Title: Three in the Morning
Author Trilies
Genre Romance, fluff, humor, friendship
Word length 486
Sypnosis Most fanfiction claims that a 'first time' is wonderful and flawless. Riku and Sora would just like to disagree, especially when that 'first time' involves a threesome.
Rating PG-13, for mentionings of sex
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings Sora/Riku/Kairi
Notes: I need to write more of this OT3. They're adorable.


Their first time is not fairytale perfect.

In fact, it's rather awkward. There's all sorts of things to add to the uncomfortableness of it all: the elbows in people's eyes, the preejactulation, the funny noises... Yeah. Awkward. By the time morning comes, Riku and Sora can barely look at each other.

Sitting up in their large hotel bed, Riku thanks every single divine entity he's ever heard of, even Hades, that they managed to convince Goofy and Donald to take another room... Five floors above them. Light forbid that this sort of thing get heard by their friends, but a going badly kind of thing? He'd never live down the embarrassment.

While Riku just sits, legs crossed Indian style and his face in his palms, Sora just rubs the back of his neck nervously. At last, he breaks the silence, "Well, that was, uh..."

"A wreck," Riku finishes for him, voice muffled because of his hands. "Oh man."

Sora runs his hands through his messy brown hair. "Oh man," he echoes. "Do you think Kairi'll even talk to us after this?" Riku raises his head up at that, and the duo look at each other in something akin to panic. For some reason, girls find this sort of thing really super important. Their first 'romantic evening' or whatever is almost as important as the first kiss. And for all that Kairi is a kickass keyblader and loves the everloving hell out of them, she's still a girl. Will she be disgusted with them? Will she be able to look them in the eye? Or what if she just tries to play it off as if it never happened? Jeez, that might be worse.

While Sora and Riku are in the midst of the usual teenage boy panics on girls and their mysteries, the door opens. "Good morning!" Kairi calls happily, carrying a large tray full of pancakes and juice. Ignoring the boys' startled stares at her cheer, Kairi sets the tray down on the dresser, talking as she does so. "I ran into Goofy while I was getting breakfast, and he said we should probably get going soon if we want to get a head start on the Heartless in finding the keyhole of this world." She pauses, and chuckles as she spots the state the two are in. "Did you two just get up? Honestly!" Teasingly, she leans over to poke Sora in the forehead. "Lazybones."

Bewildered, Riku and Sora look at each other before they almost hesitantly look up at Kairi. "About last night-" Sora starts.

"Wasn't it-" They pause, not quite sure how to phrase this without looking like idiots. However, Kairi just understands, and her smile softens.

"Don't worry about any of that," she says, and leans over, wrapping her arms around her two loves' heads so that she can tug them over. Gently, she rests her head on top of theirs.

"I was happy just waking up with you two besides me."

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