Bones drabble, post the 100th episode because it was that amazing. Feedback much appreciated.


They're sitting outside his apartment, one week and three days after that night of confessions and tears and factual errors. The drizzle of rain falls upon their shoulders but it remains ignored by the two partners with the highest solve rate within the FBI.

"You asked me if I would ever betray you." Booth says, catching Brennan off guard. She turns slightly to him, and his eyes are clenched shut, but they open as he feels her gaze on him.

She gives him an imperceptible nod and a sharp intake of breath as she remembers the evening of alcohol, Gormogon, crushed paper cups and a blistering headache the morning after.

"I've broken my promise to you." He volunteers at her questioning glance.

"Booth, It was not a promise -"

"Still, I betrayed you. You, and your trust in us as partners, by telling you that -"

"Don't, Booth." She thinks maybe if she says his name out loud enough times, he will fall silent. Alas, he's stubborn as a mule.

"I can't move on. Not with you here. With me. As my partner."

The rain soaks her coat, and she recognises it as the same one she wore the night of his untimely confession. She wants to rip it to shreds. A sudden image of her at the Jeffersonian, alone in her office without paperwork to complete, without cartons of Wong Foos on her table, without Jasper and Brainy Smurf, flashes before her eyes and she's scared. Of being without him.

"Then don't." Her words are soft, but determined all the same. She sees that she's caught him by surprise.


"Don't move on. Stay here. With me." Brennan says softly, not daring to meet his eyes. This is the most she's ever volunteered regarding her feelings towards his admission.

"You don't understand, Bones. I'm aiming for forever. And I know you scoff at the idea of forever. You don't like the idea of an indeterminate future. And I can't change me, and you can't change you."

"But I want babies now."


"I told that reporter I would never have children. I want children now. I believed monogamous relationships were overrated, I have changed my mind. I am not closed to the idea of change Booth, and you taught me that."


"I have changed my mind. I needed time for my heart to catch up to my brain, Booth. I'm not a heart person, and I needed to accommodate for it. I needed ... time to listen to my heart and -"

She takes his hand, slowly, gently and strokes the outside of his palm as if it was one of her precious remains in Limbo. He stares at her intently, hoping she's taking the conversation into a favourable direction, but this is Bones. He's learned to expect the unexpected when talking to Bones.

"I believe that you were right. There is a chance that the idea of 'us' will work. Because ... because I do not believe that something I feel so strongly about can possibly be wrong. I am hardly ever wrong, you know."

The corners of his lips twitch, and she registers the beginning of a smile growing on his features. His hair is matted across his forehead, the product he used in it long gone, washed away by the falling rain. She watches as he processes her words and he blinks, once, twice and before she knows it, she is enveloped in a bone crushing hug.

The water seeps past her coat and into her shirt underneath, his arms holding her own tight against the sides of her body. He whispers into her ear, his voice husky and laced with gratitude and hope and what she now knows is love.

"Everything happens eventually, Bones."

She smiles into his neck. And she agrees.



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