Well this is just a story that poped up in my head since the movie Bolt came out, I just never got around to writting it and just barely posted it. hope you like any comments/idea are always welcome. any one feel like beta reading is welcome, no time limit just give me helful plot advice please. ENJOY!

Bolt's POV.

Mittens had started acting strange, but she seemed physically fine, nothing appeared out of the ordinary with her on the outside. The only noticeable difference was that she was extremely affectionate, if one where to simply pet her she would drape herself all over them until she was pushed off. Mittens also gave off this odd scent, it was different then her usual sense and made me a little dizzy if I spent too much time next to her. Every time I would ask her how she was feeling she would say perfect and purr as she said it. When I asked her if there was anything I could do to help, she would start rubbing herself all over me. I was worried about her.

"Mittens we need to talk and I need you to listen to me, this time I need you to stay put. Do you understa..." Mittens started rubbing herself along my body before I could finish, I could feel her soft fur rubbing against my body and it made me inhale with pleasure. She started walking circles around me with a funny smile on her face.

I started to ask her what was wrong, "Mittens are you sure that you're..." but then before I knew it Mittens was rubbing herself against my underbelly. I stood there in shock as her tail finished swiping my crotch with a little bit more pressure. I just stood there a bit bewildered at that pleasurably unexpected sensation.

"More?" Mittens asked me with a seductive look on my face. For a moment I didn't respond, still lingering in my daze. I managed to clear my head and then looked at Mittens straight in the eyes.

"Mittens I..." In mid-sentence she rubbed under me again, this time lingering on my genitalia and adding a little head rub. I trembled at the sensation that travelled down my spine; my legs buckling instinctively.

"Don't stop Mittens, please just don't stop." I gave up and allowed Mittens to play her little game with me. She then rubbed her head against my growing member for several minutes until it was fully erect and throbbing. I moaned with each movement of her head as it stimulated me like never before.

"This is nothing, it can get even better..." Mittens whispered in my ear as she crawled out from under me, my eyes widened at the aspect of something more pleasurable. "now roll over and try not to kick me...okay?" she said with a playful yet understanding tone. I did as Mittens said and rolled over onto my back leaving my crouch and member free for Mittens to see. She approached me from my rear, so I instinctively clutched my legs together. Mittens just shook her head and told me to spread my legs. I hesitated for a bit before opening them a few inches.

"I'm going to need more than that Bolt, here..." She commented as she grabbed my legs and spread them out as far as they could go. I started to shake as Mittens bent down over me. "Relax Bolt I promise I'll be gentle."

I inhaled a bit before allowing Mittens to proceed. She started by running her paws over my cock giving me more pleasure until I let loose some precum. Then Mittens started licking my member with her tongue. I let out moans of pure pleasure as she worked her magic. My cock then started to throb uncontrollably giving me more enjoyment. I could feel something building up within me at my base.

"Mittens its coming!" I yelled as I felt my cock burst as I cumed all over myself, but right before my second burst Mittens engulfed my entire cock and swallowed the rest of my juices.

"Mm, you taste sweet, I like it." Mittens told me after she had finished. It was hard to lift my head because it was booming with so much blood, but as I did I saw my erect pink penis still gushing out some of my juices and noticed that Mittens had some of my cum on her face.

"Hey Mittens ….you have...a little something...on your...face." I said as I pointed to my own face with my paw.

"Oh," Mittens tried to wipe it off but only ended up dirtying her paw.

"Come...here." I said in between pants. Mittens walked around to my side and bent over me. "Closer, there." I licked my cum off her face, and noticed that Mittens also tasted sweet. I kept licking her face and then her lower lip. She opened her mouth and allowed me to explore her insides getting to know every nuke and cranny inside her mouth. We then started kissing passionately, in a game of dominance trying to see who was the victor. She swung her legs over me for a better angle and I instantly felt her warm wet entrance against me. We both froze in our tracks. I looked up at her, a puzzled look on my face. She returned it with a grin and a nod. She slowly wiggled off of me with her butt, knowing the effect it would cause. I moaned with excitement as Mittens rubbed her wet self all over me, her juices leaving a trail along my stomach, before finally getting off. I looked up at her ass that was right in my face as she wiggled it side to side. I slowly stood up, and walked up behind Mittens dripping entrance.

"So how do I do this?" I asked her, curious to see how she would respond. Mittens just grinned at me, before saying,

"You should know how, after all you've watched other dogs to it every night on T.V." I gasped in surprise, how did she know. "Did you really think that seeing Rhino NOT watching T.V. would seen normal to me? That was instantly a red flag, so I snuck out once, after everyone was asleep and saw what you were watching on T.V. Graphic stuff, orgies, gay sex, and worst of all bestiality. I didn't know you were so twisted." Mittens listed all the things I'd watched with a bit of approval in her voice. I stood there with my mouth agape, hoping that she wouldn't use my secret as blackmail.

"So? What are you waiting for?" Mittens asked with a wink. "Now you should probably take it slow seeing as this is-hello!" I jumped on her and instantly started thrusting. I could feel Mitten's tight walls pressing against me, I could feel her juices already leaking out of her. She gasped with each rhythmic thrust as I continued to slide my enlarged cock in and out of her tight, wet entrance.

"Faster Bolt! Go faster!" Mittens howled at me as I fucked her. I could feels Mittens body quiver with each thrust, I was in complete control, and I loved it. Soon after Mitten's climax hit and her juices splattered all over my cock, which only after two more thrust also released my seed into Mittens. She purred as my warm seed entered the deepest parts of her body. After giving a few more thrust, we both collapsed on to the hard wooden floor. Both of our seeds were still dripping out from within Mitten's pussy, making a visible pool around us. We both laid in the pool gasping for breath. My cock was still throbbing painfully, while Mitten's legs were shaking none stop. After a while we both just passed out from the amount of blood rushing to our heads. Unknown to me the whole ordeal had been viewed by my owner Penny, who was hidden behind the kitchen counter, looking with amazement at my extremely long sex practice.


Well i haven't decided if this should be in Bolt's POV only or if I should add others, what do you guys think? Penny in ch. 2!