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Emmett POV 1

Alice Cullen had never been so shocked when she had gotten the vision.

A person with long, dark wavy hair was standing at the top of the cliff on the Quileute territory. The human was petite, and very skinny from what she could see. The human had their arms crossed in a defiant position and after taking off their shoes and jewellery off the person jumped.

With the yell of 'SWAN ARE FUCKING CRAZY?' And with the speed of someone that could only be a vampire or a wolf, the person who yelled, ran and jumped over the edge of the cliff after the person who jumped.


Her vision went black. She couldn't see if Bella was okay! Oh God, what if Bella died? What if Bella got hurt and she couldn't see it? Edward would never forgive her. She jumped off her bed, startling her husband, and ran down the stairs at top speed.

"I need everyone in the living room." She said it quietly, but by the time she was done talking everyone was surrounding her.

The family could tell that something was wrong, other than the fact that Edward was not with them. Edward hadn't been with them since they left Bella. Alice looked frantic and freaked out. She was biting her nails, something she would never do, and breathing heavily, even if she didn't have to.

"WE have a problem." She announced. "I had a vision and it was of Bella. She jumped off a cliff and someone; I don't know who, jumped in after her. The person sounded terrified when they yelled at her. And I couldn't see the end result. MY VISION WENT BLACK! I couldn't even see if she was alive or harmed or dead or… or… or…" And that was when she collapsed into Jasper's arms, dry sobbing.

The family was dead silent… even Rosalie for a change looked spooked. Esme had her hand to her mouth and her eyes were wide, Emmett stared in shock with his jaw hanging to the floor, Carlisle looked chagrined, and Jasper was confused with all the emotions going around.

"We have to check on her. Or something… we just can't stand here looking like morons." Alice practically screeched.

Emmett was the first to do anything.

"I will go and check on Bella." He said, glancing at Rosalie.

Ever since they broke up it had been awkward. But since they both agreed that they should break up they hadn't been at each other's throats.

One of the reasons they broke up was that Rosalie practically hated Bella and Emmett thought of her as a baby sister. So while Rosalie was happy to move, Emmett was upset. Another reason was because Rosalie had caught Emmett checking out a guy's ass when they were shopping and Emmett said he like the male persuasion more than females. He was bi apparently. Rosalie knew they weren't Soul mates like Alice and Jasper or Carlisle and Esme. And she hated to admit it, but Bella and Edward too. She knew from the beginning that they wouldn't stay together, but instead of being lonely they decided to get together. And they were okay with being friends.

"Good… it is settled… now go pack for about a week. And then get your ass into the car and move." And with that Emmett and Alice went separate ways, leaving the rest of the family just standing there.


When I got to Bella's house it was an hour later. Being a vampire had its advantages.

Her house had a couple of lights on and I could see a slim figure walking around the living room.

I breathed a sigh of relief, Bella was alive. Good now Edward wouldn't try to like kill himself or something of the sort. But either way I walked up to the door and knocked softly, afraid I would break the flimsy wood door.

I could see the slim figure walking to the door, but when the door opened I wasn't looking into Bella's dull (Don't tell Edward I said that about his precious Bella. I love her like a little sister, but her eyes are boring) brown eyes. I was looking into the brightest green eyes I had ever seen.

I had to look down, because the person at the door was shorter than Bella, but not creepily short like Alice (Once again, let's keep this to ourselves). The boy… because I now know he is a boy… was cute. He was pale, but not as pale as me, with rosy cheeks and long, black wavy hair, almost as long as Rosalie's hair. His face was heart shaped and he had a cute button nose to go along with the rest of his petite features.

He was probably five feet 3 inches tall, three inches shorter than Bella. He was barefoot, but what he was wearing made venom pool at the back of my throat. He was wearing burgundy skinny jeans and the tightest black shirt I had ever seen. The shirt showed off his wiry muscles. He was definitely a good looking human.

"Excuse me, are you done checking me out?" A soft, angel like voice ripped me out of my thoughts. I looked back up at the angel's face and if I could blush I would probably be red. He had a pink tinge to his cheeks, so apparently he didn't mind that I was checking him out.

"Sorry. Is Bella home?" I asked the angel, wondering who he was and how he knew Bella.

He looked at me oddly, scrutinizing me with his eyes.

"Bella went to Florida for a while. About two months ago, I'm Harry Swan. Bella's older brother by a year. And you are?" He sounded a little confused, probably thinking how I didn't know that Bella was not here. Everyone knew everything in this town.

Bella went to Florida? Well… shit… Good going Edward. But since when did Bella have an older brother? A cute, older brother?

"I'm Emmett Cullen, an old friend of Bella's." His face hardened.

I don't know what I said to make him look like that, but whatever it was… he was pissed.

"Oh… you are from THAT family." I was taken aback. Did he know that I was a vampire? "Get inside and sit down. I will be with you in a minute." He walked up the stairs and to the left. And then he was gone, out of my view.

So I did what he told me and sat down on the couch. I waited for about ten minutes, and I didn't hear anything other than a couple of muttered curses and shuffling of feet.

He came back down wearing a tight black sweatshirt over his t-shirt. It stated 'I'm one of those bad things that happen to good people'. I almost choked when I saw him. That jacket left less to the imagination than the t-shirt. It showed a good two inches of his pale, flat stomach. And I am having bad thoughts about my brothers' girlfriends' brother. Great…

"So you are one of the vampires that left my baby sister. You better explain…now."