I've never written in this fandom before. Thank you for reading!


He watched in horror as the ship cracked, slid, sank. It was beyond comprehension. But he was an officer; these lives had been entrusted to him, and he had a job to do. My first command, he thought bitterly. Calling out into the night, he was relieved to hear answering shouts. Slowly a half-dozen lifeboats were brought together, lashed tight, a bewildered handful of lives adrift on a black sea. All about him he heard sobs, muffled whispers, and prayers in languages he didn't know. A lucky few found their way to the tethered boats, so few, and then all was silent. As the hours passed, he stared into the darkness, his spirit numb; all his life he had loved the sea, and it had given him everything. Now it had taken everything. But when the sky began to lighten, and people's faces came into focus, he spotted the huddled child in a nearby boat and his heart leaped with sudden joy.

The endearing orphan who had followed him about over the past week, and somehow crept into his heart without either of them realizing it, was alive. He was safe. It was a miracle.

"Give him to me," he called out softly, and the drowsy, shivering child was handed into his boat, into his arms. "I've got you, little one," he murmured, rocking gently. A fierce protectiveness welled up inside him. "I've got you."

With a gasp, the boy recognized his voice and looked up, bright blue eyes shining with a joy that the man knew was reflected in his own. As thin arms were flung desperately about him, clinging tightly, he bent his head in thanksgiving, marveling that the sea had offered a final gift. His life wasn't over, as he had feared.

It was about to begin.