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Childe : A degoratory term for young, inexperienced, or new vampires.

Ancilla : "Ancillae" is the name given to vampires who are no longer watched over by their sires, but have not gained the power and status of an elder.

Camarilla : A global sect of vampires in which all vampires may hold membership. Its rule is far from absolute, and it serves as a debating chamber more than a government.


The knock on the door brought her out of a stupor. She didn't realize that they had arrived at the mansion. It was obviously old, probably Victorian era, and had tall, brick walls with no windows.

The door opened slowly, revealing a tall, blonde-haired vampire.

Aro bowed his head. "Jasper, I'm here to see Edward," he said formally.

Jasper looked first at Aro, then at the two vampires behind him. The male vampire's head was down, his eyes towards the floor. The female, on the other hand, simply looked lost. Her curious brown eyes darted around the room, occasionally making eye contact with Jasper.

Jasper looked at Aro again and spoke, his southern accent thick, "What do you want, Aro? Edward won't be happy to see you. You know that he does not appreciate it when visitors show up unannounced."

The female vampire wondered who "Edward" was. He must be someone important, she thought to herself.

Aro quickly answered, "My apologies, but there is a situation that requires his immediate attention."

Jasper paused, taking a moment to consider Aro's request, before stepping aside to let them in.

While the outside of the mansion was ominous, the inside was magnificent. The floors were comprised of highly polished marble, which reflected the light from the chandeliers. As they were passing through the main hall, the vampires couldn't help but admire the paintings covering the walls.

Sensing their awe, Jasper turned and said, "Most of these paintings depict various events from Edward's life."

All three vampires moved to examine the closest painting. The scene depicted in the painting was a battle.

"This is a painting of the Siege of Acre," Jasper explained. Seeing the shocked look on the two unfamiliar vampires' faces, Jasper continued, a slight smirk creeping at the corners of his mouth. "It was painted in 1190."

1190, the female thought, That means that he is at least 800 years old!

An awkward silence filled the hall. Jasper continued walking, the vampires following him. He opened a huge, gilded door, gesturing for them to enter.

Aro went in first, the two vampires silently falling in behind him. The floor was the same marble from the main hall. The walls were covered with dark wooden shelves, holding thousands of books. There were several vampires standing next to a large fireplace on the far wall of the room. They watched silently as the newcomers walked through the door.

"Edward," Aro said, as he bowed his head and kneeled. The two vampires with him followed suit and quickly kneeled down, mimicing his movement and trembling with fear.

"Aro," Edward growled.

The female felt a tremor run through her entire body at the sound of his voice. Without thinking, she raised her head to look at the source of the voice.

There, sitting on his throne, was a god. There was no other way to describe him. He was dressed in a black suit with a vibrant red tie. His bronze-colored hair was a tousled mess. He had with sculpted cheek bones and a sharp, angular jaw.

But what captured her attention was his eyes. His deep, emerald green eyes sparkled with hints of secrets and shone with tremendous wisdom. It was obvious that those eyes had seen many things.

Even in his suit, his body was looking lean and muscular. Although he was seated casually, he radiated pure power.

Oh, Lord, he is beautiful, she thought.

"I'm sorry for showing up unannounced, my lord, but this is an emergency," he said, the respect that he held for this man obvious in his voice.

My lord? she wondered silently. Who is this man?

"And what seems to be the emergency?" Edward asked, sneering at the possibility that Aro would have anything to tell him of any importance.

Aro lifted his head and stood up. "This is Amadán and his childe, Bella," he said, gesturing to the two vampires beside him.

Edward glared at the two vampires in front of him. Amadán's trembling increased visibly under Edward's gaze. He was well aware of the punishment that accompanied the crime he had committed. He slowly lifted his head and looked at Edward.

"My lord," he began with a tremble in his voice, but was cut short by a massive growl from Edward.

"Silence, Ancilla!! " His voice filled the room.

Amadán quickly bowed his head, his submission evident in his posture.

"You know the rules of Camarilla, and yet, you disrespect the traditions ?" His voice was nothing but a growl. Standing up quickly, he descended from this throne and stood in front of the offending vampire.

"And, more so, you disrespect me and my domain by speaking without my permission," he spat. "You have broken the ultimate law.

"'Thou shalt not sire progeny without leave from thine Ruler.' The punishment for failure to adhere to this death for both you and your childe." Edward said, his authority ringing in his voice.

All the vampires in the room were silent. They already knew what the fate of the Ancilla would be..

Hearing Edward's words, Bella started trembling. "But I didn't do anything," she whispered, unable to stop the words from flowing out of her mouth.

Edward turned this head towards the source of the sound. There kneeling on the ground, her head bowed down, was Amadán's childe.


She was wearing a white dress, though it was all bloodied and torn. Surprisingly, the white color complimented her pale skin. Her brown hair fell from her shoulders, coming down to shield her breasts.

"Let me take a look at you, childe." Edward's voice was sweet and warm. Bella slowly raised her head and looked at Edward. Her large, brown eyes were filled with fear.

"You need not fear me, fledgling," he whispered, slowly moving the back of his hand gently across her cheek.

Goosebumps erupted in Bella's body. Unable to control her actions, she leaned her head towards Edward's hand. Edward froze, stunned at the sensation he felt at her touch.

Watching the scene in front of him, Aro cleared his throat and said, "My Lord."

Quickly withdrawing his hand, Edward shot a glare to Aro. "Let's not waste time, Jasper," he said flatly.

The blonde vampire came in seconds later, bowing in front of him.

"What is thy will, my lord?"

Edward looked at Bella and froze, deep in thought. He was entranced in part by her beauty, but mostly her innocence.

Without removing his eyes from hers, Edward spoke the words that sealed Amadán's fate, "Destroy him."

Bella watched with wide eyes as the vampires in the room started walking towards her creator.

In an act of desperation, Amadán lunged for Edward. In one easy move, Edward caught the vampire by his neck and lifted him into the air.

"You really shouldn't have done that," Edward chided. His voice was deadly calm.

Jasper took his arms, while putting his knee on his back. Normally, he should be destroyed by being left out in the sunlight, but Jasper knew that, after this little stunt, Edward would likely kill him with his own hands.

Placing one hand on each side of Amadan's head, Edward twisted and pulled, decapitating him in one swift moment. Blood poured out of his neck, pooling at Edward's feet.


Dropping his head to the side, Edward took two strides to stand next to Bella, who was still kneeling and trembling so hard that her teeth were clacking.

"Now, what shall we do with you?" he asked rhetorically.

Bella understood that this was the end. She closed her eyes and prayed for mercy as Edward put a hand on either side of her face.

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