A Takari fanfiction

Glittering, shining. The night sky found itself blanketed with fields of stars. Many tried to outshine the others, begging to be seen and acknowledged as individuals. It was sad really, they tried so hard and yet it is a daunting task. Shining with the same radiance the effort is futile.

A soft sigh escaped from slightly pink lips. "Stupid Tai," The soft voice sliced through the suffocating silence. "Drinking all the milk, I can't believe him." Kari shook her head, she glanced down at the plastic bag she was carrying with her left hand. "Stupid brothers, really!" Kari paused for a second, "Great! Now I'm talking to myself. I'm going crazy." The eighth Dig-Destined suddenly found her small frame falling towards the pavement.

She landed heavily on the sidewalk, and groaned in pain. Shifting so she sat on the ground she hissed when she brushed her scraped knee with her hand. "Great!" She sighed again the opaque liquid splattered everywhere. She leaned back until she was laying on her back. Just her luck really, falling and spilling the milk. What a waste of a trip. Too bad she didn't have anymore money so she could pick up another carton.


The brunet sat up quickly at the sound of her name. "Who's there?" She called out. "You better watch it, I know kung fu!"

"…I doubt that, you'd just trip over your feet."

Kari winced at the word trip, "Don't remind me." The bearer of light found herself staring intently at a pair of green shoes for a moment before deciding to look up. "T.K.!" A smile suddenly spread across her lips at the sight of the blond.

"Looks like you need a hand." T.K. spoke with his usual cheer. He held out his left hand for Kari.

Kari shook her head, "I like the view from down here." The words left her mouth before she had given them any thought. It took a few seconds before her face turned a brilliant shade of red. "I…I mean… the stars!" She pointed up at the sky, her face downward towards the pavement.

"Whoa!" T.K. gasped looking up at the brilliantly lit sky. "Look at all of them!"

Kari forced herself to look up at the sky instead of hiding her embarrassment. The burning of her cheeks failed to distract her from the illuminated sky. She took gasped audibly at the sight. "Wow."

"It's odd; normally the light pollution makes it impossible to see so many stars."

Kari nodded her brown eyes descended from the sky and landed on the blond standing above her. Sometimes Kari found her attention zeroed on T.K. She'd never admit it to anyone but her best friend made her feel funny. It was hard to explain. She could be in the worst mood, or irritated with Davis and his constant attempts to gain her heart, but just one of T.K.'s smile made everything else irrelevant. She lived for his laugh, for his goofy smiles.

"Wow Kari, you're right!" T.K. sat down beside her, never looking away from the stars. "The view is much better from down here."

Her face grew hot once more when T.K.'s hand brushed against hers. "Yeah." The small contact had sent shivers down her body. Something only the blond could make happen.

"It's almost as good as the night sky in the Digi-World."

Kari nodded, speechless from being at such a close proximity to her best friend. Shakily she shifted her hand, moving it so should could lace her fingers with T.K.'s. If it was possible her face was flushed more than ever. "I…I think that when I'm with you, the stars are beautiful anywhere."

AN: There's probably a crap tonne of errors in this but I wanted to put it up for the world to read. I forgot I had posted this on my livejournal months ago. It's my first Takari, I hope it didn't suck too much. Anyhoo off I go to write the 100 prompts I haven't even started.