Seeing is Believing


Sum: Arthur is tired of people poking fun at his sight (seeing fairies and such?), so he decides to show them once and for all that his magic is real—by giving himself psychic powers. But they don't always work the way he wants them to…

So, it's an Gakuen AU. And it's also USXUK, which I haven't written before, so it probably won't be what you'll want. (IDK if it will turn out the way I plan anyway)

This was inspired by the ACTUAL music video for Savin' Me by Nickelback. You don't have to watch it or anything, but I recommend watching it after you finish the story. I'll put up a link in the last chapter.


I furrowed my eyebrows in anger. "They are real. It's not my fault if you're not smart enough to see them!!" I yelled angrily at Alfred and Francis, who both just laughed at me.

"Iggy~ You're so childish sometimes~!" Alfred chirped, slinging an arm around my shoulders. I glared at both of them and stomped off begrudgingly to my older brother, Topper's car.

I yanked open the door and slammed it shut behind me as I sat in, angrily buckling my seat.

He gave me a look. "What is it this time?"

"Stupid Al and Francis saying that the fairies aren't real."

He just rolled his eyes and smiled. "Well, you do know that they're both idiots, honestly, so it shouldn't bother you too much…"

I half-listened to his words. A plan was forming in my head.




I held the bottle in my hand, wondering if I should test it out on something.

But, before I could change my mind, I quickly gulped down the contents and shivered.

It tasted horrible.

I dashed out of room and, throwing open the fridge door, starting chugging milk from the jug.

After a few seconds, when the last traces of the mixture were gone from my mouth, I capped the jug again.

I looked around me. Nothing.

I tried focusing my thoughts as best as I could. Nothing.

Damn. If every time I make a potion turns out this way, I'm gonna start believing those two idiots…

I sighed and walked out of the room, where I met my brother's questioning gaze. But I quickly looked above his head and gaped.

He gave a look that said 'the-bloody-hell-you-looking-at?', but I ignored it.

Above his head were numbers.

Red, and moved whenever he moved his head.

They were counting, like an electronic clock. It even had hours, minutes, seconds, and mili-seconds.

But instead of going up like most clocks, this one went down.




I knew my mouth was hanging open, so I quickly shut it.

"What is it this time, Arthur?"

"You…you…" I shut my mouth.

He knew I had made a psychic-powers potion. No biggy. But it wasn't supposed to do that, and I wasn't going to lose his respect because of it.

Right at the moment I shut up, a loud beeping noise filled the room.

He looked down at his belt and widened his eyes. "It's my job…"

My brother was an emergency rescue officer. As in, he would run out in the middle of dinner, or at 3 in the morning, if that buzzer went off, because it was his job to help people when he was closer than the ambulance.

He quickly gave me a look, and I knew that I had to either stay by myself or go with him.

But he made the choice for me. "Come with me," he said as he pulled on a jacket over his uniform. "If that potion of your's has any side effects, I want to be there when they take place."

I nodded my head and followed him as he half-ran out the door.


"It's a car accident. A woman and two kids in one car, a teenage boy in the other. It's on the corner of—oi, we passed that already!! Damn!" He quickly turned the wheel as the car turned sharply around a U-turn area.

After we were on the right course again, he shut his cell phone, which had the text message containing the information.

He slowed, and then left the car running as he got out and ran over to the crash. I got out and followed behind, but at a distance in case I got in the way.

The teenage boy was the one who called, because he had his cell phone out and was saying to the phone, "Okay, someone's here now. Yes, thank you." He shut it and turned to look at the scene.

The woman was injured, a small piece of glass sticking out of her palm—but other than that, she was okay. She had a little boy, about ten years old, looking worriedly at one of the cars.

One was a sturdy but fading red truck, which I assumed was the teenage boy's. But the other one, a Honda Civic Sports Modula, was badly broken. The entire front was smashed together like an accordion, the glass was hanging on by only a few shards, and the ceiling had collapsed.

Topper was prying open one the doors, and soon a very badly beaten little girl, maybe four years old, was pulled out. She clung to my brother by the neck, and tears were streaming down her face.

I noticed something different about her. Her numbers were much closer to zero. In fact, she was only 10 seconds away…

9…The ambulance arrived, and they got the girl on a stretcher.

7…They hooked her up to a breathing treatment and began to give orders to the mother.

5. 4.3. 2. 1…

And suddenly the loud noise that you usually heard on hospital shows was audible to everyone.

Her heart had stopped beating.