Hey, it's me again! With yet another contest/challenge!

It's called the Twenty Words Challenge, and it's actually really simple.

Here are the rules governing te contest/challenge!

Can be any pairing, prefferably, ArraxLarten DarrenxDebbie VanchaxAlice GavnerxLiz

It doesn't have to be romantic, it can be any genre

You don't have to make all of them for the smae pairing or genre, they can be any variety in any order

They can be M rated, but no LartenxDarren lemons.

You have to label each of your chapters with the name of the word your using. And they have to be posted in the order listed here.

You can't use previously posted ideas.

Post this challenge as the Twenty Words Challenge and a new story.

The first person to complete the challenge with well written ideas, and well written one-shots that I enjoy will be the winner. When you finish PM me.

The words are posted on the next chapter of this story, remember to follow the order! :)