Here it is; the sequel to Mommy and Daddy! It is Ikarishipping some pokeshipping, but, there will be OC's. so WARNING for that. If you don't like OC's then turn around now. K thanks. \

The building shook from the explosion. "Repeat; we need back up! Intruder is on the 4th floor. I repeat the intruder is on the 4th floor." the radio sounded from the unconscious grunts belt. A girl picked the radio up and sneered.

"Well Vulpix. Looks like we've been found out." She said taking off the blue wig she was wearing; her long blonde hair came tumbling down. She then quickly took off the disguise and started to run, her Vulpix running along side of her "it's gotta be around her somewhere!"

Vulpix skidded to a stop and looked down a hallway; she raised her nose in the air "Vulpix!" she called to her trainer.

"Did you get its scent?"The blonde asked.

Vulpix nodded and darted down the hallway.

"Good girl!" she grinned and followed her pokemon.

Hikari took a deep breath as she held her pokeball tight to her chest. She could do this, she could do this! It was the finals. She had made it this far without any help. It had been almost a year since her split with Shinji and she found her way back to Satoshi's group who were now traveling along with a red head named Kasumi. She shut her eyes tightly as the memory came rushing back to her.

"Eh!? You and Shinji broke up!?" Akemi shouted as she jumped from the chair she had been sitting on.

Hikari looked down at her red boots, her fists grabbed her skirt in a tight grip. She couldn't speak so she jus nodded.

"But why?!" Akemi continued to shout.

"Sh; Akemi, obviously Hikari's very upset." Takashi whispered; placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Hikari…" Satoshi frowned "I hate to say this, but I knew it was going to happen. Shinji's a cold hearted jerk. He doesn't care about anyone but himself."

Hikari couldn't help the small laugh that escaped her lips "You can say that again." A tear ran down her cheek and she quickly brushed it away "Can I tag along with you guys again?"

"HIKARI!" the announcer shouted introducing the 17 year old coordinator.

Hikari jumped; surprised, but quickly recovered and ran out into the arena forcing a smile as she raised her pokeball over her head "Come on out; Lopunny!"

Hearts shot out as the pokeball opened and Lopunny landed gracefully on her feet and gave a wink to the crowed.

"She's so cool!" A girl said to her friend inside the Pokémon center.

"I tried a contest once; so hard!" the other girl laughed.

"Contest?" A boy whispered to himself as he walked up to the counter. He had black hair and deep green eyes. He wore a red t-shirt with a black jacket over it and a pair of baggy jeans. He turned to Nurse Joi "Hey I left my Luxray here and some of my other Pokémon."

Nurse Joi smiled "Yes that right I'll be right back." She said and went into the back with her Chansey.

The boy turned and looked at the screen "She's kinda cute…" he mumbled as he watched the Blue haired girl on the screen smiling as he Lopunny shot a stunning ice-beam.

"Luxray!" the blue Pokémon shouted as he leapt over the counter and on top of his trainer.

The boy fell but laugh "What the hell?!" he rubbed the Pokémon's head "I guess you missed me?"

Luxray rubbed his head against his trainers smiling. Nurse Joi glanced over the table "Are you alright!?"

The boy laughed and sat up "I'm just fine. By the way, the names Yori."

Nurse Joi sighed and smiled "Alright, Yori here are the rest of your Pokémon." She said placing a tray with 5 poke balls on it. Yori took them and put them in his pack.

Yori winked "Thanks Nurse Joi. See you later." He waved as he walked away "Luxray look there." He pointed to the TV screen. The same blue hair girl was hugging her Lopunny and smiling "Hot, right?"
Luxray rolled his eyes and threw his head towards the door "Ray."

Yori laughed "Alright, Alright. We're going."

"FLAMETHROWER!" The blonde shouted and Vulpix did as she was told. The glass shattered and the alarm sounded.

The blue black and beige Pokémon glared at her. The girl frowned "Don't give me that look. I'm getting you out of here now let's go, Lucario."

He didn't trust her. His piercing red eyes stayed glues to her brown ones. The girl sighed.

"We got off to the wrong start before. I still do want to catch you, but first I want to save you and then capture the fair way. Kay?" The blonde smiled.

"Lucario…" he growled as an aura-sphere began to take shape in his paw.

Vulpix jumped in front of her trainer and growled. The girl put her hand on her pokemon's back "it's okay, Vulpix." She said before looking at Lucario "Please lets just get out of here. Okay?"

"There you are; you little bitch." A galactic grunt spoke from behind them "You're not beating me little girl. No way in hell."

The blonde stood up "I have a name." She said taking out a pokeball "And its Mayu." She grinned "And I'm busting Lucario out of here."

"Nuh-uh. I don't think so kid." The grunt scowled "Lets battle!"

"You were so close to winning!" Akemi frowned.

Hikari laughed as she fixed her hair in front of the mirror in the girls bathroom "Second place isn't too bad."

"Yeah. You'll get them next time." Kasumi smiled.

"Yeah." Hikari nodded.

Akemi frowned "But…"

"What?" Hikari glanced over "What is it Akemi?"

"Nah its nothing. I'll meet you two outside, okay?" Akemi smiled as she walked out of the bathroom.

Hikari frowned before turning back to the mirror. She knew what Akemi was going to say. Hikari was missing something. She always use to go out into the arena with spunk, but that spunk was gone and she knew exactly who to blame for that…. Shinji.

Okay so the first chapter! Hope you like it! I promise; it will be Ikarishipping! And yes the Lucario is Ryu! I'll try and update soon. Thanks so much for being loyal readers. Love ya!