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There is John Preston narrarating. There is showing of Jurgen and the rest of his resistance set to be executed. The executioners give up. There are the prisoners going free. There is also in the past years the sweeper team from Preston's home signing a freedom treaty with Jurgen. John Preston: "Over those years I have won our freedom in Libria. I was a grammaton cleric who turned his back on the society of Libria. Over those years the grammaton clerics have signed a freedom treaty and Jurgen the resistance leader became the governor of Libria. I got married to the human and animal rights foundation founder."

There is John Preston the highest ranking cleric standing there with his guns.

Somewhere else there is Luciferian Baxter Arnold the right hand man to Jurgen as leader of the free Libria. There are John Preston and Chief Sanders taking down Baxter Arnold. John Preston: "We have been having devil worshippers into the free Libria. Jurgen's right hand man was involved. Now we are to find out the leader."

There is what was known as grammaton clerics busting other devil worshippers.

In Libria at the council chamber a decade after the fall of Father's society. There is Lincoln Bennington the ruler of the free Libria present. There are guards there that were resistance fighters against Father. John Preston: "Jurgen's 2 terms have expired as was succeeded by Lincoln Bennington. Now we are to fight for both freedom and peace."

At a former church building at night time. There is Tony Maine present with those other Luciferians Kiera, Jack, Carl, Max, Greg and Christian. Kiera has a navel piercing wearing a short black shirt and a tattoo over her belly. Tony Maine: "We'll kill Bennington and then we'll take his place. We want to own Commissioner John Preston." Kiera: "John Preston got me my freedom to get tattooed and pierced." Tony Maine: "When the resistance started a woman tattoo artist tried to stab Cleric Brandt with a tattooing needle and he shot her down. One of the clerics I remember was executed for having a pierced nipple. I have this device invented by Dr. Hammond to multiply myself. I will soon reveal myself to Commissioner Preston. The guy doing my job before me was taken down by Chief Sanders." Tony Maine has a device on his wrist. Tony Maine multiplies himself. Tony Maine: "Now you guys go deal with the police. We'll rule Libria."

At the cleric's headquarters at night time. In the office of Commissioner John Preston. There is John Preston as his desk. Chief Sanders shows up in John Preston's office. Chief Sanders: "Commissioner Preston. I think we have found Luciferians. I remember almost a decade ago that you had me sign a freedom treaty when Jurgen took over Libria. Father died of a heart attack and was succeeded by DuPont." John Preston: "Let's go than and nail them. We aren't known as grammaton clerics anymore. I turned my back on the society started by Father a decade ago." John Preston departs his office along with Chief Sanders.

At the former church building somewhere else. Police cars show up. Commissioner John Preston shows up in a car driven by Chief Sanders. They all park there.

At the office of Tony Maine. There is Tony Maine present. Also there are Carl, Greg, Christian, Max and Jack present. Kiera shows up. Kiera: "It's the police." Tony Maine: "I'll send my multiples to deal with them." Tony Maine sends the multiples of himself after John Preston and his officers. Tony Maine's multiples pull out guns. Tony Maine: "Shoot them down."

Outside of a former church building. John Preston and Chief Sanders pull out their guns. Chief Sanders: "I got an anonymous tip of this place. I remember as a grammaton cleric before the resistance we had a mob family that you and I took down." John Preston: "Jurgen made me the commissioner as I won our freedom." The Tony Maine multiples show up with hoods and cloaks. They fire on the police. John Preston: "Open fire." John Preston with the chief and his officers fire back at them. John Preston shoots down multiples of Tony Maine as does Chief Sanders. John Preston: "That's all of them. Let's move in." John Preston with his officers enters the church building.

Somewhere else inside of the Luciferian church building. There is the officer in charge who was a grammaton cleric. Officer in Charge: "The lights are out. They must have candles lit." There are others there. Also there are John Preston and Chief Sanders.

Inside of the church sanctuary. There are Tony Maine's 6 followers. They have candles lit. The lights are out. Cleric John Preston and his team show up. Those cops aim and Chief Sanders aim their guns at the 6 Luciferians Kiera, Jack, Carl, Max, Greg and Christian. Chief Sanders: "Hold it right there you 6. You are all under arrest. I knew that it was you guys who were writing on churches. Pastor Bloom is against execution and wouldn't even think that you should be executed." John Preston: "Where's your leader? Who is he?" Greg: "It's Tony Maine." Carl: "He's in the office. He's the right hand man to Lincoln." They put their hands up. John Preston goes looking for Tony Maine.