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Sufficiently fed and watered the Swan's sat back with a sigh, their feet near the bonfire, watching the Quileute's carry on and share stories about all sorts of things that went straight over the dark heads of the Swans, until it got to a particular story about the legend of the Quileute's that had Harry and Bella sitting up and taking note.

"Alright everyone, it's story time." Billy spoke up and everyone sat down around the fire with something to drink and plates of food and got comfortable for the story, "You've all heard them as you have grown up but for some of you it will be much more significant than it was when you were young."

"Stories?" Charlie whispered.

"The history of the Quileute's we're always thought of as legends told to us to keep us in line. The stories of how we came to be. The first stories of the Spirit Warriors." Jacob explained to him as he settled down.

The three Swan's looked around at the Quileute's and noticed that they had sat up a little straighter and all of their attention was on Billy. A few had pulled out a pad of paper and a pen so that they could write down everything of significance about what Billy spoke of. Especially Seth, Leah and Quill as this was their first council meeting.

"The Quileute's have been a small tribe since the beginning but we have always had magic in our blood. We were Great Spirit warriors, shapeshifters that transformed to the powerful wolf, this enabled us to scare off our enemies and protect our tribe.

One day our warriors came across a creature, it looked like a man but it was hard like stone and cold as ice. Our warriors sharp teeth finally tore it apart but only fire could completely destroy it. They lived in fear the cold man was not alone.

And they were right.

She took her vengeance out on the village, killing every one in her path, killing all of the remaining spirit warriors. Our Elder Chief, Taha Aki, was the only spirit warrior left to save the tribe after his son was killed, he attacked the woman but he was being beaten by the cold woman and the Third Wife could see that he would loose.

The Third Wife was no magical being, had no special powers but one... Courage.

She picked up a knife that was dropped by her son and stabbed herself in the stomach, her blood causing the distraction that was needed for the Elder Chief to destroy her. Her death saved the tribe...

Over time our enemies have disappeared but one remains, Cold Ones...

Our magic awakens when they are near and we sense it now, we feel the threat in our blood. Something terrible is coming and we must be ready... All of us." Billy finished giving Bella and Harry significant looks and the kids transformed.

Charlie couldn't believe what was sitting in front of him, nor on the side of him. There were wolves, taller than him where they youngsters of the Quileute's were previously sitting. Charlie brought his hands up and rubbed at his eyes before blinking and looking again, nope, they hadn't disappeared. "What the hell?"

"Calm down Daddy." Harry soothed rubbing his father's back.

"Calm down. CALM DOWN!" Charlie yelled, "How the hell can I calm down."

Harry and Bella sighed, "Please dad, just calm down a little and we'll explain everything." Bella tried and nodded at Jacob to turn back and turned her head to the side until he had gotten come pants back on.

"Charlie, just listen please." He asked squatting down in front of Charlie, "This is something that the Quileute's have been able to do in times of great distress to the town. It's in our DNA now to change when trouble is brewing and we protect the town against it." He explained.

"It was you in the woods wasn't it? It was you that we were hunting?" He asked and Quill handed over a beer while still in his wolf form. Charlie took the beer with a tentative hand and pulled off the cap and drank down about half the bottle.

Charlie sighed, "Okay, go let's go through this again. All of you can change in to wolves?"

"Only the youngsters." Billy piped up, "All us old fogies are exactly that, old." This got chuckles out of the elders, "There is a threat in the town, a wolf's natural enemy, the Cold Ones, so the kids transformed to protect us from them."

Charlie rubbed a hand over his face, "Alright, okay. I'm going to need more beer and some time for all this to sink in." He groaned and Jacob pulled over the esky for the man to dig into the beer.

"I could run and get you something stronger if you like." Sam offered.

Charlie looked down at the beer and then back to Sam, "Might be a good idea." He said and seconds later Sam was gone from sight. Charlie turned on his kids, "So you knew about this?"

"I found out after the Cullen's left." Bella responded, "You remember the time I went to the movies with Jacob and then I couldn't get a hold of him for like a week cause he claimed to have mono?" She asked her dad, Charlie nodded, "Well I wanted to know what was going on and got really angry at Jacob because he wouldn't talk to me so he told me to think back about the story he told me when I first came back home and it took a while but it finally clicked. So I came down here and had a go at Sam and punched Paul cause he was being obnoxious and he transformed right in front of me." Bella laughed and looked over at the grey wolf that she knew of as Paul, "It scared me completely shitless and I turned and ran, Jacob woke up in time to come out and transformed while he was running and tackled Paul and they went off fighting into the forest and the others took me back to Sam's place to talk."

"And you?" He asked his son.

Harry shrugged, "I got really upset one day and went off into the woods and of course got lost. Sam ended up finding me and we talked for a while when a mountain lion came upon us and attacked, Sam transformed and killed the lion. All I could do was stare at Sam in shock before cracking up laughing at how silly he looked on wobbly legs, it was his first transformation and he wasn't used to his wolf legs." Harry chuckled as he looked back on that day.

"I remember that, I was utterly mortified about what had happened that when I tried to run away from you I tripped over my own feet." Sam said handing Charlie some stronger stuff.

Harry turned his bright green eyes to Charlie, "He was going to leave me there all on my own daddy." He said, his lip trembling.

Charlie turned to stare at Sam, "You were going to leave my baby boy out in the woods?"

"I was scared of what had just happened, I wasn't thinking." Sam said in defence, "I just wanted to get back to the Res and talk to Billy about what was happening to me."

"Yeah, I probably would have had the same thought." Charlie mumbled, "So what order did you all change in?" He asked.

"I was first." Sam said, "It happened pretty much a full year before the others. Then Jared, Paul and then Embry joined me not long after. It was a further few months before Jacob joined us. Seth, Quill and Leah just joined us this pass year." He explained, "It was because of the wolf that I was able to find Bella when she went missing."

"I never did thank you for that." Charlie muttered, "So thank you."

Sam shook his head, "It's no problem. You're a friend of the pack because of Billy and I was able to help out with a great sense of smell." He joked.

Charlie laughed, "Better than a blood hound huh."

"I knew it." Bella suddenly blurted out, "I knew that there was something out there. I saw eyes watching me."

Sam nodded, "That was me. I figured that I would wait until you had passed out before I picked you up. Wouldn't do for me to change back and bring you to Charlie naked. So I ran back home to grab some pants before coming back." He explained.

"Not wrong about that one." Charlie grumbled taking a swig of whiskey.

Harry rolled his eyes, "God you're all such prudes." He grumbled.

"Well excuse us for not growing up using a communal bathroom." Jared muttered.

"Like it matters to you now." Harry responded, "You're all up in each others heads any way, not like you can keep your sex life quiet anymore."

Jared blushed, "Shut up." And the wolves laughed.

Charlie sighed as he climbed into his bed, both of his kids all tucked up and sleeping peacefully, he still couldn't wrap his head around what had happened and hoped that nothing else would come along and throw the rest of his world into a tizzy. It was hard enough when Harry first came into the family, getting the boy to trust and love them, though it wasn't a bad thing when it happened, it was just life changing.

The more that Charlie thought about it, the more that things made sense about the Quileute's and their mannerisms and the stories that Billy had told him when they were younger all now made sense. That and the proof was right in front of him now and he couldn't ignore it.

Maybe he wasn't in touch with Forks as he first thought.

Bella brought her truck to a stop out the front of the Cullen's magnificent home, Harry staring with wide eyes at the house, "Wow." He breathed.

"I know right." Bella responded with a smile and jumped out of the truck and headed up to the house, Harry following after her at a much slower pace.

"Hi Bella." Alice squealed as she raced out of the house and brought the girl into a tight hug, though not so tight as to break her in two.

"Hey Alice." Bella responded hugging the other just as tightly, "I've missed you."

"I missed you too."

Bella pulled away from Alice, "This is my brother Harry, Harry this is Alice." She introduced.

Harry climbed up the steps behind Bella and held out his hand, "Nice to meet you." He said.

Alice by passed the hand and brought the other into a hug, "It's so nice to finally meet you." She gushed, "Come on, every ones waiting." She said grabbing both their hands and dragged them into the house.

Harry was a little weary about heading into the house full of vampire's, vampire's that he had never met before, except for Emmett and Edward and now Alice, but he didn't know her all that well. Harry looked around to see Bella being hugged by another woman vampire and a blonde male, with her giving a caramel blonde a small smile.

"Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, this is my brother Harry." She introduced coming back over to his and pulling him further into the room, "Harry this is Carlisle and his wife Esme, mother and father to the Cullen/Hale's and Jasper Cullen-Hale, husband to Alice."

"Hello." Harry said going over to Carlisle and offering his hand, which was taken and shook gently, he gave a smile to Jasper and Esme, "It's nice to meet you."

Esme laughed lightly, "It's a pleasure to meet you too Harry." She cooed, "You're so cute."

Harry blushed, "Thank you." He said bashfully.

"Thank you for saving our son from doing something stupid." Carlisle spoke up.

Harry shrugged, "It's not a problem." He responded, "I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for Bella." He admitted.

"Thank you none the less." Esme responded, "Now are you hungry?" She asked dragging him toward the kitchen.

"I could do with something to eat."

Bella laughed as she watched her brother get herded to the kitchen to taste some of Esme's cooking, "How have you all been?" She asked sitting down on the sofa.

"We have been well." Carlisle responded sitting down in his favourite arm chair, "And yourself?"

"Better than I was." Bella admitted, "Having some time down in Florida helped me with some things about, well everything, and seeing mum as well was good. It's been a while since I've been able to have the type of talks daughters have with their mothers." She explained, "And Harry kept me well in formed about dad and the Res."

"We are sorry Bella, we really are." Alice said softly.

"I know Alice, I'm just sorry that it happened this way." Bella responded giving the pixie like vampire a smile and turned to Jasper, "I don't blame you either Jasper, so get those thoughts out of your head." Jasper inclined his head and gave her a small smile.

Harry emerged from the kitchen with an arm full of pastries, Esme following chattering excitedly about all of the foods that she would love to cook, "I love sweets." Harry imputed.

"Please just make sure that he doesn't eat too many sweets Esme, he tends to get a little rambunctious." Bella spoke up.

"Ssshhhhhh." Harry hissed at his sister, "Esme didn't need to know that." He said with a pout as he sat down next to Bella. Jasper, Alice, Esme and Carlisle laughed at the teasing between the siblings.

"It is so a pity that we can no longer eat sweets." Esme sighed, "It is one of the things that I do miss."

Harry winced and then pouted, "No fair." He grumbled and stuffed another pastry into his mouth, making his cheeks puff out like a chipmunk causing Alice and Esme to squeal at the cuteness pouring off of Harry.

"So tell us about yourself Harry." Carlisle requested.

"There's not much to tell." Harry responded after swallowing his mouthful, "I was adopted at three by Charlie and Rene; my parents had been killed in a car accident when I was 15 months old along with one of their friends, Peter. I was the only one to survive, all with this little scar on my head." He explained, moving his hair out of the way to show them the jagged scar, "I went to Hogwart's over in Scotland, I was on the list as soon as I was born since my parents and their parents before them went. It is a very prestigious school. I have a whole nother family over there, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore; he's kinda like my grandfather and my best friends Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, Theodore 'Theo' Nott and Blaise Zabini.

It was the best being there with everyone, even though I didn't have my dad or Bella with me but I made do." Harry said with a cheeky smile to his sister, "After that I came down here to go to community collage to be close to daddy and Bells."

"That's very sweet of you." Esme cooed.

Harry made a face, "Not really, cause I'm actually stuck at school at the moment, I have to do a paper on the Civil War and I know only British stuff." He explained, "It's hard." He whined.

The Cullen's and Bella laughed at him, "If you would like some help I could tutor you." Jasper said softly from where he was standing behind Alice.

Bright green eyes turned on Jasper in full puppy dog mode, "Really?"

"Jasper was in the Civil War so you'll have a first person account of what happened." Alice spoke up excitedly.

Green eyes turned in to impressed green eyes, "Wow." He breathed, "That would be fantastic if you could help me."

Jasper nodded, "Of course. Though it will also depend on what part of the war that you want to know about as to how much that I know about it."

Harry was thoughtful, "Uh, I'll have to look over my term papers to find out." He mumbled as his brow furrowed, trying to think of what paper it was that he needed to write.

"Harry, Bella? What are you two doing here?" Emmett asked in surprise as he came in to the house with Edward not far behind.

Harry laughed a little and brought his hand up to wipe his mouth like looking at Emmett, getting the gist of the action, Emmett brought his hand up and wiped his mouth, rubbing off the little bit of blood that he had missed, "Sorry."

Harry waved his hand, "Don't worry about it. I've cleaned up enough of Bella's booboo's not to be squeamish about blood. Even if it is an unconventional place for it to be." He chuckled.

"So what are you doing here?" He asked plonking down next to the tiny teen.

"Well..." Harry started but didn't know where to go with it.

"We need to talk to you about something and it's a pretty big deal." Bella spoke up, "I'm amazed that Alice hasn't said anything yet."

Alice shrugged, "I haven't gotten anything from or about you guys in the last day, so what ever it is you must have made the decision around wolves." She responded, her nose wrinkled at the thought of the wolves.

Bella took a deep breath, "Okay, so the Quileute's told dad about what they are. He knows about them being descendants of wolves and turning into wolves." She explained.

"And what is it you are wanting us to know?" Edward asked.

"Well it's not what we want you to know, but more of what we want Charlie to know." Bella said softly and winced when she heard Alice gasp and Edward growl.

"You wish us to let us tell your father about what we are." Carlisle said softly.

"We think, and so do the wolves, that it would be beneficial to daddy's health if we told him about you guys now that he knows about the wolves." Harry said and waited for the inevitable blow up.

"Alice?" Carlisle said softly, "What kind of outcome can we expect from Charlie?" He asked.

"Well there is an instance of him shooting Edward when we explain it to him, that makes him believe a lot quicker or he just takes it all in stride and runs off with Bella and Harry to keep them away from us." She explained, "But there isn't anyway that he won't believe it, especially not now after knowing about the wolves."

Harry shorted, "He'll probably pack us up and head to England."

Bella laughed, "That wouldn't surprise me, at least that way we could get him back together with Severus." She mused.

"Oohh, we could do it with Sev here just in case he does blow up. Sev will be able to calm him down some." Harry said bouncing up and down in his seat.

"Either way it will have to wait until the last of our family returns." Carlisle said, "Rosalie is on her way home now with company."

"That's nice."

Emmett winced, "It would be if it wasn't going to be Marcus, Demetri and Felix coming." He grumbled.

"Aw, poor Emmy." Harry cooed patting the others cheek.

"Yes, poor me, woe is me." Emmett responded with an eye roll.

"When is Rosalie getting back?" Bella asked.

"Just arrived." Edward responded, his attention turned to the front of the house. Seconds later Rosalie stalked into the house with Marcus, Felix and Demetri following behind her. Rosalie stopped at the door way, a sneer on her lips at seeing Bella sitting in the lounge room with her family.

"Welcome home Rosalie." Esme squealed running over to the other to give her a tight hug.

"Sorry I ran off without telling you anything." Rosalie responded.

Esme shook her head, "Don't worry about it honey. We're all together again and that is the main thing." She said and moved around to Marcus, "Hello Lord Marcus, I am Esme and welcome to our home."

Marcus brought Esme's hand up to his lips, "It is a pleasure to finally meet you Mrs. Cullen, you have a lovely home. I thank you for allowing myself and my guard to stay here."

Esme was flustered, and if she could she would have blushed, "Thank you. Please come and join us." She said linking her arm with his and leading him into the lounge room.

"Lord Marcus." Carlisle greeted standing and shaking the other's hand, "It is a pleasure to have you in our home."

"Come now Carlisle, we are friends, no need to be so formal." Marcus responded and looked around the room and took note of Harry and the other human that was in the room and concluded that she was the sister of the boy and love of Edward Cullen.

Carlisle laughed, "Of course old friend, my children, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie of course you have already met, the last two are Alice and her mate Jasper." He introduced, "They joined us many years ago."

"They are not yours?" Felix questioned, taking his eyes from Harry.

"No. Alice had a vision of meeting Jasper and the two joining us and with us they have stayed ever since. We are a family." Carlisle responded firmly, "You have also of course met Harry, and the other is his sister Isabella, Edward's mate."

"Miss Swan." Marcus said smoothly, "You and your brother have caused quite a stir in Volterra."

Bella blushed causing the three Volterra vampire's to inhale sharply, "Sorry." She said softly.

Harry snorted, "Stuff them." He grumbled, "They're the ones that need to remove the thorns from their asses."

"Harry." Bella hissed, "No pissing off the human blood drinking vampire's." She said lowly even though they could all hear her.

"Oh poo." Harry responded and turned his nose up at Bella.

Marcus chuckled, "I must say that I do like you little Harry."

Harry pouted at being called little, "I'm not little." He grumbled.

"You'll still be little, even after the change." Demetri responded, "The only thing that you will have is more strength."

"After the change?" Alice, Esme, Jasper and Carlisle said together, this they hadn't known about.

"Please Marcus, what do you mean about after the change?" Carlisle asked.

"It is the deal that little Harry made with Aro. Isabella will be changed after she finishes high school and Harry once he finishes collage." Marcus responded, "It was that or their permanent deaths."

"How did it come to that?" Esme asked as she looked over at the two human teens.

"That was me." Harry said softly, "It was the only ultimatum that I could give them and get out alive."

"Do not fault the boy; he did what he needed to do to protect his family." Marcus spoke up.

"He will be a fun little new born to play with." Felix mused, "I cannot wait to play with him."

Emmett growled at the Volturi guard and wrapped a possessive arm around Harry and brought the teen into his side, staking his claim on the teen, "Go find your own."

Felix's eyes sparkled at the challenge, "I'd like to see you try."

Emmett went to attack but Harry swiftly sat on his lap as if knowing what he was going to do and it made it so that he couldn't move without hurting him, "Stay." He hissed at Emmett and turned on Felix, "Sit and keep you're trap shut." As though another force was doing it, Felix sat down where he was standing, right on the floor and the three Volturi vampire's and Cullen's looked at the small teen in shock.

"What the hell?" Jasper managed to get out, shocking his family at his words, "What just happened?"

"I wish I could answer that." Carlisle responded and looked to Marcus, "Any ideas Marcus?"

"It could be something to do with the kinds of powers that he may bring over when he turns. I'm afraid that I don't know." Marcus responded.

"I think that it is best that I contact Eleazar and see if he cannot find something out about what the pair of them may bring over with them." Carlisle pondered and moved off to his office to make a call to the Denali coven.

"That was pretty cool though." Emmett piped up, quite happy that Harry was sitting on his lap, "And kinda a turn on." He muttered causing Harry to blush a bright red.

"Emmett please." Edward hissed as his brothers thoughts filtered over to him.

Emmett chuckled, "Sorry about that Eddie."

Meanwhile Rosalie had been watching everything from the sidelines, mainly watching Harry, the teen that saved her older brother from death. He was pretty, almond shaped emerald eyes, cute button nose, cupids bow lips, heart shaped face and long wavy black hair and she hadn't seen Emmett smile like he had been since she walked in since they first got together. It was nice to see that he was happy.

Rosalie walked over from where she was standing against the wall and stopped in front of Harry and Emmett, "Hello I'm Rosalie and it seems that I have you to thank for saving my brother." She said, her eyes darting over to Edward, an apology filtering though to him.

Harry blinked, "Oh well, it's no problem." He said bashfully, "It's nice to meet you Miss Rosalie."

Rosalie gave him a small smile, "You too Harry." She said and went back to where she had been standing earlier.

"Eleazar said that he and Carmen will come down in a few days and then we'll see what he can tell us about what just happened." Carlisle spoke as he re-entered the lounge.

"Well as nice as this is, I need to head home and get a start on my term papers, I start school in a couple of weeks and if I don't pass these papers in on time daddy'll get upset and ground me." Harry spoke up, "I'll let you know about that paper Jasper and we'll set up a time to do it."

"Of course." Jasper agreed.

"What paper's this?" Emmett asked as Harry stood and started for the door.

"I have a Civil War paper due once I return to school and Jasper has been kind enough to offer his assistance in helping me get it done." Harry explained, "Eddie can drive you home right?" He asked Bella.

"Sure." Bella responded and went to hand over her keys but found her pocket empty. The jangling of keys caused her to look up at her brother to see them handing from his fingers, "How did you get them?" She asked.

"Uncle Siri taught me some tricks." He responded with a cheeky smile, "Nice to meet you all." He said and disappeared from the Cullen household.

"That boy." Bella sighed shaking her head, "How I ended up with him as a brother I'll never know." She said with a fond smile on her lips.

"You really love him." Rosalie whispered.

Bella looked over at Rosalie, "I do. Having Harry join the family made us complete." She said, "Kinda like what you all have here." She said softly, "We adopted Harry into our family when I was about two or so and he's been one of us ever since."

"Why did your parents adopt?" Rosalie asked.

"Mum had complications when having me. It would be too much of a risk for her to have another child. I mean, she can have another one if she wanted to but it would be detrimental to her health." Bella explained, "So they adopted."

Rosalie looked thoughtfully out the lounge room window, "I don't know what would be worse, not being able to have children at all or having the ability and dying from it." She mused sadly.

"Either way sucks Rosalie and even with the advances in medicine things can still go wrong." Bella responded softly and then turned on Carlisle, "Totally random thought, but what about IVF? Or wouldn't it work because your bodies are in a still frame?" She asked.

"IVF?" Marcus questioned confused by the letters meaning.

"Intro-Vito Fertilisation. It's where an egg or a sperm from a fertile couple is inserted into the woman's womb, more often than not, resulting in the production of a baby." Carlisle responded to Marcus, "I don't know if it would work Bella, as you said we are in a still frame so it is possible that the sperm and egg would wither away." He explained to Bella.

Bella shrugged, "It was just a far out thought that's all." She said.

Carlisle chuckled, "I never thought of it myself and it has not been done so we don't know the true results of what could happen but we would need living sperm and eggs to even think of trying it but I don't know if it would be a good idea to try." He said.

"What would you like to do today Bella?" Edward spoke up, wanting to turn the topic of conversation to something else.

"I am not fussed. We could just go to your room and talk." Bella responded.

Edward nodded and walked around the chair and took Bella's hand in his and led her up to his room.

"I should show you to where you can stay while you are here." Esme spoke up, "If you would please follow me." She said to Marcus, Felix and Demetri.

"We shall speak once I return from the hospital." Carlisle spoke up.

"What is it that you do at the hospital?" Marcus questioned.

"I'm a doctor." Carlisle responded with a smile before leaving the house before the Volturi members could respond.

"A doctor?" Demetri questioned Esme as she led the way to the guest rooms, "How?"

Esme laughed a little, "You may think that the way we live is wrong, but to us it is perfection. Carlisle has a great tolerance when it comes to blood and he is a great doctor because of his vampirism." She explained, "Carlisle wouldn't be who he is if it wasn't for our 'diet'."

"Remarkable." Marcus murmured.

"He is rather." Esme said proudly.