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Chapter 10 Naraku's plan

Naraku leaned back in the tall chair, crossing his legs and resting his face on his fist as he smirked. Soon…his plan will come into fruition. It was just his luck that he had finally found the body he had been looking for all this time. The black fox clan was extremely powerful and by absorbing the hanyou's power he would be able to at least get most, if not all, the jewel. The plus side would be that he could finally kill Inuyasha and his friends; they had been a thorn in his side for too long.

It didn't matter if Sesshomaru had come along with him and he wasn't too worried about the other fox demon. He recognized the small demon, but couldn't really place him. But from the way the older demons protected him, and from how the boy acted, it shouldn't really bother him in the long run.

A buzzing noise zoomed into the run-down building he was waiting in. Watching as his Saimyosho came towards him, the buzzing stopping as it landed on his outstretched finger. Naraku's smirk widened, they were almost here. The Saimyosho buzzed once more and he frowned. Kikyo? It seemed she was not so far from here either… oh well it's not like it would matter much anyway after this. He would destroy Inuyasha, meanwhile getting the Shikon jewel, and then get rid of Kikyo, and hopefully getting rid of Onigumo sooner then he thought.

"Kanna," he whispered, knowing that she will have heard him. Soon enough the white haired girl appeared in the broken doorway, Kagura right behind her. As they moved forward the thick dust unsettled and swirled around them, making the air cloudy.

Both of them stood in front of him, Kagura trying to get the look off distaste off her face, while Kanna's still didn't show anything.

"It seems," Naraku said leaning forward, "That Inuyasha and his group is coming here." He noticed them both nod and Kagura place a hand on her weapon. "This time I am going to finish them completely." A sadistic grin slowly formed on his face. "And to make sure that it will happen…" The demon leaped from his seat and grabbed Kagura.

She gasped and struggled. Her eyes widened and a silent scream came out of her mouth as he absorbed the girl. After he took a few seconds he looked at Kanna, with a smirk between his eyes.

The group had reached the gates of the empty town. Even before they stepped one foot inside they realized that the whole town was rundown and seemed to be falling apart, with darken charred bits all over.

"Well this is sure going to be safe," Sango muttered, clutching Kirara tight to her.

"Naraku's in there," Inuyasha grinned, "Of course it's going to be unsafe." Inuyasha looked down and spotted Shippo looking fearfully in the town. "But we're still going to kick his ass, right Shippo?" He said with a grin.

The fox demon squeaked and looked at him fright, before he put on a brave face, though his trembling knees betrayed him.

Miroku took pity on the young fox and smiled down at him. "Don't worry. You're going to stay here… with Rin?" He said the last word as a question as he looked over at Sesshomaru who nodded.

Shippo thought of it for a second and crossed his arms with an important look on his face. "You're right; staying here I can protect Rin."

The slayer and the monk both sweat dropped at what he said.

Suiyaku wasn't listing and instead looked at Yume who was looking around worriedly at the charred buildings. "You," he pointed to the Yume, making the fox kit jump, "Stay."

Yume's eyes widened a little bit before they narrowed, putting his hands on his hips. "Don't order me like some dog!" He looked at Inuyasha and Sesshomaru at the corner of his eyes hoping they wouldn't noticed. As they were staring at him, he was pretty sure they had. He would deal with that later and turned his attention back to Severus. "I'm going with you!"

The black fox raised an eyebrow and Yume flushed, realizing this was the first time he hadn't done as Suiyaku ordered him to do something. "I need to do this, Sui," he looked at him with pleading eyes.

Suiyaku narrowed his eyes at Inuyasha who smirked. If they hadn't met him, Yume wouldn't be doing this at all. Freakin' boy had to make his kit grow up. He turned back to the demon in front of him. "From what I heard, this Naraku is powerful. He keeps on defeating Inuyasha, of course that's easy…"


Suiyaku continued, ignoring the outburst. "…but I'll worry about you so I can't concentrate on defeating him."

"I can defeat him just fine! The other times where a fluke! A fluke!"

"But…" Yume looked at him unsure.

"What if I get hurt as I try to save you?" Using Slytherin methods and guilt was something he did best.

Silver fox ears stood up in shock making Suiyaku want to take back he words…well…kinda. "This town will always be here, and we can do that some other time. Right now the problem is that this demon is killing, manipulating, and destroying people's lives," he stared into green eyes, "We'll come back and I will do everything in my power to help you overcome this part of your life."

Yume looked down, realizing he was right and nodded his head. "I'm sorry, I didn't think…"

Suiyaku, pleased ruffled his hair, turned and glared at Inuyasha who was smirking at him…again!

"I didn't realize how much of a mother you are, Sui-chan," Inuyasha grinned.

The fox demon raised an eyebrow. "Image how harsh I'm going to be to the boy dating him," He smiled slowly and chuckled darkly, "I can use so many…things on him."

The hanyou gulped and moved away from the other.

Kagome rolled her eyes and walked into the town, making the others follow her. Inuyasha turned and gave a thumb up to Yume, while Sesshomaru looked down at Jaken before telling him to take care of Rin.

As they reached the town square, the group looked around. There was an absolute silence, not even the birds where making a noise.

"I thought your fire would burn everything," Sesshomaru said softly.

Severus looked away from him, crossing his arms. "Oh it will…for about an hour or so. Then it smothers itself," he smirked, "It wouldn't do for the whole world to burn, would it?"

"I'm so glad you could all come," a silky voice said, seemingly not coming from any direction.

"Oh, just come out Naraku!" Inuyasha shouted as he folded his arms, "Let's get this over with."

They had no warning but a high pitched wail as Inuyasha was knocked off his feet from the force of Naraku.

Yume heard the destruction of some buildings and shivered. He felt something tug on his clothes and looked down. Rin was staring up at him.

"They'll be okay…" she whispered to him, hugging on his leg.

Yume bit his lip and nodded, before watching a cloud of dust wave in the air. "I hope so…"


Shippo and the others turned, and with wide eyes watched a woman, wearing the same outfit of Kaede stumble, out of the grove of trees. She was clutching her clothes, panting, as she looked up at them.

Yume looked at her confused, putting himself in front of Rin along with Jaken. "Who are you?"

A great sound was heard behind them, and Yume swung around, listing to even more loud sounds emanating from the town.

Suiyaku jumped from one of the roofs and ran alongside Inuyasha before jumping, swinging some of his fire from his hands to the demon in the air.

The demon chuckled and dodged, making Suiyaku curse as he landing on the ground below.

"Wind Scar!" Inuyasha yelled, swinging his sword down as he leaped into the air.

Naraku landed onto a building, making the attack completely miss him. He shook his head before he gasped and cursed as he felt something rip through him. Shit! He had forgotten about the full-demon. The man twisted, clutching his wound, a disgruntled look on his face as he looked at the Western Lord. "How could I have forgotten about him?" he muttered as he stayed in the air.

Sesshomaru said nothing as he stood on a rooftop with a sword unsheathed in his grasp, before he leaped and swung.

Naraku tried to cast an illusion, but was interrupted when Inuyasha crashed into him, causing him to get on the defensive.

"Do you know Inuyasha?" the women asked breathlessly. She eyed them wearily but then recognized the little girl and the kappa demon from the Sesshomaru, Lord of the West.

Yume looked at her confused and nodded as he moved forward to the long haired girl. "Are you okay? Is there some way we could help?"

She shook her head. "I need to get to Inuyasha and…tell him…" She broke off coughing, and the small group could see her getting paler as souls left her, making Yume jump from surprise.

Rin looked at her worriedly as she crouched down.

Yume gazed at her in confusion. "Do you need Inuyasha? Can he help you?" He glanced at Shippo and noticed he was pale. "Shippo?"

"Shippo?" The women leaned on a tree to support her and noticed the fox kit. "So, he's around," she said softly. Her eyes widened and slid to the ground.

"Kagome…" she panted for breath. "She's taking away my soul, but not only that, but the witches' spells on me too…She's not human anymore!" The women started to breathe heavily as sweat dotted her forehead. "You have to warn Inuyasha!"

Yume looked at her in horror, before sprinting into the town.

"Yume!" Rin shouted after him.

"I have to warn Inuyasha!" Yume called back, "Take care of her!"

Shippo looked at him worriedly and then looked at Kikyo who scowled in thought. "There's no way that I'll let her take away my Inuyasha!"

Her eyes shuddered and her head rolled to one side.


Naraku scowled, his hair flowing in the wind as he dodged swards and magic. He didn't want to admit it but he was heavily outnumbered, and he wasn't accounting for Inuyasha's brother to help him. If he could just somehow turn the tides…

Brown eyes collided with his. Naraku gave a chuckle. This would do perfectly.

He jumped from Inuyasha's wind scar once more, but instead of sideways, he leaped and jumped over him grapping the miko's arm and thrusting the struggling figure in front of him.

Inuyasha froze as he took in the sight. He's got Kagome!

Naraku chuckled at them as they tried to unsuccessfully get the Miko. "What's wrong Inuyasha?" He twisted the arm he held behind her back, making the girl scream loudly.

"You bastard!"

Sango ran as fast as she could, before she crashed into a barrier. Everyone's eyes widened.

"W-what?" Kagome gasped, her struggles ceasing for a moment.

Sesshomaru didn't let that detour him, and leaped slashing his claws slicing at the barrier.

Naraku just laughed at the pathetic attempt. "As you can see, I have gotten more powerful," he chuckled, petting the miko on the head, "And you wouldn't want to hurt her." He tilted his head and enjoyed the furious look in Inuyasha's eyes. "Would you?"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed, eyes pleading a few tears escaping from her eyes. She glared behind her and spit on the man's face.

The hanyou looked at her disgusted and twisted her arm harshly, making her cry out in pain.

"Just for that," Naraku said over her screams of help, "I think I'll enjoy you first."

This was his first time absorbing a human, and it would be the first time he would have a miko. There shouldn't be a problem with her miko powers generally used for light, but there was no way she would have control over the amount needed to purify him. And with that last thought he began to bring her inside him, feeling the rush of power, and enjoying the look of her comrades.

Inuyasha looked on in horror as Kagome's body was slowly absorbed into Naraku. He growled and started to swing his sword at the barrier looking for a way in. "Kagome!"

Sango tried to help, but was thrown back against a couple of buildings, Miroku rushing to help her. She struggled to sit up, holding on to her broken arm and was trying to get back up, but was pushed down by the monk. "We have to get Kagome!"

Miroku shook his head. "I don't think we can…"

A loud grunt was heard and both humans looked up to see Suiyaku bounce off the barrier crash next to them. "Shit!" he said, spitting out some blood. "What kind of…of thing is he!"

That's when Naraku felt something was wrong. She wasn't supposed to…!

"AH!" Naraku yelled, clutching his body. "You can't…!"

Kagome slowly opened her eyes before they widened in surprise. She sat up and looked around her at the dark space, wondering where she was at. It was completely dark with no light anywhere. Where was she? The last thing she remembered… Her face showed shock as the thought dawned on her. "Oh god, am I in Naraku?" She said out load.

Kagome's face transformed from shock and instead glared, her eyes flashing. First that little bastard came along and degraded her, and she started to lose Inuyasha. Than her plan to use the Shikon jewel to become a full demon started to go downhill and now she was going to become part of this beast? There was no way in hell she was going to let Naraku take over her!

A wave of power washed over her and she lifted her head, her brown eyes showering her insanity. She was going make that little bastard pay! It was his entire fault! If he wasn't alive…a grin formed on her lips twisting her face. Once Yume is gone, Inuyasha would be hers! After all he was the reason why she died…

Kagome frowned…wait…that was Kikyo…right? No. It was her, and she had left her little sister alone. Or was it her brother?

A sudden flare of white light entered her. She'll figure out who she was later. Right now she had…to get… out!

The whole group stood looking at the demon with wide eyes. 'What was going on?' Everyone thought as wind and dust swirled around Naraku's body covering him from their view.

Inuyasha struggled to get up, his body bloody and he could feel some broken ribs from Naraku's attacks.

"Kagome!" he shouted hoarsely, looking in dismay as he used his sward to help him get up.

He heard a gasped and looked beside him to see his mate. "Yume!" he shouted angrily, "Get out of here!"

"But Inuyasha-!"

The hanyou was about to comment, when the wind started to die down. Miroku and Sango shielded their eyes, as the demons took up a fighting stance.

But…there was only a woman, in a light green kimono. Her dark brown hair was down, except for two pigtails on either side of her head and two brown eyes that glittered strangely. And she looked like…

"K-kagome?" Inuyasha asked with a sniff.

"No," Sesshomaru said softly lifting his sword, "That is no longer the miko."

The girl smirked and lifted into the air, placing a hand on her chest. "I am the person you called Kagome, and also Naraku," she tilted her head, "But I suppose you can call me Kagome if it makes things easier for you simpler minds." Then she frowned. "Or am I Kikyo?" She muttered. She was so confused.

A flash of light went around Inuyasha, making the others look at him as the beads around his neck dropped down to the dirt.

Inuyasha stared at the beads on the ground before he looked toward the newly formed demon floating up in the air. He had a bad feeling about this.

Yume gasped and caught the attention Kagome. Her pretty face transformed as she hissed at him. Inuyasha quickly put himself in front of Yume.

She gasped and looked at him tears falling from her eyes. "Inuyasha…why? Am I not good enough for you?"

Inuyasha shook his head sadly, "We were never together Kagome," he hung his head, "You're not my mate." He lifted his golden eyes, "And I will not let you harm what's mine!"

Kagome's eyes widened and she shook her head, her hands covering her ears. "No! No! No! You're mine Inuyasha!" She tried to go to him, but felt her powers wane. Her body needed to get used to her new powers and it had just formed too, it could be dangerous if she didn't rest first.

She glared at Yume, frustrated that she would have to wait. "I will kill you!" she screamed as she flew away from the group, "Then I'll show you what happens when you take another person's boyfriend, you little piece of shit!"

Kagome turned and flew away as she fisted her hand. Inuyasha will be hers!

Sango shook her head in confusion. "W-what just happened?"

"Kagome's…gone," Inuyasha whispered. He closed his eyes, his face pained. "Kagome…"

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