Hello there! How are you? Yes you! And you… oh and you too… I think it is safe to say that I'm back.. It has been a crazy and I mean… CRAZY ride… for 6 months.. Actually I'm thinking of writing it all… not like a story but.. I dunno, maybe a diary? Of what I've been through and what happened while I was in the military… It would be therapeutic (spelling fail?).. Anyways..

What is going on with my life?

Hmmm… Started a job.. (yay!) moved to a different city, staying with my sis at the moment. Trying to find an app. Actually scratch that.. I've found it, but I'm way too lazy to settle the deal. Plus I'm working on Saturdays too, so I spent my Sundays drinking and… doing other stuff ( : D )

What is going on with DaHE?

I fucking missed it. I want to continue writing it. But believe met hat when I say I have little time, I really have little time. BUT! That's not an excuse.. I made an outline of sorts (from scratch) and kinda got my mojo back.. I think.. Plus there is another fic that was in my mind "The Count Of Tuscany" . Gonna start writing that too… soon. It will be a novella? Maybe a couple of chapters.. I dunno yet.

Anyways.. I wanted to give you a heads up and a promise that a new chapter will be posted soon.. and I mean… SOON!

Now that I'm back, gonna be lurking on twitter a lot. I missed it way too much. If ya wanna ask me questions about military or I dunno, what is my favorite wine or pfff… I dunno boxers or briefs? LOL

Don't be shy and add met o twitter buzzkill34

Ok… i think I'm done. Love y'all and see you soon.