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The grunts threw Ryu into the back of their truck. Ryu couldn't move, they had their Dustox use stun spore and Ryu took a pretty heavy helping of it.

"Any sign or those kids?" Ryu heard the one grunt ask.

"Nope. Looks like that smoke bomb idea worked!" The other chuckled, "What fools."

"Hurry up, man, let's get this thing to Mars as fast as possible! We can't afford to lose it again."

"Right, the sooner we get it back to her the better. Think we'll get a promotion?"

"We better! Especially if this one can use its Aura and track down that one Pokémon…"

Ryu's ears perked as he listened more closely.

"They ran test on him already didn't they? They said his ability is strong so he should…"

Ryu let out a snarl, he remembered those tests… They forced him to release his energy… He remembered the burning that lasted several hours after the one they called Mars had him placed in that machine and drained him dry.

"Then I for see a raise in our future!"

Both grunts started laughing as they got into the truck."


Quietly and quickly Shinji gathered his things. He dodged the mourners that were still in his home and most importantly he was able to avoid his mother. Shinji picked up Hikari's pink boots and placed them in his back pack. He found Pikachu staring out the window and got the pokemon's attention, "You're coming with me. We're meeting up with Hikari."

Pikachu eyed him suspiciously before following the purple haired trainer quietly out the door. Shinji spotted his mother through the window and watched as she sat between two of her friends clutching a picture frame as she cried. Shinji shut his eyes tightly and turned around and made his way down the three steps. He wasn't sure where to start looking for Ryu. He knew Team Galactic's headquarters was well hidden and there were only rumors he could go on about where it was located.

'guess we're going to have to try those places first… hopefully one will be right.'

Shinji started to jog down the road that would lead him straight to the pokemon center. He would rescue Ryu and he would kick major Team Galactic ass as he did it. A shiver of excitement shot through Shinji's body at the thought.

"Pika Pi!" Pikachu shouted cheerfully, pulling Shinji from his thoughts.

Hikari and the other two trainers were running towards him.

"What are you three doing? I told you I'd meet you at the pokemon center."

"No time." Mayu said and pointed down to her vulpix, "She was able to get the scent of the grunt that threw the smoke bomb. She'll be able to lead us to Ryu."

Shinji arched an eyebrow and glanced at Hikari who stared at him with hopeful eyes,

"We didn't want to waste any time finding Ryu by going back to the pokemon center and waiting…" Hikari said.

Shinji looked down at Hikari's feet and noticed the shoes before silently pulling her boots out of his back pack and wordlessly handed them to her. She smiled and softly thanked him before putting them on. They fit so much better than the shoes Mayu had lent her.

Hikari looked back up at Shinji, "Let's go get our boy."


Kasumi and Satoshi sat at the pokemon center talking amongst themselves. Akemi and Takashi had gone ahead to her parents' house while Hikari had decided to take a walk. The couple were enjoying their afternoon together, it had been a long time since they were able to be alone thanks to Satoshi and Pikachu being attached at the hip. Kasumi glanced up at the clock and noticed it was getting late,

"I'm surprised Hikari isn't back yet."

Satoshi shrugged, "She's got Pikachu with her. I'm sure everything's fine."

"You're probably right. I wonder how Takashi's doing," Kasumi giggled, "Finally being introduced to the folks. Who would have thought someone would keep him around long enough!"

Satoshi laughed along with her as they reminisced about old days when it was just the four of them back in Kanto so many years ago. Kasumi reached out and grabbed Satoshi's hand and smiled at him.

"Thank god you guys are here!" Takashi's voice boomed breaking the couple's moment.

Satoshi was the first to speak, "What's wrong, Takashi?"

"And where's Akemi?" Kasumi looked around, "Don't tell me she finally wised up and left you." She said with a smirk.

"Ha. Ha. Ha, No." Takashi grew serious, "So when Akemi and I got to her house her parents were on their way out. They were going to Shinji's."

"And?" Satoshi asked, not seeing his point.

"Shinji's dad died."

"What?" Satoshi leapt from his seat,

"Wait, Shinji as in Hikari's ex?" Kasumi asked, both Takashi and Satoshi nodded. Kasumi covered her mouth, "Oh no… Do you think Hikari knows?"

"I don't know. Akemi went over with her parents I told her I'd come back to you guys. I don't know them and I can't even say I'm a friend of Shinji's…" Takashi explained.

"We should probably go find Hikari… I'm sure she'd want to be there." Kasumi said.

"Good idea." Satoshi nodded


Mayu, Yori, Hikari, Shinji, and Pikachu all followed vulpix down a busy street in town. Suddenly the red fire Pokémon took a sharp left down an alley and came to a stop making Hikari slam into Shinji's back. Hikari let a little squeak out,


Shinji grunted in response and looked around. Mayu ran up to her Pokémon and knelt down, "What is it Vulpix?" she carefully took out the smoke bomb; Vulpix shook her head and started walking around in circles her nose to the ground.

"The scent must end here." Shinji said walking over to one of the walls and began patting each brick he could reach.

"What are you doing?" Yori asked, tilting his head.

"Looking for an entrance. If the scent ends here they must have a secret entrance around here somewhere."

"What if there isn't? Maybe they-" Hikari began,

"Hikari!" Shinji snapped making the blue haired girl flinch, "Just trust me here, okay?"

Hikari's heart raced, "Okay." She said and started patting the other side of the wall.

"Yori, help me over here." Mayu ordered as she started doing the same on the opposite brick wall.

"Aye, aye." Yori lazily saluted.

Eventually Hikari and Shinji started moving closer and closer. The wall wasn't opening. Hikari was starting to lose hope that they wouldn't find an entrance. It wasn't until Hikari and Shinji both hit a single break that the wall started to open. Shinji grabbed her arm and pulled her back and behind him as the wall slowly started to open. He reached into his back pocket pulling out a poke-ball and Yori did the same from behind them.

Once the wall opened a startled grunt stood there, "H-How!"

"Vulpix, take-down!" Mayu shouted before either boy could react.

The fire fox Pokémon sprinted full speed at the grunt before hitting him straight in the gut, sending the grunt flying. He crashed into a wall and was knocked out.

The three trainers and Pikachu just stared at her and the blonde shrugged, "I've broken into a Galactic headquarters before."

Yori threw his head back and laughed, "Alright, then lead the way princess!"

Mayu rolled her eyes before kneeling down, "okay vulpix, we'll follow you."

The fox pokemon nodded and started a quick pace down the hall. The four trainers followed closely. Shinji glanced over at Hikari and noticed she was already panting pretty heavily,

"You okay?" He asked.

"I'm good;" She nodded, "Are you? I mean, with today being-"

"Don't worry about me," Shinji interrupted, "I'm fine."

Hikari frowned; she knew he was lying. No one would be fine with everything he went through. The group came to a cross road. Vulpix froze. She had completely lost the scent. She looked up at her trainer waiting for further instruction. Mayu frowned and looked down each hallway.

"I think we should split up." The blonde said, "Yori and I will take the left, Hikari, you, Shinji, and Pikachu take the right."

"What? Why can't I go with Hikari?" Yori pouted,

Shinji glared and took a few steps putting himself between the two, "Go with Mayu. We don't need two weak trainers taking off together."

Yori's eyes narrowed, "excuse me? Did you just call me weak?" he growled,

"And if I did?" Shinji challenged.

"Whoa!" Hikari stepped in, "Can you post-pone this? We have to find Ryu."

Shinji shrugged and turned around while Yori continued to glare daggers at him. Mayu reached out and pulled the raven haired boy back, "Come on. You can challenge him later."

"Fine." He huffed, "This isn't over Shinji! And you better take care of her."

Shinji rolled his eyes before grabbing Hikari's hand and starting down the hall, Pikachu following silently behind them. Hikari's blushed and stared down at their hands before glancing back at Mayu and Yori when it suddenly hit her…. Shinji was jealous! A smile spread across her lips as she looked up at the purple haired man, her hand closing around his. He looked back and down at their hands before briefly meeting her eyes. She wondered if he could hear her heart beating, because to her, it was defining. He looked away without saying a word. A small sliver of hope began to creep its way into Hikari's head. Maybe, just maybe, when they reunite with Ryu, she and Shinji could work everything out.


His whole body was heavy. He couldn't move. The dustox poison had long left his system; but the machine he was currently locked in was draining his power, slowly and painfully. Several times he tried blowing the machine up but, he couldn't manage to get any energy to form in his paws. He couldn't even move his back legs to try and kick it open. He started to feel tears form.

What did they want with him? Why were they doing this? Why couldn't he be with his mom and dad? He was just there! He could feel his mother's arms around him and could see his father's eyes staring at him. He tried again. He tried with everything he had to make an aura sphere. A chuckle broke his concentration as he glanced up to a pair of ominous gray eyes staring down at him. The man was tall with spikey gray hear and his cheeks had a sunken in look to them. Ryu could sense the evil coming off of him,

"Try all you want Lucario." The man patted the machine, "This lovely machine is taking in your ability."

Ryu's eyes widened,

"Soon there will be nothing left of you and I will finally have the power that I need." The man said before laughing to himself.

Ryu shut his eyes tightly hoping his mom and dad would find him before it was to late.


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