A/N - July 18th, 2011:

Hey there, readers. I decided to just do a little edit here in the story with the Cullen siblings' placements in the school, in the first chapter. I realize now that placing them in their 5th and 4th years would mean they would have to be 15 and 14, or at least somewhere around that age. So, I switched their years, going up one for both, but leaving Reneesme in her 2nd year. (Simply, their story is they had attended other magical schools before in the Muggle states, before they decided to transfer.)

And, one reader had pointed out before that they believe Dumbledore would never allow Vampires into Hogwarts. I may agree with them, since it could be part of Dumbledore's character, but I had explained in the first chapter that Carlisle had went to Hogwarts after his first century of being a vampire, got his education of magic, and he does know Dumbledore quite well - making Dumbledore view him a close friend, practically a brother even. He trusts Carlisle and the family, to not attack any of the students and harm anyone while attending the school year.

So, while it has been a long time since I've last updated this story, I would appreciated it if any readers that are die-hard HP fans could tell me if there's anything bothering them with the story. I would like to keep all my readers happy while reading, meaning I would like to fix my mistakes.

I am doing my best in improving on my writing skills - no matter how many times readers say my stories are excellent reads, and I'm an amazing writer, I'm not phenomenal. I'm no J.K. Rowling, or Stephen King, or any other amazing writer that's out there, famous for their masterpieces called books. I can only learn, however, if I have someone tell me how they honestly felt about the story, as well as honestly pointing out my mistakes.

I'd like to also point out to any of my readers here, that while I won't be truly updating this story until after 10 stories of my "FIVE-STORIES-AT-A-TIME" list, get's finished, that Chapter 11 of this story will have to get rewritten, as it seems to me, it's not that great. It's totally choppy, completely out of context and just very random. I believe when I rewrite it, it should be more focused in with the story while it does focus on other things as well. Just, not to the point of where it's ridiculously irrelevant.

Please, be patient for any of your favorite stories of mine to be updated. (That's of course, if there's any of my older readers still waiting around me to kick myself to get to writing the chapter.) I'm focusing on my more newer stories, because those seem to be where I constantly get new ideas for chapters. So, again, please be patient.

I just thought it'd be nice of me to let you in on what happened to me during my absence, and when the story would get updated once more.

On one last note, I would appreciate it if any readers could go to my profile, and vote on the poll that's there. It involves on my more, eh, somewhat popular stories. That decision is important, and I would love to get some help from fellow readers.

Now, with that, I bid you all farewell for now.

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