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Chapter 5

The Next Day

"Amu you ready" Ran said. "Yes where's the tape recorder" Amu said. "Here you go" Ran said handing her the tape. "Thanks where is the fake key" Amu said. "Here you go" Miki said handing her it. "Ok let's go" Amu said.

At Easter

Amu turned the tape recorder on and hid it under her shirt then walked in. "Amu aren't you suppose to be at school" Harry said. "Harry if I don't give you the key what will happen?" she said. "I'll kill your sister Ami" he said. "So you did kidnap her right?" she said.

"Yah I kidnapped her" he said. "So that I would work for you?" she said. "Yah where are you going with this?" he said. "Nothing here you go" Amu said throwing him the key. "Ok I'm done bye forever" she said.

"No your not" he said. "What we had an agreement" she said. "Doesn't matter as long as I have Ami you do whatever I want you to so your next mission is-"

"No I quit"

"Then Ami will die"

"Fine" Amu said then ran out. She called Ikuto "hello" he said. "You have Ami" she said.


"Good I'll meet up with you later" she said then hung up. Amu ran to the nearest police station and told them everything and gave them the evidence. The police went to Easter and Amu went to Ikuto.

"Ami" Amu said. "Amu" Ami said and they ran up to each other. "Do I have to go to that place again" she said. "No never again" Amu said. She got up "thank you Ikuto for everything" Amu said then kissed him.

"Your welcome" he said as he hugged her. "Amu I want to go home" Ami said. "Ok do you want to come" Amu said to Ikuto. "Of course" he said and they all walked home.

2 years later

Amu's P.O.V.

It's been 2 years since I saved Ami from Easter with my boyfriends help. After that me and Ami lived happily together until Ikuto graduated. Then he asked Ami and I if we wanted to live with him. I asked Ami and she said "Of course if its with kitty." I laughed.

Ikuto is nice when he's not being a pervert. Now it's my day to graduate. "Amu congraduation" Ami said. "Thank you" Amu said. "Ikuto wants to see you" she said. "Ok Ami thanks" Amu said.

"Hey Ikuto" Amu said walking towards him. "Hey Amu let's go"


"It's a secret"

"What about Ami"

"It's taken care of" he said I just followed him.

"Why are we here" I said. It was the park where we first met. Ikuto got down on one knee and said "Amu Hinamori I promise to love and take care of you and Ami everyday of our lives will you marry me?" he said.

"Of course" Amu said. Ikuto put the ring on her finger where it would stay for the rest of her life with Ikuto.


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