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A new Life

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Inuyasha. I am not rich.

Warnings: Slash! This will be about Slash! And also some swear words, gore later on and Kagome Death.


Severus Snape, ex-Death eater and youngest potion master ever, scowled at the little boy, who was currently slobbering on his arms. Severus shifted his arms to hold the toddler more carefully and gazed at the sleeping boy.

Albus had just gotten back from Godric's hollow, telling everyone that Voldemort had died…all because of this little boy in his arms. He had been given Harry Potter so that Albus can get the boy's affairs in order and figure out were he was going to live with. Right now the man was speaking to Minster about where to place the little boy.

Severus frowned at that thought. As long as the little brat didn't live with him, he didn't care. The baby gargled and sniffled causing his black hair to reveal a lighting bolt scar, the only wound the boy had received. Even though the brat was only a year and three mounts old, Severus could see the likeness between James Potter and his orphan son.

A waft of something coming from Potter Jr's diaper had him wrinkling his nose in disgust. This is why he hated children, never could be kept clean. Sighing, Severus walked down to the nurse's office. Poppy should have some diapers for the girls who became pregnant, he thought, as he walked up some of the staircase's to Poppy's room.

As he opened the door to the healer's room's, Severus spotted Poppy watching over a few of the Order member's who fought off the few Death Eater's who had come with their master. The brown haired witch spotted the two of them and her face lit up when she saw who Severus was holding.

"Oh, isn't he the cutest?!" She whispered, tying to not to wake little boy as she looked at the sleeping little boy in his arms.

Severus looked to and had to admit that the brat did look cute…but he wouldn't tell her that. "Yes, if shit looks cute," he said dryly.

She frowned at him, but sighed as she looked at him knowingly. "He most likely wont become like his father, you know."

Severus snorted, "You know what they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Poppy glared at him, and put her hands on his hips. "Severus Tobias Snape! How could you say that? What about your own father?"

Severus looked away guiltily and conceded. "Fine, the brat may not be like his father when he is grown up, I will give you that."

Poppy nodded. "What do you need?"

Severus winced as he remembered why he came up here in the first place. "He need's a diaper change. I, thankfully, do not have any."

Poppy rolled her eyes and got some diapers out, forcing him to watch 'just in case' she said.

He snorted as he walked away from the infirmary. He had to get the little bugger out of his hands soon. He walked determinately to the headmaster's office, making his robes billow out. He said the password, 'Carmel Apple', and walked up the spiral staircase, careful to not wake up the still sleeping boy. He sneered at the thought. Since when has he cared about waking a child up?

He got to the door and started to knock on the door, when he heard voices in the room. 'The Minster…,' Severus thought. 'The man has a horrible son if he remembered correctly. Someone named Fudge…' he thought.

"Minster it has to be done!" he heard Albus say.

"But leaving the boy who saved all our asses to live in a muggle home?! By golly man, are you mad!? Do you know how many people would write howlers to me, trying to get that boy for themselves?!"

"It is for the greater good Minster! If he lived in the magical world then he would grow up pampered and wouldn't be the perfect weapon."

"What are you talking about?!" The Minster hissed out. "Harry Potter is not a weapon! He is a human being for Merlin's sake!"

"How do we know for sure that the Voldemort is dead?" Albus instead, as Severus flinched. "If he is not, then why don't we use the boy? It has already been proven that he has great magic, and if he was in my hands then the boy would be broken, I fix him, and then I would control him. He would be a perfect weapon who would listen to every word I say and do anything I ask. And then you would still get all those votes that I hold Minster…"

Severus eye's widened at what he had heard. This man…this man who was supposed to look out for everyone, had just said that it would be better to break Harry Potter so that he could control the boy's magical power?! Severus looked down at the sleeping bundle in his arms. Was this child really able to kill the Dark Lord?

The Minster sputtered, "You are telling me that, in order to keep my job, I have to make one child's life miserable and full of abuse?"

"He wont be abused, just… subservient."

"You are sugar coating it Albus, and I for one, will not allow it!" There was a sound that sounded like a chair scraping on the floor. "I will take this to the board of Governors, and do everything in my power to get you out of this school! Who knows what you would do to others? Good Day!" *

Severus moved quickly out of the door's way before the door burst opened and possibly hurt Potter Jr.

"I am afraid you cannot do that Minister…" Albus said pleasantly. There was an "Oblivate!" that Severus heard on the other side of the door and it seemed that the man slumped back into his chair.

"I am so sorry, my boy, but I can't have this go public." A few seconds later he heard his name being called, "Severus! I know your there, my boy. Why don't you come in?" the man said jovially.

Severus heisted for spilt second and opened the door. He came into the scene of the Minster slumped in his chair and Albus sitting behind his desk with his hands clasped.

"Ah, and young Mister Potter! Wonderful Severus, sit down, sit down!" The man's blue eye's twinkled and looked at the young man before him. This would do nicely, the man thought happily.

"I know you heard are argument, and because I know you hate the Potter's, I shouldn't worry about you…" Albus' eye's narrowed slightly and lost that twinkle in his light blue eyes.

Severus, a master at Occlumency

already, just nodded, put on his regular sneer, and replied to his employer. "I don't really care about this brat," he sneered looking at the child in his arms and the looked at Albus. "I just came here for someone else to take care of him! Did you know that he drools?! I do not want to deal with this!"

The older man nodded and looked at Severus with an sad smile. "I am dreadfully sorry, Severus but I don't trust anyone but you right now."

Severus sighed and nodded, gritting his teeth. "Well how long will I have the brat in my possession?"

"Just one more day, and then I will give him to his relatives to look after," Albus said, his light blue eyes twinkling once more.

Severus sneered one more. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately "Petunia?" he spat.

"They are his only relatives, Severus. Sending him there is for the greater good."

There was a pause, before Severus spoke once again. "Do you really think that the Dark Lord is somehow alive?"

Albus laughed. "Of course not! His magic and ties to his Death Eater are gone."

"But then why--"

"There may be another Dark Lord, and I no longer can fight like I used to," the man looked over his half-moon spectacles, "If I train Harry to be a perfect weapon, only wanting to please me, getting away from his horrible relatives, then he would be mine to control."

Severus was sickened of the way Albus wanted to treat a life, as a weapon. He sighed, "Just one more day?"

"One more day Severus," Albus said.

Severus rose from the chair and nodded. "Good by, Albus," he said as he left.

One day was all he needed.

"I can't believe I am even thinking of this!" Severus hissed at the still sleeping boy as he walked into his living room later that evening. He stared at the boy thoughtfully, maybe he should decrease the dose of sleeping drought for children.

The little boy yawned, stretching his little arms and blinked drowsy at the man holding him, making Severus stare at Lily's bright green eyes. That's right, this was Lily's eyes. This was Lily's child, who was going to grow up with no love, especially if Albus gets his hands on the boy.

He briefly wondered what Albus would do when he realized Harry's true parentage was…would he be glad for such a powerful being on his side…or would he kill him? He wasn't really worried about Albus finding out about Severus' creature side, no one knew about it…except for Lily of course.

Then the boy did the worst thing imaged.

He smiled.

And Severus was lost. This may be James Potter's son, but this was also Lily's son too.

He decide then.

They will leave Hogwarts, live in another city or country…no…that wouldn't do. A different time would be fine.

Severus grabbed some of things he would need: Clothes, money that would be need to be changed at Gingrotts, his wand, a bottomless bag that would have his potions ingredients with unbreakable charms on them, his many books. He thought for a moment, he would need a wand for the boy to practice on, then have him study wandless magic.

He looked at the little bundle who was gazing at him in curiosity. He pointed to a book and asked:

"Move that book for me."

Yeah sure, like the boy could even under--

A book came flying through the air.

…Guess he didn't need a wand.

Checking twice, he looked around to see if he needed anything else.

Nodding to himself, Severus Snape took the bag and went out the door for the last time.

Stopping, he backtracked and went to get Harry Potter.

Couldn't really have a 'kidnapping' with out the kid, then he went out the door for the last time.

After leaving Gringotts, to have all his money transformed into currency of the year that he needed, he shifted his things and baby Harry in his arms. He took out his wand and waved it causing them to disappeared.

Taking out a charm that his mother had given him when he was just twelve, he activated it and dispersed his glamour.

Severus Snape now stood at five foot eleven and had long black hair that reached the back of his back, with two pointed black fox ears, and a long sweeping tail speckled with silver. He sighed at the feeling of freedom that he hadn't know sense he was six.

He looked at the child in his arms, seeing that his eyes were wide. A spit bubble appeared, making Severus grimace.

"Let's get you out of the glamour," Severus muttered. Casting the spell to revealed Harry's true form he was surprised to see silver fox ears with Harry's black hair in stark contrast. "So that's how the dark lord was destroyed… you're a silver fox," Severus muttered.

He felt something hit his arm and saw a small tail with a silver tip, swinging lightly, and scowled at the little boy in his arms. "You're going to become so much trouble…"

Harry smiled and giggled.

"What should be your new name?" Severus told the brat. He would have to have a new name just in case Albus would check historical archives. "How about….Yume*… that should be suitable. Or Gaki*," Severus said smirking.

Harry smiled once more and waved his hand, grapping his hair, pulling it harshly.

Severus glared at the brat, wincing as the kid still tugged. Well that solves that. "And you'll call me… Suiyaku.*" He looked back at the boy in his arms. "Well when you can talk."

Suiyaku looked at the sun as it was setting in the trees.

"And now I am talking to myself," he said sighing, "Let's find some food and shelter."

Yume gurgled.

"Damn Brat."


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*I like That 70's Show! ^-^

*On this website I found a English to Japanese Translation. Yume means Dream. I will explain later.

*Gaki means Brat.

*Suiyaku Means potion. *smirks* Thought that was appropriate.