sensei" Obaa-san bowed sincerely in front of Wakaouji-sensei.

"Of course I will, Kouyama-san" he replied simply as bowed back.

Mitsuki looked at her doctor, "Please take care of me, Wakaouji-sensei!"

"Of course, Mitsuki-chan" answered him, "Are you ready, Mitsuki-chan?"

Mitsuki took a deep breath and answered, "Yes, Wakaouji-sensei!"

Then the nurses pull Mitsuki's bed entered the operation room.


It was been almost an hour after Mitsuki's operation started. Kouyama Fuzuki still sat there, silently beside Ooshige-san, in the waiting room. She didn't get bored this far, but that was much opposite for Ooshige-san. She almost died in bored. She couldn't do anything in that waiting room. Nothing there, just chairs, some vending machines, and also a television which much far away from the place she sat now. She also could make conversation with nobody. Kouyama Fuzuki is a strict and too serious woman; she thought she couldn't make a comfortable conversation with that kind of person. She couldn't call Imamura to kill time tough; they wouldn't match each other, just like every time they meet. The high-spirited manager was going crazy; she hoped that she could change this awkward situation soon. And luckily, the older woman started to talk.

"Ooshige-san?" Fuzuki turned into Ooshige, "May I ask you something?"

The high-spirited manager who already bored felt a bit surprised when Mitsuki's grandmother was the one who started the conversation first, "Yes, of course" she answered simply.

"I never hear Mitsuki-san's live sing. How was that?" she being serious at her question.

Ooshige felt a bit startled, then answered, "It was wonderful, Kouyama-san. Really beautiful and angelic. You won't believe if that's human voice. Just like an angel who sings an earth song" she explained it to Fuzuki. Her smile grew wider.

"Really? I think I regret didn't hear it" Fuzuki replied.

And there was silence between them for a moment.

"May I know why you forbid her to sing, Kouyama-san?" Ooshige's curiousness tickled her.

Fuzuki closed her eyes for a second, then opened it again, "Well, It was a very long story, Ooshige-san" she started, "Back then, I had a friend, my precious friend. She and I fell in love with the same guy, he was a musician. He played a violin as I remember. And I- I betrayed her…" Fuzuki cut her words.

"Be-betrayed?" Ooshige didn't believe her own ears.

Grandmother sighed before continue her words, "Yes, I betrayed her. When I knew that she love him, I made a promise that I wouldn't tell anyone about that and so, I hid my feeling from her. But then, I couldn't lie to myself if I love him. I kissed him, and unfortunately she saw us, just when I was going to get forgiveness from her, I couldn't meet her anymore…" the older woman's eyes became a slight red, as it started to teary. It was hard for her to remember that horrible memories, but she couldn't forget Moe though. Moe was her only one friend.

"Why can't you meet her anymore?"

"She committed suicide, Ooshige-san. Just right after she captured us" Fuzuki tried to be calm at her words, after the wound which have healed tore her heart once again, deeply.

Ooshige lost her words. She really surprised when heard that, she never thought that the older in Kouyama family has a dark past like that.

"After that, I started to hate music. Because music was the reason I love him, and it was the one which made me lost my friend" she continued her story. Her sight was wandering outside the window beside her, "And so, I forbid Mitsuki-san to sing. I don't want her to fall in the same fate as mine. I just want to protect her, to keep her happy in this life"

"But you do it in wrong way- Oops!" Ooshige-san couldn't control her emotion when she heard her story, so she said that sentence automatically, "I-I'm sorry, Kouyama-san! I didn't mean it…" she said haltingly as she hung her head low.

But surprisingly, Fuzuki just left a simple laughter, with her hand cover her mouth, just wanted to look elegant, lady-like, "It's okay, Ooshige-san. Yes, I think I had a wrong way to protect her, and because of that Mitsuki-san got hurt…" she said calmly.

"Do you ever think to let her sing? I think that Mitsuki always regard singing as her life, she can't live without it" the brown haired manager became a bit brave at her sentence.

"I have heard Mitsuki-san's song lately, Ooshige-san. I just realized that her voice is really adorable, and there is earnestness to face her life in it. So I think…" Kouyama Fuzuki cut her words for a moment, and took a deep sigh before continue it, "I think I will let her to sing again after this operation, and I want to support her sincerely as I could" she finally said it, the thing that Mitsuki always wanted.

Ooshige's smile grew wider, "Really, Kouyama-san?" she almost screamed, as her heart felt really happy.

Fuzuki just nodded her head, the sign of agreement.

The manager couldn't control her emotion one again, and automatically hugged Mitsuki's grandmother, didn't think if it would pissed her of or not, "Thank you, Kouyama-san! Thank you! I'm sure Mitsuki will deadly happy when I tell her about this!" a slight of happiness tears looked sparkled in the corner of her eyes.

Fuzuki felt a bit surprised at Ooshige's hug, because this woman never get along well with her, also she only knew her for several days, and now she hugged her. That was a big progress of their relationship. But Fuzuki didn't broke the hug, there was a happiness feeling around them, and she just want to celebrate it with Mitsuki's manager, the one who took care of her granddaughter when she didn't around.

Not far from there, Meroko watched them secretly, "Thanks to you, Fuzuki…"


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